An Oracle From God

The oracle of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi. —  Malachi 1:1

Here is what I love about this book. We know very little, if anything, about the man who penned this book — Malachi. I mean literally nothing, and there is a lot of speculation about this. But we have a mandated message (a.k.a. an oracle) given to a man by God whose name means "messenger." And in this short letter, Malachi delivers an unsolicited divine message that God wants his people to hear. And I love that we don't know anything about Malachi because it gives more attention to the message and less attention to the messenger.

I think the men who communicate God's message need to do this more often. They need to get out of the way and let God say what he needs to. They need to get their personalities, visions, opinions, and tactics out of the way. And they need to stop spinning and softening the truth and communicate the message exactly as God intended without avoiding what God inspired and has spoken to us.

This book is evidence that God will find a way to communicate his message to his people and that nothing will stop him. And it's also a reminder that God is seeking a willing man. And guess what? This man that God is looking for doesn't need to be flashy. He doesn't need to be all that memorable, gifted, or born from the best lineage. He has to be willing to communicate God's message exactly as he intended and let the message do its work.

And all I could think about as I reflected on this first verse was, am I this man? Am I a man that God would ever use to communicate God's unsolicited and divine message? I hope so. And I want to be. And we need more men just like this today in the world we live in. And so I want to call you out today because you, too, can be that man.

ASK THIS: Are you ready to communicate the message of God today?

DO THIS: Communicate what God has given you to communicate.

PRAY THIS: God, it's your message. Please help me to communicate precisely as it is.

PLAY THIS: Love You With the Truth.

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5 thoughts on “An Oracle From God

  1. Dennis James says:

    My Brother Vince, keep doing what you do! You do deliver God’s word without compromise and it works. Stay strong my Brother and Warrior on!

  2. Trent says:

    Amen. It is a new step in our walk, I believe, when we go from being satisfied with being saved to longing to be used. I am getting there myself. Tag me in, I am ready to go to work! Some days ……