Commitments Before Plans

She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins. — Matthew 1:21

So here's the backstory. An angel has just communicated God's plans to a man named Joseph. Joseph is engaged to a woman named Mary. They have not yet had sex, but he discovers she is pregnant.

So here is one takeaway from this moment.

Sometimes our plans and God's plans don't line up, do they? Joseph had his plans. And his plans were to quietly and respectfully save face by breaking off his engagement. But God's plans were entirely different. God wanted Mary to have his son, but he also wanted a committed father in his son's life. So he chose Mary to mother Jesus, but he also chose Joseph to father him. And God didn't want Joseph opting out of marriage or fathership for the sake of optics or self-preservation. Thus we discover that God wanted a man, husband, and father who was going to make good on his commitments. Who was a very committed man. And I believe God reinforced his desire for a committed man by specifically waiting until Joseph was actually engaged before conceiving the child (because no man would commit to engaging Mary if she were already pregnant).

I have discovered in my spiritual journey that God will always reveal his plans to men who are fully committed to him. But what God wants first is commitment. He wants commitment before revealing his plans. So today, worry less about what God's plans might be. Spend less time speculating. Concern yourself with the commitments you've made to him. See them through. Because along the way God reveals his plans to committed men when the time is just right.

ASK THIS: What commitments have you made that you need to make good on?

DO THIS: Be committed and ask God to reveal his plan.

PRAY THIS: God, I am fully committed to you. I may not know the future, but you do. And I know you will reveal the plan when the time is just right.


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Chuck Spencer

I live in SC, so we sometimes use words differently. So here goes. I have a statement that goes like this: “Any idiot can father a child, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy”, meaning lovingly caring for the child in every way possible. Think about Joseph in that way. He was the Daddy of all Daddies at that time. He cared for, taught, protect, provided for, etc the most important child in history and from what we know he did it well.

David Josker

Couldn’t agree more. Stay committed to God, and he will stay committed to you!


Amen, Vince! Great principle to see in the scripture, thank you for studying and sharing that with us today. Recently, I contrasted Eve and Mary. Today you made me think about the differences between Adam and Joseph. Both times we see the examples of obedience, surrender, and commitment vs disobedience, pride, and NO commitment. Joseph and Mary had the same opportunity to deny God as Adam and Eve did, but thank God, literally, they chose to surrender, obey, and stay committed…to a God who was saving an opportunity to impact the world through committed servants. Just like every man reading this today…God has saved opportunities for each of us to impact the world! But we only see those opportunities AFTER we choose to obey, surrender, and stay committed where He has called us to be committed. Praying especially for marriages and family relationships represented here today, that we would all seek God first, and stay committed. Today. Thanks, Vince.



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