“Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."—1 Peter 5:8

The average American consumes about 36,900 seconds (11 hours) of screen time per day. I guess you could say we are over-consuming information on our phones, televisions, and computers. And this cannot keep from affecting us all. Just look around today. Media consumption is no respecter of persons. People young and old are consuming everything on their devices. We much less frequently talk to strangers on an airplane, look up at the scenery, and enjoy the beauty of God's created order. Sometimes we need to unplug—not unplug from our phones, but unplug from the power of media over our mind, heart, and soul.

Do you think that God would not consider 36,000 seconds each day of consumption "gluttony," "excess," or "idolatry?" Could you not be giving your life over to "the devil" who is "prowling around" and "seeking hearts, minds, and souls to devour?"

Consider today who is consuming who.

DO THIS: Don't be consumed.

PRAYER: God, give attention to my consumption intake and even what it is that I am consuming. May I judge the truth and take in levels that are not excessive.


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