Believe In Something Crazy


The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the Lord has made them both. — Proverbs 20:12

I remember as a teenager cruising around with my grandfather one California night in his 1958 Chevy Apache truck. Man, I miss that truck. One day I will own one again. And we were peacefully cruising along like men do — saying nothing. The windows were rolled down. The moon was bright. You could smell a little salt in the air with a gentle breeze. Out the front windshield, you could see the majestic Pacific Ocean. Then out of the silence, my grandfather says this:

"Son, on a night like tonight, you would have to be crazy not to believe that someone, God, created all this."

I will never forget that comment, maybe because it was such a special moment for two men to share. But what I took from my grandfather's statement was that when we look at things in this life, we can look with a natural eye, or we can look with a supernatural eye. And gentlemen, most of the time, we look only with a natural eye.

And that's what this proverb declares today. It clarifies that everything in this life has a supernatural origin. But the writer goes one step further. He explains that not only does everything in this life have a supernatural beginning, but God also gives mankind the ability to hear, see, and enjoy all these things.

So today, as you are cruising about your day. Look around for a moment at all the things God has done. And then remember he has also given your flesh and your spirit the ability to enjoy them. And then do this — worship him. It is the only proper response to the Originator of all things.

ASK THIS: Have you stopped to worship God's majesty today?

DO THIS: Worship him. Try the song below.

PRAY THIS: God, I worship you for your creation and allow me the ability to see and hear it as well. You are crazy good to me.

PLAY THIS: Goodness Of God.


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23 thoughts on “Believe In Something Crazy

  1. Andreas says:

    As we seek to serve God out of love for the purpose of building up others for His glory, He will bring glory to His name, grow His church, and reward us (1 Corinthians 3:5-8, 12:31–14:1). God promises that as we make Him our delight, He will give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4-5). This would surely include preparing us to serve Him in a way that will bring us purpose and satisfaction

  2. David says:

    God, I worship you for your creation and allow me the ability to see and hear it as well. You are crazy good to me.
    Thank you Lord.

  3. Robert Morgan says:

    I read or listen to you daily (almost!). Today I once again prompted some guys in a text group to take a listen. Hopefully they will, thanks

  4. Paul L says:

    God speaks to me the loudest when I am out interacting with nature and there is no denying that the beauty of this world was made by a greater being. I remember growing up as a kid on the East coast and seeing the Milky Way regularly, but even at that young age I knew how grand a sight it was. With light pollution infiltrating just about everywhere we live it is something that many kids will not come to see and appreciate. Last summer my wife and I spent a week in Montana and we were so remote that I once again saw the Milky Way after four decades and I have to say, I was deeply moved. Moved by God and the majesty of his creation.

  5. Sheldon says:

    In my prayer time . I expressed that i praise Him for Himself and for His word , and for the fact that He is God and beside Him there is none other.

  6. Don says:

    I went outside the other night to let my dog out, it was a clear night and I happened to look up, something I haven’t done in a while and I saw the stars, I saw the beauty of God’s creation. I was just in awe once again, God is so good

  7. Tom F. Sr. says:

    Amen Pastor Vince! How often we cruise through life on auto-pilot, neglecting to hear and see THE goodness of our God, regardless of which direction we gaze! “All things have been created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together!” – Colossians 1:16b – 17.

  8. David L. Trima says:

    Times spent with a man of God grandfather is the best mentoring a young man can receive. My Papa (Mom’s dad) was a leader in the church I grew up in, and when it was time to decorate the church, he’d come pick me up and bring me with him. Along with his friends we’d get the work done. My pre-teen days were spent around older men of God. Little did I know that they were shaping me for my walk with God. Fast forward about 40 years or more, I now get to do this with my grandson. Getting him ready for leadership

  9. Dave Benson says:

    It is easy to take things for granted as we few God’s creation with a natural eye. Thanks for reminding us how great our God is as we look upon our world with a supernatural eye! 🙏

      • Jesse Skytland says:

        My Grandparents raised me and my Brother until I was 12 years old in North Dakota because my parents broke up when I was 2. It was my Grandfather’s responsibility that he had thru the Lord to every Sunday take me to church and train our family the good ways of the Church. On the other days of the weekend we were at the racetrack enjoying life and throughout the week we built the racecar after school and learned other humble responsibilities in life such as the processes of growing up.

  10. Taylor says:

    Thank you Vince! We live outside of the cities and every clear night as I am letting our dogs out I look at the sky full of stars and it creates this incredible sense of Perspective! Thank you for putting a verse and a great devo to how I feel all those nights!

  11. Robert Miranda says:

    Yes everything is within His supernatural sovereignty and providence. So I will praise all my days of the goodness of Yahweh. 🙏
    Thanks Vince. Bless you.

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