Beyond Shame

"Fear not, for you will not be ashamed; be not confounded, for you will not be disgraced; for you will forget the shame of your youth.” Isaiah 54:4

Everyone deals with some form of private shame. I believe you encounter this more often then you care to admit. Usually, in the quiet confines of your mind, you ruminate on private sins and personal shortcomings throughout the day. Unless of course, pride resists letting your shame soften your heart. This private cycle of shame is something you are hesitant to discuss with another man or even confess to a spouse. It's usually only until you are caught in this shame producing sin that you face a crucial crossroads. Do you choose to embrace and name the shame? Or do you hide behind your shame with denial and pride? Regardless, you know this shame leaves you feeling defeated. So, while you would like to keep up the tough image, you really don't have another choice in breaking the shame cycle than naming the shame and move beyond.

God's encouraging words in Isaiah 54:4 are hope for you. God's goal is not to shame you, even though you may feel that way. His plan for you seeks to move you beyond shame. But through the shame, he is crafting, forming, and establishing you for a higher mission that is not confounding. He's chiseling and carving you into a better man and turning you from shame-focused faith to God-focused faith. But you must move beyond the shame cycle, and "forget the shame of your youth."

DO THIS: Embrace and move beyond the shame.

PRAYER: God, I confess my shame today. I frequently shame myself, and I want to move beyond it. Help me to see your plan for my sin and pride and help me to live beyond a shame cycle that currently holds me back.


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