Cry Out For Hope


Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. — Romans 12:12

There are some days that the struggle is real. It's so real that in desperation, we finally turn to God. We cry out to Him for help. We hope that God will reach down and rescue us from our present circumstances. So we cry out for God to end the struggle so that we can have hope. But sometimes, God wants us to know the hope we have in the circumstances. This means He's not always going to provide the type of assistance we want at the time we want it. Instead, God wants us to find something better. Paul mentions three things here: First, joy in the hoping. Second, patience in the suffering. Third, persistence in prayer. And while we may not want these things, they are often the greater gift. Joy. Patience. Prayer. Not just about how and when God saves, but how God joins me in my present struggle.

Today know this. God is with you in your struggle, just like he was with his Son. So rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

ASK THIS: Which of the three lessons are you learning in your present struggle? (Share your lesson in the comments section below.)

DO THIS: Embrace your lesson: joy, patience, and persistence.

PRAY THIS: God, I ask you to save me while I embrace the joy, patience, and persistence you desire that I learn.

PLAY THIS: Mighty to Save.


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Cory B

Definitely patience. I usually want things my way and sooner rather than later.

David J

I struggle with patience. Please help me Lord


I think we all have areas of struggle but I also know that the more obedient and submissive we are to the Holy Spirit, we become stronger and cam over come the struggles and areas of weakness. I was always weak in the area of patience, I stopped asking God for patience because that can be tough, but when I feel myself starting to be inpatient, I use cognitive behavioral thinking and start to focus my thoughts on God and His word. Guess what it works!

Rex Wright

I am learning to be Persistent in prayer and sermon preparation

Alex Coon

Adherence to all 3 during a season of struggle never fails to produce fruit in us. God is persistent to fulfill all the promises He made to us.

John Krumm

Patience for me.

Eddie Ackerman

Like everyone I know, patience is a virtue that wanes after becoming a parent, almost to the point of non-existence. God, please fill me with Your Spirit daily, give me my daily bread, and allow the Spirit to take over when my mere flesh and blood body and mind are ready to quit and give into the temptation of wrath and anger towards ANY of the people created in Your image, especially those close to me and pestering me on a daily basis, to differing degrees. Amen.


I struggle with any sort of suffering. I want God to “make it all better” sooner than later. Today and every day let me find patience in that suffering, to grow and learn and seek Him.


Patience and prayer for several medical issues with grandkids and son in law

Rich Thomas

I need to find joy.

Neal McRee

To be patient, l am learning that waiting on God is a good place to be.



Troy Theye

If you are always constant in prayer……your patience and rejoicing will always be present.


I will ever be constant in prayer

Matt Smith

that’s great encouragement. He is with us in the trial.


I took a job change to be able to spend more time with my wife and kids, have less stress and work less hours. We took a large pay cut for this change and have been struggling for a little while to make all of our payments. But through joy in the hope of what God has been doing to set us up in our future, the patience to endure all of the extra struggles, and continued prayer we have gotten through so far and are excited for what God is prepping us for in the future!


Hang in there! I’m in a good paying job that’s miserable with long hours and stress that’s taking a toll on my marriage. Let me encourage you to realize the value of being home more and having more in the tank to give to what really matters.


To be constant in prayer, prayer moves the hand of god.


Patience and persistence


Always be constant in prayer. Prayers of thanks to God for all of He has blest me with. Prayers for guidance through all things. Prayers for me to continually in love reach out to others to share His truth.

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