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Session 2 of the Book of Job.

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Shaun Z by Vince Miller

Shaun Zinck

I grew up going to church and feel like I'm very fortunate to have been raised by a family that had faith. I feel like that gave me some sort of base to fall back on to after college. I'm not a "professional" at faith, and life is full of struggles and challenges. One of the cool things about mentoring is being able to see how other men handle the difficulties we all have and that there is a lot of common ground. The guys I've met with are truly encouraging and not judgmental.

I'm really motivated to improve myself and be the best I can be. Whether that is physical with judo and another exercise, professionally, or personally by learning. I enjoy coaching and encouraging others to see them improve and accomplish more.

I would say to any guy who is reading this and is on the fence about mentoring to just dive in. It's a great chance to see into the mind of others. And here is a judo nugget for you: when life throws you down, don't focus on being down. Get up, dust off, and keep attacking your challenges. Sure, you might fall down again, but youโ€™re going somewhere. You're moving. You're not the same as you were yesterday. And God loves you A LOT and wants to see you succeed.


Please use the comment section below to let us know how you are doing, give us feedback, and even start conversations with your fellow ambassadors.

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36 thoughts on “Ambassadors

  1. Collin Boggs says:

    Love hearing your calm and thoughtful heart every week! Your practical and patient demeanor is such a rare trait that God is using (and will continue to use) for His Kingdom!

  2. David Fredrickson says:

    Hey Chris, great to learn more about you! Praying you are able to be all in for Himโ€ฆ with no shortage of confidence, and give all praise to Him.

  3. Chris Caliguire says:

    Hi guys! I just found out that the Ambassador section existed and I heard I may next man up! What a great platform Vince has built for us all. I don’t do facebook or social media in general so I may not be commenting as much as others but it’s always great to say hi Monday mornings and hopefully get connected with other Brothers in Christ. I need help in my prayer life as maybe it’s satan preventing me from actually praying for everyone I know and don’t know that need prayer. I always feel like others are praying for them and mine won’t make a difference. I need God to get my mind right on that. It bugs me when I look in the mirror and have heard that I am an answer to others prayers in my coming to Christ. I get tons of people from Church saying they’ve been praying for me for years. I need to put that effort forth for others as alot of the Bible miracles are surrounded by problems and prayer.

  4. Dennis James says:

    Cory thank you for sharing your testimony. God is so powerful when we finally surrender. Blessings Brother

  5. Jack Dellinger says:

    Glad to hear another man willing to enter the battle to inspire and equip men. The only means of turning this world around is turning men around.

  6. Dennis James says:

    Leo, thank you for sharing. Go is really moving in your life and in the life of the other men who are in these mentoring sessions. Warrior On !

  7. Dennis James says:

    Hey Will, thanks for sharing your story! Praying that God bless you and your family beyond expectations.

  8. Cory B says:

    Thanks for sharing your story so candidly. I think we can all relate to being broken and seeking forgiveness and redemption. Iโ€™m glad to see you and your family were able to overcome. Thank you for all youโ€™ve done to help Vince do what he does!

  9. Sam Blower says:

    Thanks Cory for your very honest and personal sharing, it really hits home for me this morning. Two years ago I contracted Polymyalgia Rheumatica, a very painful illness. I do not like taking drugs, so instead turned to alcohol to lessen the pain. Now, I am almost over the PMR illness, but the alcohol has a strong grip on me. I have quit drinking so many times, but yesterday fell back once again. I am a closet alcoholic trying to keep it a secret, but my wife is noticing more and more. I am trying to get an accountability partner, but have yet to find the right person. Your testimony gives me new hope, thank you!

    • Cory Baron says:

      I appreciate that Sam. I wish I had an easy answer, but nothing is easy with any addiction. I wasnโ€™t in the closet about drinking as much as I was in the closet about how much. It usually takes an absolute rock bottom to seek help. I hope you never see one. All I can say is get it out there. Not talking about it simply drives the problem down further which just makes the shame worse and then we have one more reason to drink. Like we need one. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      A lot of the AA meetings have gone to zoom so you can check those out basically anonymously to see if itโ€™s an option. Stepping up and letting people know like you just did is a good start! Keep it up and let me know what I could do to help.

  10. Cory B says:

    Thank you to both Pat and Michael! Both very inspirational. Iโ€™d hate to be the guy following you two up!

  11. Eric Bryhn says:

    There’s a lot of life wisdom shared from you guys that has helped me out in various ways. I’m challenged and also motivated deep down to be a better man – simply by reading and relating to your journeys. Thank you men for sharing and know it’s connecting with others thru relatable situations. Something to think about as you post…there’s a good chance your influencing men whom you might never meet in your lifetime! Wow, what an impact you can make huh?

  12. Mike Gole says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Pat. It’s an all to familiar theme that I’ve heard too may times. Thanks be to our Father for never giving up on us and providing a way out. Every set back is a set up for something better.

  13. Pat Watson says:

    I look forward to talking with other men being led by God. Iron sharpens iron as it says in Proverbs. We should do an Ambassador virtual meeting.

  14. LFO XMC says:

    There is evidently a lot to identify about this. I consider you made some good points in features also.

  15. Gregory Kuhn says:

    Hey Vince. Great new web page and a chance for all guys who are All In to connect and share. Our group just went through Called to Act and it was such an incredible series. Each lesson built on each other and allowed you to really dive in. It brought our group closer together and really allowed each of us to get more involved in each others lives. While we were not able to go All In as COVID prevents us from getting together, it did allow the building blocks for when we can. We were also blessed with a ZOOM visit by Vince in our last week. Question has anyone used the Ephesians or currently using the new James series in their groups? Would love to have any questions or discussions that you have used in these series. Personally, I am starting the 20 Lessons to Build a Man’s Fitness tomorrow. Be blessed. Gregory Kuhn, Victoria, BC, Canada ([email protected]) – yep retired Royal Canadian Navy!

  16. Chad Heggestad says:

    Happy New Year! Iโ€™m grateful for this chance to be an ambassador. Quick question… is there a way to get a listing of the other ambassadors (so we can connect as we continue going All In)?

  17. Darin Palmer says:

    Love the new webpage Vince! Canโ€™t wait to continue to share your ministry with other men and continue my faith journey with you and the rest of my brothers! All In all the time!

  18. Danny Leo says:

    this is indeed a great job of putting all the relevant shareables in one spot! Iโ€™m looking forward to giving men what resources they need to grow their relationships with God and others. I too, am exited to continue along my journey with the Lord and others! Happy 2021!

  19. eric bryhn says:

    Thanks Vince for the new webpage as this should help the guys know key info to share with others! Tell Faith she did a fantastic job and look forward to updating and sharing each week!