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My Favorite Books From The Last Six Months

People ask me all the time what I am reading, mostly because I am a voracious reader. [...]

Leadership Validation

I have this little button on my desk that says “Emergency Affirmation” on it.  When you push [...]

Four Leadership Regrets of My 20’s

Here are 4 things I wish I would have done more of as a leader [...]

A Serious Foundation – Burj Khalifa

Homes and buildings can be exquisite works of art. We are usually enamored by an extraordinary [...]

Quote Of The Day – Michael Spencer

“Jesus-shaped spirituality hears Jesus say “believe and repent,” but the call that resonates most closely [...]

Quote Of The Day – Oswald Chambers

“The ‘show business,’ which is so incorporated into our view of Christian work today, has [...]

Problem Solving For Leaders

Problems, difficulties, and unexpected challenges are often hard lessons for young leaders. Problems are not our [...]

7 Proofs Of The Resurrection

People have for years debated the resurrection of Jesus, and the same proofs are offered [...]

Leadership Title vs. Leadership Influence

There is an ongoing tension we face in leadership cultures between the paradox that exists between two [...]

The Anatomical And Physiological Details Of Death By Crucifixion

Everything you would ever want to know about crucifixion and death on a cross related [...]

Maundy Thursday

Today is often called Maundy Thursday. But what does this strange title actually mean? Maundy [...]

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday, today, is exactly 5 days before the death of Jesus Christ. This event [...]

Motivating People Around Us

A must listen. Another powerful Dan Pink video that will really get you thinking about [...]

Why Should We Forgive?

When someone orders us to do something, or imposes an obligation, it is natural for [...]

Small Group Training

Here is some work we recently did, with small group leaders. Simple leadership training around [...]

You Can’t Mass Produce Disciples

Discipleship. Discipleshift. Disciple-Making Disciples. It’s all the rage right now to talk about discipleship and [...]

Awareness Intelligence: Leadership Without Food In Your Teeth

Awareness Intelligence (A.I.), as we have defined it here, informs both personal leadership and organizational [...]

Lead With Emotion

Sometimes we underestimate the power of emotion and how it influences people.  This could be [...]

Situational Leadership

As we are leading teams and volunteers each of us are going to face challenges moments [...]

Awareness Intelligence Cycle

The following is a technique I use with men in groups (Awareness Intelligence Cycle) that [...]

Components of Great Culture

The benefits of a strong corporate culture are tremendous. With great culture come by-products like [...]

Discipleship Is Everything

This is one of the boldest messages I have ever preached. I had deep concern [...]

The Case For Leadership Awareness Intelligence

I stumbled on the idea of Leadership Awareness Intelligence (A.I.) about 8 years ago while [...]

A Story of Obedience

Here is story my good friend Mark Tripplet shared with me yesterday. I thought is [...]

OODA Loop & Leadership Response

Boyd’s key concept was that of the decision cycle or OODA Loop. This is a [...]

How To Build Lasting Vision

One of the chief tools of great entrepreneurs and leaders is vision. This tool is a weapon [...]

Deep Discipleship: The Critical Need In Leadership

The most important need in ministry today is not for more entertainment but for DEEP [...]

Top 5 Reasons Leaders Don’t Go To The Next Level

Here are a few reasons leaders  do not go to the next level. You may [...]

Corporate to Store Sandbox: Generating Leadership Clarity

This has been a concept I have worked on for about 9 months. After some [...]

Today’s Devo

A daily devotional by Vince Miller. [...]