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Pray For My Child

Pray For My Child “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer [...]

Becoming A Man Who Worships

Becoming A Man Who Worships Learning to worship when the world prepares us to be [...]

Prayer | Disciplined Communication Is Hard Work

To access this post, you must purchase Sample Pack for Group Leaders, Group Video Access [...]

Principles of Prayer In The Workplace

Discover how to evangelize your workplace with prayer. For many of us, evangelism in the workplace [...]

The Motive of Prayer

The Motive Of Prayer For Men SUMMARY: Mother Teresa said, ““Prayer is not asking. Prayer is [...]

The Method of Prayer

The Method of Prayer for Men SUMMARY: Jesus’ disciples could have asked Jesus to teach them [...]

The Mission Of Prayer

The Mission of Prayer for Men SUMMARY: Too often when we pray we get stuck in [...]

The Movement of Prayer

Building A Movement Of Praying Men In Your Church SUMMARY: Are you looking to start a prayer [...]