A Great Brother

"I am distressed for you, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant have you been to me.” 2 Samuel 1:26

Who doesn't want a friendship like this? First, a friend who is emotionally connected in your "distress." Second, a friend who is so close that he describes you with a biological descriptor - "brother." The story of David and Jonathan is one that should inspire you. It's a friendship of mutual care and concern regardless of the pressure to compete for power or politic for a position. David and Jonathan looked beyond the need for competing and politicking to the timeless value of brotherhood that proved to produce deeper connections and bigger payouts. And this all begins with you being the right brother.

DO THIS: Be a brother to find a brother.

PRAYER: God, I long for healthier and more faithful friendships in my life. Often in my loneliness, I dwell on this, but it's a fleeting thought. So God today instead of asking for friendship like Jonathan and David's, I am asking you to help me be a better friend.


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