A Guarded Revelation


...who by God's power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time—1 Peter 1:5

These days we seek protection. Protection from hate, evil, inequity, untruth, sickness, and every kind of loss. We will be tempted to take things into our own hands, and therefore we might end up impeding the plan of God. But God's plan has always been for man to act in faith. He's got a plan, and he doesn't need our help. What God wants us to do is to trust his plan with his power. He wants us to let him guard us because his power is better than our feeble efforts. He wants us to live by faith, guarded for his salvation that is ready to be revealed.

ASK THIS: Are you impeding God's plan or acting in faith by trusting him?

DO THIS: Trust Him!

PRAY THIS: God, I know I get in your way sometimes. Help me trust you more, act in faith, and therefore let your plans win out.

PLAY THIS: Elevation: I Will Trust.


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