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Three Actions of Men

The amazing hindsight of this man tells us the secret to living a successful and [...]

Keep Listening

It's important for Christians to always be receptive to God. A daily devotional by Vince [...]

Shake Off The Snake Of Moral Goodness

While moral goodness sounds like a nice theology. Nothing saves like the promises of God. [...]

It’s More Than Circumstance It’s A God Who Saves

"Coincidences" look like salvation by accident or even works of human ingenuity, when they are [...]

When You Hope For Bad News

In life, you could say that no news is bad news, and even bad news [...]

It’s Not Over Yet

It's not over until God says it's over. A daily devotional by Vince Miller. [...]

When We Encounter Obstacles On Our Mission

We will encounter obstacles. But they cannot prevent God's mission through you. A daily devotional [...]

See Adversity But Look Beyond It

Adversity will come. But don't give it all your attention. It seeks to distract you [...]

Fear Nothing But God

We all fear something. Just choose to fear the right thing. A daily devotional by [...]

God’s Will In Our Circumstance

When God closes a door, maybe he is trying to show us something. Like his [...]

Don’t Remove The Rebuke

Truth always has an edge. But should we help take the edge off by avoiding [...]

When All Hope Is Gone, God Still Saves

Feel like all hope is gone? Here is someone who still saves regardless of how [...]

The Stubbornness Of A Stalemate

Ever encounter one of those stubborn stalemates with others? Do you feel like you are [...]

Look Death In The Eye And Live

Some are so scared of death they are afraid of living. Others look death in [...]

You Can Do Hard Things

There are hard things we have to do. And sometimes we don't want to do [...]

Stay Focused On Things That Matter

It is easy today to get diverted from things that matter. What we need to [...]

How To Live When You Are Surrounded By Hypocrisy

In a world of hypocrisy, we have an option. We can live like the world, [...]

The Vindication Of A Suffering Christian

Sometimes God takes us right to the edge. He tests our faith and vindicates us [...]

When You Start A Fight But End Up Fighting With God

Have you ever started a fight and regretted it big time? A daily devotional by [...]

Do You Ever Try To Talk Jesus Out Of Being Obedient To Him?

I can't believe Paul did this. He tried to convince Jesus that he could do [...]

The Repercussions Of Seeing Christ

Everything has consequences. But nothing could have more consequences than seeing Jesus face-to-face. A daily [...]

I’m Confused About Your Plan For My Life

Sometimes we just don't understand God's plan. We want him to reveal it, but he [...]

The Past Is Gone The New Has Come

We all have a past and an old identity. But we need to live a [...]

What To Do When The World Slanders You

It appears defamation of character is now morally acceptable. What is a believer to do [...]

Have You Suffered The Sin Of Another?

We have all suffered the sin of another. But this situation is out of control. [...]

Is It Worth Standing Up For The Truth?

It's either a sacrifice of the Gospel or a sacrifice for the Gospel. A daily [...]

Set Yourself Aside With A Vow

We each need a time each year we set ourselves aside for God. A daily [...]

Speaking Truth In A Canceling Culture

Cancel culture is not a new idea. Look at what happened to this guy. He [...]

God Is Telling A Story. Are You Listening?

God is always speaking but we are not always listening. Here is how to listen [...]

Listening And Acting In Obedience To The Spirit

Knowing how to listen to the Spirit is hard work. It is especially hard when [...]

It’s Not A Leadership Tactic, It’s Grace

Sometimes we look for the leadership principle when all we need to do is point [...]

Pay Attention To Your Stewardship Mindset

This simple mindset adjustment could change how you see everything. But can you pay attention? [...]

How To Live Without One Regret

If this man could live beyond his regrets, so can you. A daily devotional by [...]

Three Actions of Successful Men

The amazing hindsight of this man tells us the secret to living a successful and [...]

How To Take That Challenging Next Step

This man looked back on his life with a strong revelation that every moment was [...]

Does Your Leadership Have Intention?

This man looked back on his life with a strong revelation that every moment was [...]

We Believe It So We Might As Well Live Like It

We say we believe in the resurrection, yet we don't always live like it. But [...]

Traveling Alone Is Not An Option

Traveling alone is never a good idea. And here are two good reasons why. A [...]

What To Do When You Are Frustrated

We all get frustrated when things don't exactly go our way. So what are you [...]

What Theater Floor Do You Need To Walk Onto?

If you don't know where you are going and why maybe it's time to stop [...]

Where Are We Going Again?

If you don't know where you are going and why maybe it's time to stop [...]

Act Like A Christian But Don’t Mess With My Money

For most people, Christianity is tolerable until it messes with something they care about. Like [...]

How To Ensure What I Want Is What God Wants

Sometimes it is hard to know if what I want is what God wants. Here [...]

Burn The Ships

If we really want something, maybe we should consider burning the ship. A daily devotional [...]

God May Use Evil Or Good To Get Our Attention

God may use any means necessary to get us to pay attention to his truth. [...]

Goddess Diana Versus God

What do we do when we are up against the fanaticism of the world? A [...]

Three Reasons To Walk Away From A Church

We all have reasons for leaving a church. But these might be the best reasons [...]

Correcting Untruth In A World That Needs Truth

In a world of untruth, we need followers who are willing to politely correct and [...]

How To Detect A Celebrity Teacher

We will always have celebrity teachers. But here's how to detect if they are real [...]

They Might Try To Convince You Otherwise

Sometimes well-meaning people try to convince you to do things, that you might want to [...]

Do You Need A Break?

We all need a break once in a while. Maybe it's time for a break? [...]

God Shows Up When People Are Vengeful

We are going to face challenges. But sometimes this is stems from vengeful people. How [...]

When You Feel Like Giving Up

We all have moments we want to give up. If that's today for you, you [...]

Seeing Glory In Our Work

We can find glory even in our work that points to God. A daily devotional [...]

What We Need To Do In A Culture Gone Wild

If you are frustrated with a culture gone wild, note what this leader does in [...]

Learning To Speak Into Challenging Moments

While you may not be the best at speaking into a challenging moment, you can [...]

Truth Will Bring Men Back

AIn a world of lies, we need men of the truth. Here is how to [...]

How To Battle A Jealous Spirit

A jealous spirit has all kinds of ramifications. And battling this spirit could be one [...]

How To Suffer & Be Vindicated

Have you ever suffered when you had done nothing wrong? You are not the first. [...]

Need A Waymaker?

Looking for a way today? Maybe try letting God make the way. He's the Way [...]