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DadAwesome Podcast on Manhood, Courage, and Adventure

Manhood, Courage, and Adventure MANTALK PODCAST: TRANSCRIPT: We need to pray bigger dreams, we need [...]

Fathering And Leadership

FATHERING AND LEADERSHIP SUMMARY: Today’s discussion involves the topics of fathering and leadership. Discover how [...]

Build Better Men – Vince Miller

BUILD BETTER MEN “Men are born male, but becoming a man is a choice, and [...]

Strategic Fathering – Situational Engagement

SUMMARY: Our children do not just one type of engagement from their dad; they may need [...]

Strategic Fathering – Becoming Strategic

SUMMARY: Being a father is a challenging calling and role, but it can be very fulfilling as [...]

Strategic Fathering – The Three Types of Fathers

SUMMARY: There are numerous approaches to becoming a great father, but there are some that we [...]

Spiritual Leadership In The Home

Spiritual Leadership In The Home Everyone of us as husbands can do a better job [...]

Being A Better Father – Reading the Bible

SUMMARY: I think we all aspire to be great fathers. In fact, no one listening today [...]

Being A Better Father – Defining Manhood

SUMMARY: As a man who has been fatherless almost all my life, I have found that [...]

Being a Better Father – Serving

SUMMARY: I think we all aspire to be great fathers. In today’s Resolute Podcast, Vince shares [...]

Being A Better Father – Praying

SUMMARY: As fathers, I think we all aspire to be better dads. And I believe [...]

Being A Better Father – Listening

SUMMARY: This week in the Resolute Podcast, Vince Miller shares 5 things he needs to improve [...]