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It’s Amazing Grace Again

It's it true that you have to learn, relearn, and learn again in the spiritual [...]


Never Let You Go

Tired of being let down by pastors, parents, and people? Then be let down no [...]


Believing In Jesus Is The Best Therapy

Want to save yourself a lot of money on therapy? Then try this statement of [...]


All In or All Talk?

Are you all in with your spiritual enthusiasm and all in with your commitment? Or [...]


What Is Maundy Thursday?

Experience transformative love and the meaning of Maundy Thursday with a new mandate. A devotional [...]


Speak Into The Transition

Are you in the middle of a transition in life? Then maybe you need to [...]


God’s Certain Plan In Our Uncertainty

If a feeling of uncertainty surrounds you, then maybe you need a sovereign God of [...]


Commit To Resist Your Temptation

Will you commit to resisting your temptation like Jesus? Or will you cave like Judas? [...]


Hear The Tremble Of The Spirit

Are you hearing the tremble of the Holy Spirit, or are you only listening to [...]


The Message In A Combatant World

Navigating opposition, embrace your role as a messenger, communicating God's truth in a combatant world. [...]


Will You Do The Same?

What if your service, even of those who hurt you, might be the act that [...]


He Knows It All

Jesus knows everything about you and knows just how to respond. A devotional written by [...]


Let Him Wash You

Are you pretending to be humble only to reject the washing you need? A devotional [...]


Step A Foot Into Greatness

Do you want to do something challenging? Then you need to try doing this. A [...]


The Whisper Of Betrayal

Are you hearing the whisper of betrayal? If you are not sure, here is what [...]


How To Say Goodbye

There is a way to say goodbye that will leave a good mark on those [...]


Words That Haunt With Hell To Pay

Hear and act on the eternal and transformative power of Jesus's words to shape your [...]


What We Are For, Not Just Against

What we are for clarifies what we are against but what we are against may [...]


We’ve Been Too Casual In Our Belief

The power of unwavering belief as men rise to their calling and live with purpose. [...]


A Blind And Shameless World

The impact of spiritual blindness and the pursuit of healing in a deceptive world. A [...]


Stop Being A Pathetic Man

Embrace the challenge of belief, break the silence, and stand for truth. A devotional by [...]


Live A Life Of Consequence

A practical way to inspire transformative change and embrace the invitation to walk in the [...]

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Lift Him Up

The transformative power of embracing Jesus beyond expectations and surrendering to His true nature. A [...]


The Future Effect Of A Man’s Words

The power of truth-telling and the lasting impact it holds in shaping lives and inspiring [...]


The Confirmation Of Affirmation

Discover the transformative power of divine affirmation and learn to bless others with words of [...]


The Emotional Humanity Of Jesus

Discover the strength of embracing emotions as a man. Find purpose, resilience, and honor in [...]


Freedom We Can Celebrate

Celebrate freedom and find soul liberation through Christ and embrace true independence. A devotional by [...]


The Abundant Paradox

Discover the paradox of surrendering to God's purpose for an abundant life. A devotional by [...]


Open Windows To Next Steps

Taking Obedient Steps: Trusting God's Guidance, Walking in Faithful Obedience, and Embracing His Unfolding Plan. [...]


From Confusion To Clarity

The transformative power of faith as we navigate the confusion, gain understanding, and embrace Jesus' [...]

The Prayer Wall

A place to leave a prayer and pray for others. [...]

Unexpected Praise

Seek wisdom to align motivations in praise, extend grace, and overflow with authentic worship. A [...]

Unwavering Devotion

The profound effect of following Jesus amidst opposition and finding strength in unwavering faith. A [...]

Obedience In Confusion

The power of unwavering faith and obedience when navigating through times of confusion and uncertainty. [...]

The Irony Of God

Reflecting on Jesus' presence at the Passover table, a celebration intertwined with sacrifice. A devotional [...]

Conquering Regret

Unyielding, courageous souls on a relentless pursuit of purpose, leading with strength and compassion. A [...]

Balancing Protection and Purpose

Discover how to navigate the tension between personal protection and divine purpose in this insightful [...]

Confronting A Devious Heart

Confronting deviousness, finding reconciliation, and trusting God's plan for the heart. A devotional by Vince [...]

When Man’s Motives Meet God’s Plan

The divine moment where man's flawed motives intersect with God's sovereign plan, illuminating trust and [...]

God Over Self-Preservation

A heartfelt prayer seeking the courage to prioritize God's mission over self-preservation and discern faithful [...]

Unbound Power For Worship

Discover the incredible power of Jesus in the resurrection of Lazarus and its transformative implications. [...]

Unashamed Of God

Discover the remarkable example of Jesus in boldly embracing and proudly proclaiming our connection to [...]

A Savior Who Suffers With Us

Experience the profound empathy of Jesus as you explore his tears and find solace in [...]

The Solution to Spiritual Complications

Discover the power of seeking Jesus in the midst of pain and confusion, finding resolution [...]

Unlimiting Belief in Jesus

Embrace a boundless faith in Jesus, release limitations, and experience the limitless power of him [...]

The Savior’s Compassion

Discover the awe-inspiring power of Jesus over death, offering hope, restoration, and a deeper understanding [...]

Resurrection Power

Discover the awe-inspiring power of Jesus over death, offering hope, restoration, and a deeper understanding [...]

The Cause and Response to the Current Cultural Madness

Join Vince Miller as he uncovers the root of cultural chaos and inspires a movement [...]

From Talkers to Walkers

Reflect on unwavering commitment and the challenge to move beyond talk and walk with courageous [...]

Encounter The Miracle Of Belief

Discover the transformative power of divine assurance as we navigate uncertainty, embrace miracles, and deepen [...]

He Will Walk Miles For You

The unwavering love and sacrificial journey of Jesus through deserts and dangers bringing new life [...]

See Beyond Present Circumstance

Gain a transformative perspective on life's challenges through this devotional. Discover how Jesus' unwavering faith [...]

The Continuing Effect Of A Testimony

Discover the enduring impact of testimonies in this devotional. Explore the significance of persistently sharing [...]

Stop Resisting Greatness

Explore surrendering to God's truth, embracing His greatness, and finding freedom in Jesus. A devotional [...]

Beyond Faulty Assumptions

Let's break free from hasty judgments and cultivate understanding in all our interactions. A devotional [...]

Insecure? Trust Jesus!

Find security and confidence in Jesus amidst insecurity and self-doubt. Reflect on His promises and [...]

Confronting Biases

Explore confronting biases, seeking God's revelation, and pursuing reconciliation in this reflective devotional. A devotional [...]

Dividing Belief

Explore the encounter that divides and unites, as Jesus guides us towards unity and truth. [...]

Jesus: Killed or Sacrificed?

The profound truth behind Jesus' sacrifice and the power of His sacrificial love. A devotional [...]

Knowing the Good Shepherd

Discover the depths of intimacy with Jesus, learning to obey His voice and discern false [...]