Artificial Intelligence

"For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." — Genesis 3:5

We are entering a new age. One that boasts of an age of Artificial Intelligence, which raises questions that must be answered by followers of Christ. Each generation faces a challenge that has the power to shape culture, life, ethics, and the church but none is more interesting than the age of Artificial Intelligence. Are we about to witness advanced robots in stunning muscular flesh resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger walking around terminating people? If so, AI isn't just entertainment anymore. And this time is one that will force us to deal with serious questions. Will AI predict the future? Will AI complicate legal issues or even decide them? Should AI resemble humans and should it be allowed to take a humans life? The caution for us is that God gave us the freedom to create with an evident boundary, which we observe in the temptation of the first man and woman — we border the line of sin, not when we create or act, but when we desire to be like God and act on it. But this has not changed, we this temptation every day. Remember the human ego is always finding ways to Edge God Out (EGO).

DO THIS: Let God be God. Worship Him alone.

PRAYER: God, regardless of the time, season, and stresses that the future brings, I will worship you alone.


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