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When The Time and Times Are Right

Don't you want to know what time, times, and half a time mean? A daily [...]

An Anchor In The Chaos

When you experience chaos, here is the anchor you need. A devotional by speaker and [...]

Light Up The Sky

If you are down today, just remember one day, we will light up the sky. [...]

The Choices You Make Here Are A Big Deal

Don't make little of the choices you make in this time. One of them is [...]

Is Your Name In The Book?

Here's how to get your name in the one book you want it in. A [...]

Hope Is Found In Our Future Victory

Find hope in the time of the end. A devotional through Daniel with speaker and [...]

The Antichrist Is Here

This text tells us exactly who the Antichrist is. A devotional through Daniel with speaker [...]

Get Stronger

Want to get stronger? Here's what you will have to do. A devotional through Daniel [...]

We Can’t Back Down

Four things we can do to ensure we don't back down. A devotional through Daniel [...]

See Every Battle Twice

We need to look twice at every battle we fight! A devotional through Daniel with [...]

Vote King Jesus

You can vote for a politician or you can follow someone who is already king. [...]

Get Out Of The Way Of Sin

Sometimes all we have to do is get out of the way! A devotional through [...]

Fears About Sin and Corruption In Our World

There is plenty of corruption in our world. Should I really be that concerned? A [...]

Warnings For Christians About Prophecy

Three warnings for the Christian who claims to know and understand prophecy. A daily devotional [...]

Is It Time To Lay Down Your Pride?

Pride leaves us and future generations hurt and wounded. Isn't it time to lay it [...]

The Bible Is Not Fiction

Some will claim the Bible is fiction. But it's not. It's so much more. A [...]

The Lasting Effect Of Selfish Choices

Our choices do have a lasting effect. Here's how. A daily devotional in the book [...]

Are You Making A Bad Alliance?

Men, husbands, fathers, and leaders must assess and address their every alliance. A daily devotional [...]

God’s Got The Future Figured Out

When you don't have it figured out, there's one who does. A daily devotional in [...]

God’s Got A Plan

You'll be glad to know, that God really does have a plan. A daily devotional [...]

When You Are Tired and Weary

If you are tired and weary today, this is why. A daily devotional in the [...]

Even More Affirmations From God

Downcast? Here are even more affirmations from God. A daily devotional in the book of [...]

When You Want Affirmation

Downcast? Here's that affirmation you've been looking for! A daily devotional in the book of [...]

Do You Want God To Just Show Up?

Sometimes we just need God to show up. And he can break into time and [...]

Getaway With God & He Will Rock Your World

If you want to see God, you can. But you might need to get away [...]

The What And How Of Fasting

Some of the greatest men of the Bible fasted. But what is this strange activity [...]

You Aren’t As Woke As Others Say You Are

Labels are projected onto us by others. Discover how Daniel deals with this in his [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Prophecy

Here's a surefire way to understand every prophecy. A daily devotional in the book of [...]

Do You Want God To Show Up And Give You An Answer?

We all have moments we want God to show up and give us an answer. [...]

Little Sins Are A Bigger Deal Than You Think

We think that little sins are not that big of a deal. That is until [...]

Don’t Live In The Conviction Gap

Don't let feelings of conviction be your only penance. A daily devotional in the book [...]

It’s Time For Men To Take Responsibility

Have we trained men to reject responsibility? A daily devotional in the book of Daniel [...]

How To Respond To The Uncertain Future

When the future is uncertain, what do you do? Here's what this spiritual giant did! [...]

The Power Of A Praying Man

Nothing is more humbling than a man who prays a repentant prayer. A daily devotional [...]

When You Need A Word From The Lord

When you are looking for comfort, what do you do? If you did this you [...]

When You Are Overwhelmed & Sickened

What are you supposed to do when you are overwhelmed and sickened by the details [...]

When You Ain’t Got It All Figured Out

Sometimes we don't have it figured out. But that's okay. God does. A daily devotional [...]

The Bible Is Not A Collection Of Myths

Some people claim or assume the Bible is a collection of myths. But Daniel will [...]

You Think You Want To Know But You Don’t

Sometimes we think we want to know the future. But we don't. It's terrifying. Just [...]

The Antichrist Predicted

There is an Antichrist, and he's coming. So we better prepare. A daily devotional in [...]

You’ll Always Know Just Enough

It's not possible for us to know everything. But we can know just enough. A [...]

How To Find Answers When Life Is Anxious

When you are looking for answers and cannot find them don't be anxious. Just do [...]

The Election Was Called Early

Are you suffering? Have hope if you trust in Jesus. A just Judge is coming [...]

There’s A Just Judge Coming

Are you suffering? Have hope if you trust in Jesus. A just Judge is coming [...]

A Glimpse of Heaven

When we get a peak into heaven, we will see and learn unbelievable things. A [...]

There’s More Going On Than You Realize

God is up to something. You just may not be taking the time to realize [...]

When You Don’t Know The Future, God Does.

You may not know the future. But we worship the God who does, and that's [...]

Do You Want A Miracle For A Lost Friend?

If you want a miracle, here is the price. A daily devotional in the book [...]

Was God Inhumane?

Are we mistaken to believe that in this instance, God was inhumane? A daily devotional [...]

In Suffering We Might See A Miracle

Need a miracle? Then you might have to suffer a little if you want to [...]

When You Have Another Sleepless Night

Have you ever regretted a decision and spent all night tossing and turning? This man [...]

When You’re Cornered By A Selfish Decision

At some point, you will be trapped by a selfish decision you or someone else [...]

What To Do When People Conspire Against You

Eventually, a malicious person is going to conspire against you. What should you do? A [...]

When Is It Right To Disobey The Government?

Is there a right way to be disobedient to authorities when the time comes? A [...]

Don’t Let Envy Decide Your End

Envy is dangerous and it can result in a legal injunction against God. A daily [...]

There’s A Shadow Government Coming After You

Shadow governments exist. But what are you supposed to do when they come after you? [...]

God’s Man Produces Superior Work

No one produces work like God's man. And here's the reason why. A daily devotional [...]

When God’s Got A Different Plan

You can make plans and sometimes they just won't work out. A daily devotional in [...]

Stop Spinning God’s Message

It's God's message and we gotta stop spinning it. A daily devotional in the book [...]

Every Man Needs A Daniel

Every man needs a Daniel in their life, but to find one, you must do [...]