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Trusting God in the Battle for Sexual Purity

Trusting God in the Battle for Sexual Purity “Feed your faith and starve your doubts.” [...]

A Testimony To Sexual Freedom

Hear one man’s testimony to the evils of religiosity and the discovery of true freedom [...]

From Brokenness To Brotherhood

Often male pattern brokenness runs deeper than just behavior modification, what we need are not [...]

A Society Of Brothers

The Samson Society is a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Moving Forward

As we battle addiction there is always hope to move forward. SUMMARY: When moving toward freedom, [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Peace & Serenity

How we discover true peace when our surrounding attempt to draw us back into old [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Humility

How one man pushed through humiliation to Christ-centered humility. SUMMARY: As we move from addiction to [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Joy

Addiction To Freedom – Discover the Amazement and Wonder of Joy SUMMARY: Can we discover real [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Surrender

Addiction To Freedom – Learning The Process Of Surrender SUMMARY: Could surrender be the beginning of [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Trust

Addiction To Freedom – Rebuilding Trust When We Don’t Know How SUMMARY: Trust is not easy [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Hope

SUMMARY: One of the major revelations of a man moving from addiction to freedom is discovering [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Insecurity

SUMMARY: While our male insecurities are hard to admit, opening up about these may be the root [...]

Addiction to Freedom – Insanity

SUMMARY: Hitting “rock-bottom” a phrase we sometimes use to capture the endless cycle of spiritual insanity. [...]

Addiction to Freedom – Acceptance

SUMMARY: Accepting your circumstances as if they are from God himself is another step toward freedom, [...]

Addiction to Freedom – Honesty

SUMMARY: Becoming truly honest with yourself, and others over an extended period is another step [...]

Addiction To Freedom – Powerless

SUMMARY: Realizing your powerlessness over addiction is the first step toward freedom, restoration, and reconciliation [...]