Conduct Counts

“Keep your conduct among the [world] honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation.” 1 Peter 2:12

What you do and say is a witness to what you believe. In fact, the most telling test of your beliefs is not only what you do and say, but what you do and say as you respond to difficulties, frustrations, challenges, and issues. These moments expose your real beliefs and are a powerful witness. And in these moments observers are testing the congruency of your actions with the beliefs you profess about Christ. As a result, the world is either witnessing your consistency or inconsistency and drawing conclusions that inform a case for or against Christ. Simply put, they are watching to see if we believe what we profess.

Peter’s encouragement above is to “conduct yourselves honorably.” Honorable conduct is, “living in character that is without question.” The man who lives in this way is free from concern but also influential in his witness. Since somedays challenging moments are thrust upon you, cleanse and prepare your heart each day. Then when these moments occur they will not surprise you and undermine the message of Christ.

DO THIS: Be consistent and transparent in conscience, so your witness is stronger in challenges.

PRAYER: God, I must confess unexpected challenges do have undermined my witness in the past. Give me a constant presence when they are thrust upon me and let them not jeopardize your message but bring attention to Christ through me.


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