The 10 Lessons The Church Could Learn From Sports & Fraternities

As Christian men, we often overlook the power of true community, unity, and shared values. There are lessons to be learned from the world around us, which can be found in some unexpected places, such as sports teams and fraternities. Let's dive into what makes these groups attract young men and how we, as believers, can draw from these lessons to build a stronger brotherhood in Christ.

Lesson #1: Belonging. The desire to be part of a team or a fraternity is strong. We, as the body of Christ, must create an environment where men feel they belong and are encouraged to grow.

Lesson #2: Living Shared Values. Sports teams and fraternities are built on values like teamwork, honesty, and loyalty. We must ensure that our Christian communities are living out the values of Christ daily.

Lesson #3: Taking Responsibility. Commitment in sports or fraternities is actionable. We must encourage spiritually mature men to take real responsibility for their brothers in Christ.

Lesson #4: Embracing Diversity. Just as teams and fraternities celebrate diverse backgrounds, we must strive for unity in diversity in our churches.

Lesson #5: Building Through Relationships. These groups teach us about growing stronger together. How can we better foster relationships within our Christian community?

Lesson #6: Providing Guidance. Clear training and initiation guide young men in sports and fraternities. Are we giving enough guidance to men in their journey with Christ?

Lesson #7: Loving Despite Differences. Learning to work together is essential. Are we nurturing relationships that show Christ's love?

Lesson #8: Being There in Trials. Just as teammates or fraternity brothers support each other, we, as Christian men, must stand by our brothers during hardships.

Lesson #9: Nurturing Lifelong Bonds. Lasting friendships are formed in these worldly communities. Are we helping to form lifelong spiritual connections?

Lesson #10: Aspiring for a Higher Brotherhood. The unity found in these groups should challenge us to strive for a spiritual brotherhood in Christ, which is far more profound.

THE BIG IDEA: Men are naturally drawn to the camaraderie found in sports teams and fraternities. There's an undeniable magnetism in these groups that we, as the body of Christ, can learn from. The principles of belonging, shared values, responsibility, and intentional discipleship can be harnessed to build a Christian brotherhood that goes beyond the surface. It’s about creating connections that reflect Christ's love and following His example, making our community not just about being on the winning team or being part of an elite group but about growing in faith, love, and unity in Jesus Christ.

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One thought on “10 Lessons The Church Could Learn From Sports & Fraternities

  1. Paul P says:

    I would add that men in fraternities, sports teams, military, etc.. will fight for and protect each other. My brother alongside me may mess with me, but nobody else can. They have to take on all the brothers. πŸ‘πŸ»

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