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The Carefree, But Not Careless Man

God's man is given a lot of freedom. But stay free of this trap. A [...]

Public Men Are Never Forgotten

Faith is a personal matter but it's never private. So it's time to go public [...]

When God Shows Up Men Sober Up

We will all encounter a sobering moment. Will it be here or there? Now or [...]

The Stupidity of a Spiteful Entitled Son

There is always a line with God. Don't cross it by being spiteful. A daily [...]

Don’t Play God Just Follow Him

It's best not to try to be God. But let God be God. A daily [...]

God Is Always Speaking

What about those who never have access to a bible or a church? Are they [...]

When You Work For A Man Who Thinks He’s God

Do you work for someone who thinks they are a god? A daily devotional in [...]

One Last Chance

God gives second chances to all men. The question always is, will you accept the [...]

Here’s The Bad News

With good comes bad news, and you have to hear them both. A daily devotional [...]

God’s Got A Chainsaw

This is a nightmare situation for successful men. A daily devotional in the book of [...]

The Spirit of Babylon Is Here

Are we nearing the end? The spirit of Babylon is upon us. What will God's [...]

God Will Frighten Stubborn Men

No man's out of the reach of God. A daily devotional in the book of [...]

Decrees Do Not Change A Nation

There is only one thing that has the power to change a nation. And it's [...]

He’s With You In The Fire

Sometimes we feel alone in our trials. But that's just not the case for a [...]

Walking Through The Fury

Are you ready to walk through the fury with God? Today might be your day [...]

It’s Time To Take A Stand

There will be a time that you are going to have to take a stand. [...]

Policing The Mandate

There are those who feel the need to police the mandates. But this ain't new. [...]

Don’t Worship Yourself, Worship Him

It's tempting to worship yourself. This man did. And it got pretty ugly. A daily [...]

God Does Awesome Things With Willing Men

If you are faithful and humble, God will do something like this with you. A [...]

Only God Predicts The Future

There is only one who knows the future. We need to trust him with it. [...]

The Nightmare of Moral Decline

We are in a moral decline. How should we respond? A daily devotional in the [...]

Standing Against the Enemy King

We must stand against the opposition, but we must do it the right way. A [...]

When You Are At The End Of All Resources

Eventually, we come to the end of all resources. And there is nowhere else to [...]

Building Spiritual Confidence

Looking for more confidence in your faith? There is a right and wrong way to [...]

He’s Still Got This

In life, there are moments only a miracle will suffice. If today is that day, [...]

If You Need A Miracle You Need This

In life, there are moments only a miracle will suffice. If today is that day, [...]

Faith Precedes Present Answers

Looking for a miracle today? Then just remember faith will precede it and any answers [...]

God Is Looking For Daniels

God is looking for more men like Daniel. And you might be that man. A [...]

Impossible Situations Are Possible With God

Are you living in a nightmare situation? God has a possible solution for every impossible [...]

How A Resolute Man Affects Others

All of our choices or non-choices have an impact on others. Are you the type [...]

How A Resolute Man Approaches Challenges

It's important as we handle the challenges that may come our way that we are [...]

A Man Makes Resolute Choices

We are going to be faced with complex and challenging choices. Will you make a [...]

Living In A World That Reidentifies Men

Do you feel like our culture is redefining men? Well, they are. And here is [...]

The Battle Against Cultural Indoctrination

We are being indoctrinated. Are you ready to stand against it? A daily devotional in [...]

When God Takes You From One Place To The Next

Have you ever gone from everything to nothing overnight? Well, you might connect with this [...]

One Faithful Man in Unfaithful Times

All it takes is one faithful man. Are you that man? A daily devotional in [...]

It’s Always A Slow Fade

It may be a slow fade, but the problem is God is always just. A [...]