Certainty Is Here

That you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught. — Luke 1:4

I think this statement by Luke is very strong. His reason for writing to his readers is to give them certainty. He wrote his recollection to give people in his day and people like you and me certainty about the things Jesus said and did.

But we all know that some will contest that Jesus was God by contesting the accuracy of the Bible. But Luke was not confused. He was certain. Certain about Jesus. What he saw. What he heard. So certain that he ensured the survival of his testimony by writing it down in the book we call the Gospel of Luke.

But to give you just a little certainty, did know there are only three tests that prove the reliability of any historical document. Any historical writing. They are biographical evidence, internal evidence, and external evidence. And Luke's writing is just that. It's a first-hand testimony of the life of Jesus. But today we can add to this a plethora of archeological evidence that we continue to discover year after year. And while we can stack the evidence a mile high, people will still contest it because faith still comes down to a personal choice, we each must make about Jesus. Luke made his choice and so must you.

So, this Christmas season, if you are a follower — believe with certainty. Believe with the same faith and certainty as Luke, and maybe your certainty will be the certainty that others need this time of year.

ASK THIS: Are you believing with certainty?

DO THIS: Have faith brother.

PRAY THIS: God, I confess your Word is all the certainty I need. Amen

PLAY THIS: Born of God.

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9 thoughts on “Certainty Is Here

  1. gonzalo correa says:

    Amen brother Vince!!!

    The more this “world” tries to deceive the more CERTAIN (increasing faith) I am of our Lord Jesus.

    Thanks for the Word and the continual reminders of the Truth, Light, and Salt we need to be in this times for all those still to come to be saved, chosen, by our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

  2. Ron says:

    As far as I know, Luke was an eyewitness of Paul’s ministry and not Jesus, as you stated in devotional. He certainly carefully made a study and spoke to eyewitnesses in Jesus case. Thx for your devotionals

  3. Dennis James says:

    Yes. Be certain of your faith! As the days pass, as I look back sometimes and as I watch what is unfolding in this world, my faith in God is growing stronger. My prayers more focused, and I am becoming more focused on Kingdom business. But seek first the kingdom of God ABOVE ALL ELSE, and live righteously , and He will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33 NLT
    God first! I am finding the more I keep God first the more of His peace, His wisdom and provisions I receive. It’s all about focus! Merry Christmas Vince and all of you and your families.

  4. Trent says:

    For the disbelievers there is nothing that will prove God. For the believer there is no proof needed. Or something like that. We, more specifically I, do have certainty. The enemy is where the doubt comes from and I err in letting it slip in under my radar and trick me into thinking I have doubt. I do not! Never again! God gave me certainty. I accept it. I claim it. And I say,Get thee behind me Satan, thou art an offense unto me. Thou savorest not the things of God but those that be of man. (Mathew 16:23)

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