Be A Nonconformist

"Do not be conformed to this world."—Romans 12:2

One of our duties as Christians is a life of "non-conformity." It almost appears to be the rebel side of Christianity. But it's not. It is choosing to be so conformed to the things of Christ that we become non-conformed to the ways of this world. It's not merely rebellion, but living out our design to its best. It is living the way we are designed to live and not subjecting our mind, soul, and heart to the behavior, thoughts, and motives of this world. While it sounds easy, this it is not. It requires the Spirit, reflection, awareness, discernment, and decisions that are obedient to God and his Word. So today rebel, not against people, but the power of darkness and the schemes of this world. Be a non-conformist—a rebel with a cause.

DO THIS: Rebel against conformity with the world.

PRAYER: God, show me where the world entices me and where I conform. And may I fervently be a rebel for your cause, way, and life.


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