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Church Board Assessment

Church Board Assessment Assess the church board you lead you. The Church Board Assessment will [...]

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS ASSESSMENT Assess your spiritual gifts. [...]

The Nine Attributes Assessment

Test your manhood and discover if you are a real man against the nine biblical [...]

Resolute – Empathy Quotient

The Empathy Assessment.  Test your empathy and the empathy of those you lead with this [...]

Resolute – Team Culture Assessment

Assess Your Team Culture.  Assess your team culture with your board, ministry team, committee, or [...]

Resolute – Post Group Survey

The Post Group Survey.  This assessment is excellent for feedback from your group after a [...]

Resolute – Conversation Style Assessment

The Conversation Style Assessment.  This assessment is for use in conjunction with Lesson 10 in [...]

Spiritual Fruit Assessment

The Spiritual Fruit Assessment.  Test the fruit of your spiritual life from Galatians 5. This [...]

Spiritual Gifts Assessment

The Spiritual Gifts Assessment.  Assess the spiritual gifts of the people you lead. This can [...]