A Believing Dad

"And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness." —Genesis 15:6

We sometimes underestimate the role of a father in our lives. That is until we have felt the impact of one — good or bad. Abraham is referenced many times in the Bible as a father of radical faith and belief. But there is no doubt his son Isaac felt the impact of his father. Abraham deeply loved his son. He even prayed for a son for decades. And then when he did receive his "child of promise," he was asked to do the one thing he never thought God would ask him to do — sacrifice his one and only son.

So was Abraham considered a good father or bad father for his radical belief and obedience?

In Abraham's willingness lies an excellent lesson for fathers. While we are commanded to love our children, we are always commanded to love and obey God first. As followers, Father God wants us to prioritize his relationships and his commands above the love of our children for in doing so our love is rightly ordered. For in loving God first we love them and everyone else better.

DO THIS: Make obedience to God a priority.

PRAYER: God, regardless of my father's success and failure, I know you love me more and better. Today I am choosing to be obedient to you and to love you first. And I pray that my family will see my love for you and be attracted to who you are.


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