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A Woman Who Fears The Lord

Happy Mother's Day. A daily devotional in the book of Proverbs by Vince Miller. [...]

An Excellent Woman Needs To Be Praised

Two things men should do this Mother's Day. A daily devotional in the book of [...]

Four Things a Father Told His Son About His Future Wife

Four meaningful things you could talk with your son about regarding his future wife. A [...]

When We Fall Apart

Being broken is a humbling experience. But there is a benefit. A daily devotional in [...]

The One Job Of A President

This is the one job of a president, and he needs to get it right. [...]

Spending Exposes A Man

Money exposes our character more than any other single item. Everyone knows it. So how [...]

It’s Time To Give A Rebuke

Today could be the day. The day to give or receive a rebuke. And here's [...]

Never Mislead A Righteous Man

There are people out there who mislead the righteous. But tragically they're determining their own [...]

Righteous Men Stand Against Injustice

Evil men don't know justice. Righteous men do. And here is why. A daily devotional [...]

God’s Man Is Bold Like A Lion

God's man is always bold. But here is why he's bold. A daily devotional in [...]

The Things Men Praise Expose Them

Men are always exposed by the things they talk about the most. What are you [...]

The Effect Of The World On The Desires Of Men

We live in a world where men are ruled by their worldly desires, forgetting that [...]

Brothers Make Us Sharper

In the craftsman's hand, iron is formed and made sharp! A daily devotional in the [...]

Stop Hiding Your Appreciation

If you love and appreciate someone, it is good to tell them that you do [...]

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Something as simple as a social cue is a spiritual matter. A daily devotional in [...]

A World That Rushes To Judgment

People will rush to judgment. But wise men do not. Here's what a wise man [...]

The Hard Work Of Leadership

Leadership appears easy, but it's not. If you want real value from your leadership, you [...]

The Anxiety Of The Redeemed Man

There is so much evil in the world, but how are we, redeemed men, supposed [...]

Be Relentlessly Righteous

Righteous men may get knocked down, but they will always get up again and again... [...]

The Sweet Taste of Wisdom

If wisdom is this sweet, we should search for it and consume it all the [...]

A Biblical Position on Drunkenness & The Solution

The biblical position on drinking and drunkenness and real solutions for a man who is [...]

Don’t Get Cut By A Bad Deal

Sometimes we rush to cut a deal, only to get cut by a deceptive proposition. [...]

Do It With Excellence And Be Excellent

There is good, and there is great. Be great today. A daily devotional from the [...]

Discipline Drives Adulthood

Don't shy away from it because discipline works! A daily devotional from the book of [...]

The Rod Of Justice

Men will sometimes take justice into their own hands, and this is a furious mistake. [...]

A Debt That Changes Men

There is bad debt. And there is good debt. And both change us. A daily [...]

It’s Your Job To Train Em’

There is always someone teaching. If you aren't doing it, someone is. A daily devotional [...]

He’s Crazy Rich & Gave It To Me

Solomon knows that men want these three things. And you can have it all. A [...]

The Extreme Value of Character

Our names are important. And we can do things to add to their value or [...]

Fight The Battle

There is a battle to fight. All we need to do is prepare. A daily [...]

Righteousness & Repetitive Sin

Sometimes we sin repeatedly. But there is a way to change. A daily devotional from [...]

How To Discover The Vision God Has For You

If you want to know God's vision for your life, then you gotta go about [...]

The Contempt Of A Son

Son, there is nothing you could do to me to cause me to do the [...]

Here’s Another Slap In The Face

Is it right to be vengeful? Or is it a slapping contest? A daily devotional [...]

Believe In Something Crazy

One day, my grandfather said this while on a drive in his old 58' Chevy. [...]

Men Are Deeper Than The World Proclaims

The world and culture may suggest or infer that men are shallow and lack depth. [...]

Don’t Provoke The Lion

You can provoke them, but men of any reason know it might not be a [...]

Do Children Require Hard or Soft Discipline?

Have you ever been stumped as a father about how to discipline your children? This [...]

A Foolish Son and Quarreling Wife

Trouble at home? Try this, it may help! A daily devotional from the book of [...]

A World Of False Witnesses

How to live in a world of false witnesses. A daily devotional from the book [...]

The Man Who Finds Favor

Son, as you look for a wife, remember it's all about God. And also being [...]

Imaginary Security

Do you have the best security, like a strong tower? Or is your security only [...]

Opinions Of The Propagandist

Opinions divide, especially when they lack understanding. A daily devotional from the book of Proverbs [...]

Isolation Is The Worst

This is potentially the worst possible situation for a man. A daily devotional from the [...]

The Right Fear Leads To Wisdom

Fearing the things, events, and issues of life is foolish and results in foolishness. But [...]

Are You a Friend or Brother?

We can have many friends, but we really need brothers. A daily devotional from the [...]

Dam Breaking Strife

As we watch strife develop abroad, could this be a dam-breaking sign? A daily devotional [...]

The Dangerous Folly Of A Fool

This is sheer foolishness. Don't anger the momma bear! A daily devotional from the book [...]

Don’t Mock The Maker

It's dangerous to mock or wish misfortune on others. It's not the joke you think [...]

I Need A Heart Transplant

Is life not working out the way you thought? Then try something different! A new [...]

The Lot is Cast

Life is not a game of chance. It's one of purpose, planned by God. A [...]

The Uncommon Worker

There is a common worker and an uncommon worker, and here is why they work [...]

The Fall of Pride or You?

Either pride is going to take the fall or you will. A daily devotional through [...]

Evaluating the Leader

Need help with the next steps in your life? Then you might need a new [...]

Commanding Next Steps

Need help with the next steps in your life? Then you might need a new [...]

The Established Man

Do you live life working your plan or God's plan? Maybe it's time to become [...]

Stop The Flow Of Anger

Anger has a progression. Do you know how to stop it? A daily devotional from [...]

The Gentleman Leader

There are harsh men. And then there are true gentlemen. And their leadership has profound [...]

You Know He Sees That Don’t You?

Just when you think you got away with it. There is someone who sees it. [...]

The Effect Of A Righteous Man On A Nation

With all the unrighteous men in our world, what if you, one righteous man, could [...]