Profit & Loss

What are you willing to trade for some fast short-term gains?

This is Vince Miller.

Our text today is from Matthew 16:26. It reads:

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? — Matthew 16:26

So many men are easily baited by the pursuit of success, achievement, and recognition. Once bit, they will work tirelessly hard to climb the corporate ladder, accumulate wealth, and grow their reputation. They will spend countless hours and endless amounts of money in pursuit. But most men don’t realize what they are doing.

They are trading an eternal thing (their soul) for a temporal thing (a selfish ambition).

Here’s this happens most of the time.

A temporal thing attracts a man. Then little sound bites of information persuade him that there’s a gain that’s worth it. They may be skeptical, but if they buy into it even a little, their selfish ambitions will encourage the pursuit. Once this happens, they get hooked. Now time, energy, and money must be invested. And when the pursuit goes public, they are compelled to perform. The drive to prove their pursuit worthy compels them with great vigor and at all costs.

But Jesus tells us that this pursuit is a scam. It’s a net loss. That’s because it’s a transaction of spiritual and eternal proportions. It’s a temporal short-term gain for an eternal long-term loss. We don’t see the sleight of hand, but there’s a transaction taking place. It’s the exchange of our souls for meaningless temporal things.

So Jesus is giving us some insider wisdom. It’s timeless and priceless wisdom. He says:

“Don’t sell your soul away for temporal things.”

Here's what all godly men should do from time to time — take an assessment of their time, energy, and money. Assess if you are spending too much in an area that has a net spiritual and eternal loss. If so, take some of that time, energy, and money and spend it on an asset that matters — your soul.

ASK THIS: Are you spending too much in one area that has a net spiritual and eternal loss? Is it your time? Energy? Money?

DO THIS: Do some budgeting. Start investing in soulful matters.

PRAY THIS: God, I have invested too much in temporal things. I confess this and repent. Show me how you want me to invest my time, energy, and money in things that matter.

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  1. Les says:

    Keep em coming Vince, your daily devotions are timely and on the mark. And most of all, they are the word of God. Bless you my brother.

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