A Secret Exposed


And [Bathsheba] conceived, and she sent and told David, "I am pregnant."—2 Samuel 11:5

Have you ever done something you know is wrong and yet hoped that you wouldn't get caught? We all have. Some call this the "Sinner's High." It's a double rush of adrenaline. The rush of sin and the rush of hoping we won't get caught. That is until sin is conceived.

In this situation, the sin that David had conceived is going to be conceived. But instead of embracing the birth of his sin, he chooses to keep it secret and take the adrenaline rush a step further. Cycling toward greater sin and its consequences that have a devasting impact on his life and others.

Stop keeping your sin a secret—expose it before it exposes you. The rush will eventually wear off.

ASK THIS: What is a secret sin you are hiding?

DO THIS: Expose it, before it exposes you.

PRAY THIS: God, I am tired of the secret sin I have hidden for too long. The weight is heavy, and I am exhausted by the weight of the secret. Could you help me find a way through? I come to you exposed and afraid.

HEAR THIS: Casting Crowns: Jesus, Friend of Sinners


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