All Men Need An Annual Retreat

Now the Jews' Feast of Booths was at hand. — John 7:2

So what's the Feast of Booths?

Each year, Jews celebrated three events that required them to take a trip to Jerusalem. They were the Passover, Pentecost, and the Feast of Booths. Sometimes it is called the Feast of Tabernacles.

Each of these events were significant. They served to remind men and their families about something of significance God did for them in the past.

Here is what would happen at this Feast. Men would gather supplies to build a booth. It was a square structure that represented a tent. Then they would then make their journey to Jerusalem for this week-long event. They would build their tent there, which reminded them of the 40 years they wandered in the desert with God. The priests would light the Temple grounds for eight days with these large magnificent oil-burning candles. It was so brilliant it would light the sky for miles around. Some say it burned so brightly you could feel the heat of the glow all over the city, which reminded them of God's leading through the desert. I would have loved to see one of these events in these times. I bet it was incredible to see. Millions of people pilgrimage and pack a city with booths and light. And it was all done to remind people of God's provision and salvation.

Men need to set aside time like this every year. Time to remove themselves from the monotony of everyday life. Time to remember God and his provision over the previous year and years. Time to reset spiritual priorities that have been lost. Time to repent and turn from disobedience toward obedience. Time to refocus and recenter on God.

Gentlemen, if you have not done this in a while, you must do it. The best way to do it is in a guided retreat with other brothers who need it too. I do this every year, and it has been one of my life's most valuable tools for spiritual growth. But here's the deal. It's not going to happen unless you take the step to plan. You have to put it on your calendar. Which is exactly what God made his people do.

So get a date on the calendar.

ASK THIS: Have you scheduled your annual meeting with God?

DO THIS: Find a men's retreat to attend this year. (In case you are wondering, I do have some).

PRAY THIS: God, give me time to retreat, remove, remember, reset, repent, and refocus on you.

PLAY THIS: The River.

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19 thoughts on “All Men Need An Annual Retreat

  1. Gary says:

    I do not want to dimish the value of a men’s retreat and the importance of taking time yearly to reflect on Jesus. I just am different as I have been married three times before for all the wrong reasons. This time, #4, God sent me an Angel that is now a part of me and my life. I look forward to our annual retreats and plan on doing them now, more than once a year. She is a wonderful blessing from God and I look forward to every opportunity we have to spend special times alone together. We are truly one flesh. I pray that you all have someone like this in your lives or that you will find the one you are seeking soon.

    God bless you all…

  2. Dane says:

    A change of Place and a change of Pace allows God to change our Heart, Perspectives, and Priorities.

  3. Tim Hornberger says:

    Thank you for a wonderful retreat this past weekend. The men at Richfield Life absolutely loved your teaching and challenges. Praying for you and your ministry and for a movement within our church like never before. Love you, Brother!

  4. David Josker says:

    God, give me time to retreat, remove, remember, reset, repent, and refocus on you.

  5. Eddie says:

    It is an honor to share worship with brothers in Christ, these daily devotionals lead by Vince with great dedication .
    God uses always His love to grow in spirit towards our Lord Jesus arms.
    Pastor Vince. I pray for strength on you , your ministry and family, from our Father.

  6. Dave Benson says:

    Going to the Resolute Retreat in Detroit Lakes last fall was a great experience. It was a time to disconnect, share encouragement with other brothers and listen to the Lord!

  7. DAVID POTTER says:

    Looking forward to the retreat in
    New Braun”S”fels Texas May 5th-7th
    You ask me what I like about Texas
    come to the Texas retreat and you will see

    God bless Texas
    God bless America
    God bless us all

  8. Mike says:

    What do you do about a retreat if your health won’t permit you to leave the house? I’ve recently been numbered among the disabled. I’m beginning to learn to walk again but the beach and the woods are out and most men’s retreats are in one of these settings. Even if one is in a nice hotel it would be out of my price range.

    • Vince Miller says:

      That’s definitely a challenge.

      I don’t want to push you too hard as I don’t know all the details of your health condition. But as we will see in this chapter, Jesus is going to secretly go to the Feast even though his life is at risk (he knew the Jews were trying to kill him). In Jesus’s 33 years, he never missed one of the three annual feasts. It was here he celebrated, gathered, and worship God with others. In addition, I think it is often at an annual retreat we find the healing we seek and need.

      But again, I don’t want to push you too hard, because I do not know all the details of your situation. Just something to consider.

      Thanks for asking the question.

  9. Rich Pinkerton says:

    Thank you for your dedication to putting these out everyday. They are inspiring and share with friends being lead by God that I know will help them in their walk with God. Thank you Vince and may God continue to bless you and your ministry as you continue to put Him first. God speed my brother.

  10. Michael says:

    I look forward to seeing and hearing Vince expound the Scriptures each day. It is always crisp and to the point, and challenging in a way that makes you feel like he is coming alongside you and not looking down on you from “above”. I recommend his devotionals to men all the time and often share them with the team of men involved in the men’s ministry I lead. Vince leads me to the Lord so that I will be a better man, husband, father, grandfather, and leader. Thank you for being there.

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