Costly Grace

"And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” John 1:16

"Grace upon grace" sounds like a lot of an excellent thing. It's a double-decker grace sandwich. Dieterich Bonhoeffer called it "costly grace." Maybe this is because of the price that was paid to extend it. Or, instead, perhaps it's because of what it cost us to receive it. Nonetheless, it is costly and should never be cheapened by man. At the moment you come to realize the riches of this grace in that very moment you need to start receiving and extending it both to yourself and others. But remember obedience that strives to earn salvation and disobedience that lives reckless of righteousness come from motives, thoughts, and actions that cheapen God’s grace. Live rich today by extending it yourself and others, and living obediently in its riches.

DO THIS: Receive it and give it.

PRAYER: God, I need to forgive myself today, by receiving your grace. I need to forgive others and extend your grace. I need to live in obedience, by living in your grace. In the end may I enjoy the splendor and the riches of your costly grace.


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