As I have said before great leadership is about having great Awareness Intelligence (AI). AI informs both our personal leadership and organizational leadership. Strong AI in organizational leadership is transferable into personal leadership as illustrated with the blue arrow below. However AI in personal leadership is far more valuable for long-term success. Organizational AI is valuable often in one context but AI in personal leadership is valuable in multiple contexts, as illustrated by the orange arrows. The leaders goal is to attain high AI in both areas, but the primary context for application is in the arena of personal leadership.

AI applied to almost any context of life will produce results and the first contexts we may often apply it to are sports and business. But AI applied as well to family, driving, event-planning, cross-cultural experiences, and conflict management situations can have a huge impact.

AI is especially helpful in strategic planning. For example imagine increasing your strategic game to new heights in your business, sports strategy, or planning for your non-profit expansion. The techniques and concepts of AI are simple and transferable to any context and ensure ease of implementation for a person of any age and skill.