6 High Speed Pursuits of Godly Men

But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness. — 1 Timothy 6:11

In a short recap, Paul has just told Timothy to watch out for bad teaching and teachers who desire deceptive gains. And now he gives him this command to "flee," or run away from these people and their teaching. But then Paul adds a counteraction here. It's not only a command to flee from bad action, bad people, and bad teaching but also a simultaneous pursuit of good action.

This is the thing I think many believers get wrong. They try to merely stop something without starting something new. And this is important because desires never remain in a neutral state. If you want to stop doing something, you must run from it and start running to something else. It's a stop with a start. It's a flee with a pursuit. I always think of it like two cars passing each other on a narrow stretch of road traveling at 60 mph. We flee from one thing at 60 mph and pursue another at 60 mph, but as we pass, we increase our distance from one another at 120 mph. That thing is in the rearview mirror getting further from us a twice the speed because we are pursuing something new.

So Paul tells Timothy to pursue six things:

  1. Righteousness which is proper conduct toward people.
  2. Godliness which is obedience to God.
  3. Faith which is complete trust in God.
  4. Love which is benevolence toward people.
  5. Steadfastness which is staying power.
  6. Gentleness which is being mild in a manner with challenging people.

So maybe there is something you need to stop doing. Flee it. But the better question is, is there something on this list you need to start doing? If so, pursue it. And in doing so, you will watch your desires change at twice the speed.

ASK THIS: Is there something you need to stop and start doing?

DO THIS: Share it and pursue it.

PRAY THIS: God, increase my distance at twice the speed. Receive my flee and pursuit as a sacrifice to you.

PLAY THIS: All Praise.

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9 thoughts on “6 High Speed Pursuits of Godly Men

  1. Tom Koster says:

    I am praying for the men who are involved with the Florida event, those who will be in attendance and those who follow the daily devotional.

  2. Eddie Ackerman says:

    I need to work on the 3 toward people, difficult people, in my life, mostly my kids. The other 3 about God and staying power I am pretty good on most days, but it’s not a bad idea to work on all 6 and double the speed I am pursuing God and people with my whole life.

  3. Massimo Giovannetti says:

    What we are really doing is pursuing God. There are areas in our lives that we don’t include him and so we lack growth in those areas. God’s grace gives us the power to draw closer to him. And through Jesus we are righteous and godly and by the Holy Spirit we learn to love, be steadfast, and be gentle, which are fruits of the Spirit. Stop trying to do it yourself, but draw closer to God by partnering with God, making him number one, abide in Jesus every moment of everyday, allow God to come in to the dark places, and these things will be given to you. Be patient, trust him and his timing. You will see it become easier to flee.

  4. David Josker says:

    I need to work on my righteousness and gentleness.
    God, increase my distance at twice the speed. Receive my flee and pursuit as a sacrifice to you.

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