The Year You Come Back

For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed. From the days of your fathers you have turned aside from my statutes and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will return to you, says the Lord of hosts. —  Malachi 3:6-7

The bottom line of this text is that God wants men to return to him because he never changes. God's righteousness, judgment, and desire for us have never changed since the dawn of time. The problem is — we change. Mankind changes.

This happens because we believe we can achieve better without God. That as we progress, we will get better and better. We can be spiritually wiser than we were in former times. But this is not the case. This is never the case. We're as broken right now as those were before us. Malachi explicitly states this. We are as broken now as we were in "the days of our fathers." Thus we must learn we are not in a state of spiritual progression but a state of spiritual depravity. Progressive theological ideologies will never save humanity. God does. We have to embrace the fact that we are persistently unrighteous, and we need God's unchanging righteousness. Therefore we must return to him, not the other way around, which is what the people of Israel assumed. They assumed God had left the building. But God never left. They did.

For us, this is one of the dangers of our time. We think God has left us because of all that is happening in our world. But God has not left us. We have left him.

So maybe as we close off this year and begin a new one, you want to make today and this coming year "The Year of the Lord." Or rather a year you return to Lord. That is a choice you can make right now between you and him. And you can declare it right now to him. If this is something you want to do, I want you to know the promise of Malachi 3:7. If you return to him, He promises to return to you.

If you are ready to do that today. Just write below in the comments: I'm Coming Back.

ASK THIS: Are you ready to come back?

DO THIS: If ready, write below in the comments: I'm Coming Back.

PRAY THIS: God, I am coming back to you.

PLAY THIS: Coming Back.

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I’m Coming Back !


Lord I’m coming back! Guide me this new year to be the man you made me to be.


I am coming back. Lord guide me on my way so my journey back to you is one where I will stay with you forever.

Dennis D

Lord Jesus I’m coming back to You…


I’m coming back!!!

Josef Richardson Richardson

Im I’m coming back

Keith Thompson

I’m Coming Back.

Robert Anthony

I’m coming back !


I’m coming back.
Vince your study’s are awesome and get right to the hart of things.

gonzalo correa

I am coming back, been coming back daily. Each day is a blessing and for me His daily Bread is a reminder of “daily” coming back to Him. Thank You for taking us as we are, make us strong in our faith that we will represent you better each day!


I’m coming back!

Millard Marlowe

I’m coming back!!

Michael Rorie

I’m coming back!!

David Moon

Pastor, on Sunday Feb. 3 2012, our pastor Manley Beasley Jr. told us he had gone forward 3 times. It was the 3rd time he realized God was calling him into ministry. That evening a retired pastor was giving us a 5 part lesson on the bible. That evening was on satan.
The Holy Spirit grabbed hold of my heart. Monday morning I was in Manley’s office telling him what had happened. The next Sunday, I went forward & publicly confessed I was a sinner & needed to be saved again.

Today, I give thanks daily to our Lord God All Mighty for His incredible way of touching each one of us.


I am coming back!


I’m coming back!

Dave B

I’m coming back!

Mark Loomis

Lord Jesus I am coming back


I’m coming back. Thank you Lord Jesus for never leaving nor forsaking me.


I’m coming back Lord.
Thanks Vince.


I’m coming back Lord!

Frank jones

Im coming back lord jesus!!

Eric Ludovico

This morning my son found his cat outside. He definitely ate something he shouldn’t have. I pray for my family as we grieve the loss, and we are reminded that we need to cling to him. In the good and the bad. It reminds me of the Third Day song. TAKE IT ALL. God does not want just our good or our best. He wants it all, even the bad. I love you brothers who are going through a valley, and remember He will never leave you nor forsake you.


As I retire in 3 days from 43 years working in the nuclear business, I pledge to meet the goals of faith, family, and freedom while I serve the Lord in all aspects of my life keeping Him first and foremost. Lord please help me to use the remaining years of my life to be pleasing to you and following your commandments. Amen.

Rich E

Vince – great series of devotionals that was much needed for me…I’M COMING BACK with a changed heart!

Tom Waller

I’ll forever be walking towards Him and not away from Him.


I’m coming back to stay🙏🙏🙏


I’m coming back.

Nate Howell

I’m coming back Lord!

Greg Boeres

I know that God had remained steadfast with me, and that I am the one that needs to come back. I AM COMING BACK!!!


I’m coming back!

bill mckay

I am coming back, It is easier to live with Jesus than without Him
THANKYOU Vince your devos really help me

Wilson Eugene Bloomer

I’m coming back.


I’m coming back, Jesus!

Casey Shoe



I am coming back.

Gerald Dziedzina

I’m Coming back! Absolutely!

Paul Levine

“If you don’t feel as close to God as you use to, who moved???”. I’m coming back!


I’m coming back.


I am coming back

George Birdsong

I’m Coming Back


I’m coming back


I am coming back!!


I am coming back !


I’m coming back

Troy Theye

I am Coming Back……Thank you Jesus!

Cory D

I am coming back.


I am coming back Father. Thank you for your unfailing love.


I’m coming back…turning to you Jesus

Randy N.

I’m Coming Back.



Mike Roberto

I’m coming back. I’m a sex addict who can’t stay sober. I need your power Lord. Please keep me sober, not for my sake, but for your glory.


Mike, you’re in my prayers brother. I know the battle – God is good, trust him fully and he’ll deliver you and free you from that addiction.


I’m coming back!


I am coming back to you, Father!

Chuck Hendrix

I’m coming back


I’m coming back


I’m coming back !!! Enjoying the devotions every morning. Thank you.

Robert Miranda

Yes i am coming back 🤲

Gregory Clayton

I am coming back! I am coming back to the place in my spiritual heart where I first believed and received the Lord God through Jesus Christ!

John Conner


Jon Carr

I’m coming back!!

Patrick Pope

I’m coming back

Michael Whitney

I am coming back! I have wandered, not outwardly, but in my heart. I’ve been doing the right things, but not from a full heart of love for Jesus. I have repented and turned back to my Savior and my God. He has forgiven me and received me and I now have a peace that I lacked.
Thank you for your devotionals. They really minister to my heart.

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