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It’s Not Complicated For God

It looks complicated for God, but it's not. A daily devotional through the book of [...]

I Just Need A Victory

Do you need just one victory today? A daily devotional through the book of Malachi [...]

I Will Fear No More

It's time to fear no more, or just fear the right thing. A daily devotional [...]

Judgment Is Coming and There’s No Escape

Some days are absolute. Here are two of them. Don't pretend they do not exist. [...]

When Moral Lines Are Blurred

Morality is getting blurry out there. What are we supposed to do? A daily devotional [...]

You Are A Valuable Treasure

On those days you think little to nothing of the value you are or bring, [...]

You Want Your Name In The Book

There is an eternal book and you want your name in it. A daily devotional [...]

Understanding The Delayed Blessing

Is your blessing being delayed? Here is what you might need to do. A daily [...]

Loosen That Grip

We can either hold it tightly and get only what we can provide. Or we [...]

You Don’t Own A Thing

Don't let an ownership mindset creep into your life. You don't own a thing. A [...]

The Year You Come Back

Are you ready for a comeback? Maybe this is your year. A daily devotional through [...]

He’s Swift, Turn Back

If you are heading in the wrong direction, maybe today is the day to turn [...]

He Does Impossible Things

If your situation looks impossible, remember God can do impossible things. A daily devotional through [...]

The God Of Fresh Starts

Looking for a do-over or a second chance? Here's one. A daily devotional through the [...]

A Covenant Declared

Don't worry God makes good on all his promises! A daily devotional through the book [...]

Why Do Evil Men Prosper?

Have you ever wondered why the unrighteous prosper but the righteous don't? A daily devotional [...]

Why Isn’t God Blessing Me?

Sometimes we cry out to God, but he doesn't provide an answer or a blessing. [...]

Never Break A Covenant With God

When we make a covenant with God we need to keep it. He never breaks [...]

The Importance of Spiritual Community

You cannot be a Christian without it. So don't reject it. A daily devotional through [...]

Distracted Spiritual Leaders

Is your spiritual leader a little distracted? They could be. Here's what they should be [...]

7 Things Spiritual Leaders Should Be Concerned About

Spiritual leaders should be concerned if they are not attending to these 7 imperatives. A [...]

Motivated By Scold & Shame

At last resort, sometimes a little scolding and shaming work to produce change. A daily [...]

Conviction For Spiritual Leaders

What happens when spiritual leaders do not honor God's name? A daily devotional through the [...]

When God Curses Man

Does God actually curse mankind? A daily devotional through the book of Malachi with speaker [...]

Wearied By The Best

We all grow weary. But this is the time to bring the best. A daily [...]

God Gave Better

You can never outgive God because he will always give better. And this compels us [...]

Shut The Doors To Worthless Worship

God would rather we shut the doors of the church than offer worthless worship. A [...]

Bring Your Best To God

Could you be despising God by not bringing him your best? A daily devotional through [...]

A God To Be Honored And Feared

Are you following a spiritual leader who honors and fears God? Or do they do [...]

When God Does Not Meet Your Expectations

Is God coming up short for you? Have you grown bitter? You aren't the first. [...]

When You Are Bitter And Want Answers

Are you bitter and looking for answers to some big questions? Then you are not [...]

An Oracle From God

The messenger doesn't matter. All that matter is the message of God. A daily devotional [...]