By Hearing


So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.—Romans 10:17

Want assurance in a time of uncertainty? Are you looking for faith when you feel like there's so little left in our world? Then don't just listen—hear it. Fellas, God has been speaking since the beginning of time. Every crucial word is written down in the Bible. And just to punctuate his spoken Word, he put flesh on it in the life of Christ. And we need it. His Word is the way, truth, and life. So if you want real faith, you have to really hear it—you must hear the Christ, Jesus, the Son of God. Hear him and apply his truth in one way today. Discover how one thought, one action, and one motive at a time God increases your faith.

DO THIS: Find a truth in God's Word you need to hear today. Type it in here.

PRAY THIS: God, increase my faith and assurance!



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