"...for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”—2 Timothy 1:7

At some point this year, you will encounter a fearful moment or a season of fear. This fear could stem from a financial setback, unexpected layoff, unfortunate accident, health issue, or generalized anxiety about your future. Regardless these moments tend to draw out real humans feelings that result in "weakness, resentment, or loss of restraint." And while these feelings are real, giving ourselves over to them produces very different results than the spirit that God "gives." His spirit is one "of power and love and self-control." So when fear strikes turn not to its end, choose to trust in the Spirit of God and discover results that stem from God's power.

DO THIS: Turn from fear, toward the Spirit.

PRAYER: God, I am tempted in fear to obey my feelings. May you be more real than the challenges I face and the fears I experience.


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