8 Things I want to give up in 2018 that will make me a better man of God.

#1 – Give up my past for forgiveness.

While my past does define my past, I will not let it define my future.

#2 – Give up my fears for reverence.

We all have fears, but it is the object of my fear that matters.

#3 – Give up my resistance to obedience.

While I resist change, I was designed for change and to live in obedience to God’s will.

#4 – Give up my excuses for ownership.

Excuses are my greatest obstacle to ownership of a better tomorrow.

#5 – Give up my resentment for thankfulness

The first change begins with me and it often begins with my attitude.

#6 – Give up my control for freedom

Freedom is found not in control, but control of myself.

#7 – Give up my self-righteousness for authenticity

I need to stop trying to impress people because it only leads to being lost in myself.

#8 – Give up my need to be right for relationships

Being in right relationships with people I love is more important than being right.

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