A Responsive God


Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. —James 4:8

There are moments in life that we are going to conclude that God isn't working. These moments almost exclusively happen when we experience a setback, tragedy, or injustice that we believe is undeserved. And here's the deal. We want God to respond to us most in these moments. And sometimes, we fail to hear the response we so desperately expect. And thus we conclude God's not there. But we forget God has been drawing near to man since the beginning of time. He is working out a great divine plan, and sometimes this plan eludes us. So our response should be to keep drawing near. Draw near despite the enemy's illusion that God isn't. For the truth is there is nothing that's going to stop God from loving his finest creation—that's you.

ASK THIS: Does God feel far?

DO THIS: Don't believe the illusion—keep drawing near.

PRAY THIS: God, I need you. Today I come only because I need you. Guide me. Help me. Save me.

PLAY THIS: Kristian Stanfill: Draw Near.


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