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Trusting God in the Battle for Sexual Purity

Trusting God in the Battle for Sexual Purity “Feed your faith and starve your doubts.” [...]

When People Don’t Like Your Story

What To Do When Believers & Non-Believers Don’t Like Your Life Story Some people don’t [...]

Purity In Our Opposite-Sex Relationships

Purity In Our Opposite-Sex Relationships Why our conduct with women matters today, and God’s standard [...]

Sexual Addiction and Unbelief

Do we just not believe God when we look at porn? Our fleshly desires are [...]

Sexual Addiction and Lust

Desire can be both good and bad, but it’s the object of that desire and [...]

Sexual Addiction and Idolatry

Pornographic idolatry and spiritual adultery go hand in hand. While many of us think lightly [...]

Paul Zunker

What if pornography was more damaging to men, and women, than we thought it to [...]

A Story Of One Man’s Battle With Sexual Sin

Pornography always leads to devastation Rarely do we think through the ramifications of sexual addiction. [...]

Pornography and Objectifying Woman

Objectified women in the pornography industry are not willing participants While many never consider the [...]

Pure Desires 7 Pillars To Freedom

Pure Desire’s 7 Pillars To Freedom Over the last few years, we have discovered a [...]

A Testimony To Sexual Freedom

Hear one man’s testimony to the evils of religiosity and the discovery of true freedom [...]

From Brokenness To Brotherhood

Often male pattern brokenness runs deeper than just behavior modification, what we need are not [...]

A Society Of Brothers

The Samson Society is a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, [...]

The Truth About Men & Sex – Comfort, Compassion, and Mercy

The Truth About Men & Sex – Discovering a God of all comfort, compassion, and [...]

The Truth About Men & Sex – Nurture

The Truth About Men & Sex – Could our desire for nurture be the true [...]

The Truth About Men and Sex – Desire

The Truth About Men And Sex – It is not about desire but the object [...]


SUMMARY: When Jesus talked about sexual lust, he identified it as a deeper issue that simply [...]

The Anatomy of Lust & Pornography

SUMMARY: In this Resolute Podcast we take a deep dive into the corrupt beliefs we have when [...]

God’s Purpose for Sex

SUMMARY: Sex — men think about it every 20 seconds and the church talks about [...]