A Woman Who Fears The Lord


Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.— Proverbs 31:30

So the challenge I gave you yesterday was to tell your mother, or the mothers around you, two things today.

  1. First, tell her one thing she does better than any other mom.
  2. Second, tell her why this means so much to you.

So don't forget to do that today!

And then today, we read this text. We close off the book of Proverbs with a timeless theme that has stretched from the beginning to the end of the book — "Fear the Lord." And here we discover that there are a lot of qualities we could praise a woman or a mother for — like her charm or her beauty. But there is one quality that adorns a godly woman. It last longer than charm or beauty. It's her reverent fear of the Lord. And fellas, we need women like this in our life.

ASK THIS: What does your mom do better than other moms? And why does this mean so much to you?

DO THIS: Tell her.

PRAY THIS: God, thank you for my mother.

PLAY THIS: Isn't She Lovely — Anthem Lights.


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A Woman Who Fears The Lord

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2 thoughts on “A Woman Who Fears The Lord

  1. Tom F. Sr. says:

    Good morning Vince! Thanks for leading us through Proverbs. It was another amazing journey in our pursuit of truth and Godly integrity. Thanks for being ALL IN for us!

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