The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom. — 2 Timothy 4:18

Many Christians live this "hope-so" Christian life rather than a "know-so" Christian life. But Paul models a powerful "know-so" attitude here. He is confident the "Lord will rescue" him to the very end. But it's not a "know-so" arrogant, self-confident attitude. It's an attitude of assurance based on Biblical truth, God's promises, Jesus's resurrection that celebrates with godly confidence.

We need to remember that we, too, have this same assurance. Assurance of eternity, and it is not in question. But this never gives us the right to abuse the promise of eternity by acting unrighteous. Instead, it should fuel our passion for living obediently to the very end until God brings us safely into his heavenly kingdom.

And so this is why I live the way I live—all in for him who lived all in for me.

ASK THIS: Are you all in?

DO THIS: Live like you mean it today. Be obedient and assured. Tell us one thing you are going to do today to be more obedient. (Share below.)

PRAY THIS: God, thanks for giving me life everlasting!

PLAY THIS: Heaven Come.


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Eddie Ackerman

I am going to pray more, it is one area I struggle in consistency with my faith.


Stay sober

Alex Coon

Hit the Bible hard, give my loved ones calls to check up on them, watch sermons to seek conviction and worship


I am going to put together the final phase of my sermon with the assurance/passion of what God said is true! Quickly and with confidence!

Gary Vosen

I am working on a home project today. I usually get angry doing these type of projects. I will work on not getting angry, instead being patient, calm and grateful.

John Krumm

Take hold of this day and be who I was recreated to be.

David J

Be more compassionate. Show the love of God to everyone I meet today.

Cory B

I’ve already been disobedient today so… control alt delete. Reset. I know I’m forgiven, but not a great start.

I need to refocus on Him and reestablish connection. The further I am from Him, the easier it is to sin. More prayer and time devoted to just Him. Be verbally thankful to all the things in my life. Both good and bad, because they are all opportunities He has given me to gain wisdom and be a better man.


I am going to keep praying for the strength that I know he has for me.


3 times a day remind myself to be all in.


Yesterday was a hard day and carried into this morning. I’m just choosing to stay obedient, even when life sucks.


Be more grateful rather than negative or down or crtitical


Following up with 2 people I have contacted before to see how I can serve them today or in the future.


Show joy, and be a better example of it.


To pause before speaking and be slow to anger

Jon C.

To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ at each and every chance I get.


Remind someone that God loves them, share the message of salvation of salvation.


By letting others know of all the good we have in our life because of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Jason Taylor

I think of James 4:17 which states, “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins”. Two days ago it was down for many reasons & then up with an answer to prayer & blessing yesterday so I’m not sure why I can’t sleep the last 2 hours but here I am at 3:30 AM. I have an opportunity to serve an elderly man for several hours today so I’m following through with this commitment no matter how I feel later this morning.

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