The crowd joined in attacking them, and the magistrates tore the garments off them and gave orders to beat them with rods.—Acts 16:22

This was an interesting moment in Christian history. Paul and Silas have just healed a young slave girl who was possessed by a spirit. She, however, because of this possession, could foretell the future, and her owner made a great deal of money from this demonic ability. As a result of the healing, the income of this man was now lost. In the story, we discover that this turns into a moment of chaos. And the "crowd" joins in on the attack. It's as if they were looking for a reason to attack these God-fearing men.

I don't know about you, but sometimes doing good in the chaos is hard. It's challenging because of the unforeseen consequences. But in the chaos, God provides hope. Yes, this moment was vindictive and embarrassing, but some good things result. One was the conversion of the Philippian jailer and the other? Well—uncompromised and proven character in chaos.

DO THIS: Do good and don't compromise your character today!

PRAY THIS: God, I know the chaos is crazy and wild today. May I stand out as a man of great character.


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