The Lord said to Moses and Aaron: “The Israelites are to camp around the tent of meeting some distance from it, each of them under their standard and holding the banners of their family.”  

So the Israelites did everything the Lord commanded Moses; that is the way they encamped under their standards, and that is the way they set out, each of them with their clan and family.

Numbers 2:1-2, 34

I spent some time in Minneapolis this week and observed the unfolding of a significant event: Superbowl 52. Streets are being closed down systematically, and temporary infrastructure is going up. Almost instantaneously after the Vikings last home game, new turf was being carted out onto the field during the postgame interviews. Parking lots are shutting down, barriers are going up, and numerous security measures are being put into place. Since the very moment city leaders knew they would host this Nationally recognized event, plans have been made and executed. It is no small task to think ahead and plan. Pulling off a great job requires a man who can think ahead and chart a course. 

I can think of no more significant task than to obediently bring God glory by living as His man. Simply said, yet hard to do, God calls each man to appropriate acts of obedience based on their unique giftings. This plays out at work, in the home, and in the community. How do we know Moses did as God called? Because Israel did what God commanded Moses, we see Moses charted the course. Their action was proof that Moses led them as God instructed. As you daily follow God, pay attention to what you're called and positioned to do. Think ahead and train yourself to be purposefully obedient.

DO THIS TODAY: Chart the course in your areas of leadership. 


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