6 Top Free Christian Men’s Daily Devotionals, that you have to read.

Perhaps one of the best tools for daily engagement is digging into a pattern of reading God’s Word, but I know many men use daily devotionals to get their minds moving in a godly direction. Here is a list of the top I have found. All are excellent, but each has slight differences. I encourage men to subscribe to a few and keep the ones they like.


1. The Men’s Daily Devotional


STRUCTURE: Written by Vince Miller, contains:

  • A scripture
  • A short thought and
  • Action for the day
  • In written, audio, and video

DELIVERY: Sent to you by email.

2. Christianity Today Men of Integrity


STRUCTURE: Adapted content from other authors and contains:

  • A key verse, and
  • Thought to dig deeper

DELIVERY: Through website by navigating categories or sent to you by email.

3. Every Man Ministries, Daily Devotionals


STRUCTURE: Content written by Every Man authors contains:

  • Verses
  • A few paragraphs of thought, and
  • Reflection questions.

DELIVERY: You go to the web address above each day.

4. Crosswalk, NIV Devotions for Men


STRUCTURE: Contains content from the Men’s Devotional Bible, including:

  • Verses you look up
  • Other recommended reading
  • Longer devotional thoughts, and
  • Takeaways with questions for reflection.

DELIVERY: You either go to the web page above or they are sent to you by email.

5. Assembly of God, Spirit Empowered Men Daily Devotional


STRUCTURE: Written by various Assembly of God leaders these contain

  • Verse
  • Observation, and
  • Personal application

DELIVERY: Go to the website daily or subscribe by email.

6. Guide Posts, Devotions for Men


STRUCTURE: A variety of Guidepost authors provide:

  • Verse
  • An anecdotal story, and
  • A prayer

DELIVERY: You go to the website above daily.