6 Top Free Christian Men’s Daily Devotionals, that you have to read.

Perhaps one of the best tools for daily engagement is digging into a pattern of reading God’s Word, but I know many men use daily devotionals to get their minds moving in a godly direction. Here is a list of the top I have found. All are excellent, but each has slight differences. I encourage men to subscribe to a few and keep the ones they like.


1. The Men’s Daily Devotional


STRUCTURE: Written by various staff, contains:

  • A scripture
  • A short thought and
  • Action for the day

DELIVERY: Sent to you by email.

2. Christianity Today Men of Integrity


STRUCTURE: Adapted content from other authors and contains:

  • A key verse, and
  • Thought to dig deeper

DELIVERY: Through website by navigating categories or sent to you by email.

3. Every Man Ministries, Daily Devotionals


STRUCTURE: Content written by Every Man authors contains:

  • Verses
  • A few paragraphs of thought, and
  • Reflection questions.

DELIVERY: You go to the web address above each day.

4. Crosswalk, NIV Devotions for Men


STRUCTURE: Contains content from the Men’s Devotional Bible, including:

  • Verses you look up
  • Other recommended reading
  • Longer devotional thoughts, and
  • Takeaways with questions for reflection.

DELIVERY: You either go to the web page above or they are sent to you by email.

5. Assembly of God, Spirit Empowered Men Daily Devotional


STRUCTURE: Written by various Assembly of God leaders these contain

  • Verse
  • Observation, and
  • Personal application

DELIVERY: Go to the website daily or subscribe by email.

6. Guide Posts, Devotions for Men


STRUCTURE: A variety of Guidepost authors provide:

  • Verse
  • An anecdotal story, and
  • A prayer

DELIVERY: You go to the website above daily.

If you are looking for material for your men’s group or are looking for help with your small group leadership, reach out to us a www.beresolute.org or send us an email at [email protected]

Vince Miller is an authentic and transparent leader who loves to speak to men’s audiences and has a deep passion for mentorship and God’s Word. He has authored ten books and small group content for men. He is the primary content creator of all Resolute materials. Reach out to him today if you need a men’s speaker or content for your men’s small groups.


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