Believing In Jesus Is The Best Therapy

Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me. — John 14:1

If you are seeking personal therapy today, I am about to save you thousands of dollars on counseling and medication. These words spoken by Jesus are among the most therapeutic words in the Bible. In fact, they are not only therapeutic but also pre-therapeutic and a real solution to every issue you will ever face in this life.

When Jesus speaks these words, he knows that they don't understand what's happening to him or what's about to happen to them. They don't see his impending betrayal, arrest, flogging, crucifixion, and death that are moments away. They don't see how this is going to affect them. But Jesus sees it all. And because he does, he gives them a preemptive solution for every anxiety, trouble, and concern they will encounter in a single word — believe.

Now, most followers don't fully understand the weight and implications of this word. They simply pass over it and thus minimize the meaning. Believing in Jesus is not a passing intellectual assent. It's a moment-by-moment, all-in trust in God. With it comes an emotional, mental, and physical surrender, which is exhibited by active obedience to Jesus's teachings. And it has this future-focused assurance in the promises of Jesus in Scripture even when present answers are currently out of reach. So this word and statement by Jesus is not a casual passing moment. It's a charge in light of all that is about to happen to him and them.

So today, if your heart is troubled, believe. Believe by surrendering less to the issues at the moment that are troubling you and surrender to the person of Jesus. Believe by focusing on a teaching in Scripture and the required act of obedience that goes with it, even when it does not make sense. Believe by having a future-focused assurance that relief is on the way, whether that be in the present or the future. And if you do this, you will know more fully what it really means to believe and you will be numbered with those who genuinely believe.


1. How can I deepen my understanding of what it truly means to "believe" in God and Jesus beyond mere intellectual assent, and how can I actively incorporate this belief into my daily life?

2. In times of trouble and uncertainty, am I quick to turn to Jesus and surrender my worries to Him, trusting in His promises and assurance for the future? If not, what steps can I take to strengthen my faith and reliance on Him during challenging moments?

DO THIS: Believe and save yourself some money and time.

PRAY THIS: Dear Lord, in the midst of life's challenges and uncertainties, I pray for the strength to wholeheartedly believe in You and Your promises, finding comfort, peace, and guidance in your unfailing love. Help me surrender my worries and trust in Your divine plan, knowing that You are always with me. Amen.

PLAY THIS: This Too Shall Pass.

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12 thoughts on “Believing In Jesus Is The Best Therapy

  1. Patrick Jackson says:

    Vince, what do you think of therapy tied to in the focus of believing? I’m not a therapist but I’m active in therapy and groups due to addictive behavior of my past and I find it extremely helpful in working through things that are hindering me to believe and helps me see where my thinking is incorrect. I love the challenge to believe and the prayer at the end is amazing. I’ve copied it in my devo to start praying regularly, but for some I think therapy is needed so we start working through our thoughts and feelings with someone that can help us regulate and focus all those emotions, especially those that suffer from addictions that have warped our minds and as such we need to “renew our minds” which is a process and one that we often need help and guidance from either mentors, brothers and sisters in Christ, or some times professionals. Let me know your thoughts on my comments!?

    • Vince Miller says:

      Good question, Patrick!

      Therapy means “treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder.”

      This is a very general term that could infer just about anything. I believe the Bible teaches there is only one Healer. This healer is Jesus. Licensed doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, and the like are simply men (and women) who attempt to study the Creator’s design and manipulate the body, systems, and psyche to advance healing that God still does naturally and supernaturally. Does this mean these people actually heal us? No. They merely take measures to encourage or advance healing. Sometimes these doctors use advanced medical procedures to take things out or put things in to manipulate or trick the system into healing more quickly. Is this necessary? Yes, sometimes. But a doctor, therapist, or psychologist who is not a believer and does not hold my same worldview might take measures I don’t want to take. Therefore, my first stop on the path to healing is not a doctor or therapist; it is always Jesus. My second stop would be a professional who also shares my belief that Jesus is the only healer and humbly understands their position and place in the healing process.

      When it comes to spiritual healing, which is what I think you are talking about, “YES!” Yes, I believe small groups of other believing men will encourage our belief, help us to stop the activities that are hurting us, counsel us when we need counsel, and provide accountability when we need that as well. So yes. Heap belief on belief and find believing men who lean on scripture for the healing you need from any form of addiction.

      I loved your question today!

      • Patrick Jackson says:

        Thanks Vince, I truly love your response, especially the part of our belief first then finding the right counsel that will support us in the focus on and toward Jesus as our core healer. Once I finally submitted to Jesus’ authority in my life and also submitting myself to other Godly men in my life, is when I started experiencing healing. Thanks again Vince and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and wisdom as it’s often made me think and challenged me in why I may think or believe, and helping me focus on my Father!

  2. David W Krauss says:

    This was a whole sermon condensed into a 3 minute devotional. Thanks Mr Miller this was powerful and uplifting. A great way to start my day.

    • Vince Miller says:

      Wow, thanks a bunch for your awesome feedback! I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the devotional – it’s like a whole sermon packed into those 3 minutes, right? 😄 I’m stoked to hear it had a powerful and uplifting effect on you, and even better that it kick-started your day in a positive way. Your kind words truly made my day too!

  3. Chris Caliguire says:

    What a timely message! I’m going through an incredible weekend of someone reviling me in every way possible! In the clinical world, they call it a narcissts “flying monkeys”. Trying to contact anyone I know, including 3 Churches, to tell them my past sins from 10 years ago! I’ve only known this person for a year, but in her mind, everyone is going to hate, not trust me. I just prayed for her, peace, bring anxiety to the Lord and it actually worked!! My former life would have included plotting revenge, reviling back on her, and maybe worse, I would be sitting in a bar complaining. Thanks be to the Lord that goes before us! We have not because we ask not ☺️

    • Vince Miller says:

      Wow, that’s some story you’ve got there! 🤩 It’s incredible how you’re handling all the negativity like a champ. Dealing with a “flying monkey” of a narcissist can be a real pain, but you’re showing real strength in the face of it all.

      Kudos to you for choosing the high road and using prayer to find peace. 🙏 It’s awesome to hear that it’s actually working for you! It’s clear you’ve come a long way from your former days, and I’m so happy for you, man. No plotting revenge or hitting the bar – you’re rocking this with grace.

  4. Tom J says:

    Some days even those who firmly believe in Jesus need some help… sometimes it’s seeking out a pastor or trusted friend… and sometimes the BEST thing to do is to talk to a trained counselor who can help us sort out past pain, trauma and heartache. And when medication is needed to give a man a way to settle his mind and focus on healing, praise God it’s available. I pray for every man reading or listening today, that they’ll stand firm in believing AND in working with counseling to find peace and mental wholeness.

    • Vince Miller says:

      As long as that counseling centers on belief in Jesus, I would agree with you. If it does not, then it is, but man’s futile attempt to heal by means of modern methodology. I also would challenge the need to medicate with any other than the Holy Spirit, who a greater than anything in this world.

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