We have all hurt someone before. We sometimes do this unintentionally, or even intentionally. It could be something we have done or something we have said. Either way, it causes a form of suffering for another. Often this suffering can result in pain or bitterness that often distance ourselves from an offender in an attempt to preserve ourselves or signal hurt to them. This separation of relationship can be wedged by "mutual pride." Pride on behalf of the offender to withhold a needed apology and pride on behalf of the offended to use guilt, shame, and unforgiveness to manipulate the offender. This wedge of pride just further prevents the healing of the relationship. A cure is found in seeking forgiveness—and this begins with seeking forgiveness from God, the one we have primarily offended. For only God in all his perfection has the power to forgive and fill us with complete remission which we can extend to another. Just read David's words post the confrontation by Nathan about his promiscuity with Bathsheba.

“Against you, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight” —Psalm 51:4

DO THIS: Seek forgiveness from God, then others.

PRAYER: God, I want you to forgive me for [fill it in here] and give me the strength to seek forgiveness from [enter name] or willingly for [enter name].


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