Day 1

Day 1 | Schedule A Prayer Time


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Share your Scheduled Time and your Location in the comments below.

If you feel like sharing why you choose this time and location, this may be helpful for other men.

Prayer: Where Our Life With Christ Begins

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Prayer: Where Our Life With Christ Begins
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570 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Dereck White says:

    7pm in my office for 2 weeks
    Then 7am in my office for 2 weeks then back and forth. SWING SHIFTS

  2. Stephen says:

    4:15 AM in my office
    I picked this time and place because it is a time when no one else is awake in my home and I also feel that starting the day with prayer sets the day on the right path

  3. Walter says:

    5am, quiet room in my basement. Usually I am the only one awake at this time, therefore it’s more likely I won’t be distracted.

    • Tom says:

      4:30 a.m. Tues-Thur in my van
      6:00 a.m. Fri-Mon at home
      Alone / undistracted time at start of my day and before my quiet time. Prepares me for my time alone with God and for the day.

  4. Russell A. Parsley says:

    4:30 AM Kitchen table
    I am an early riser and this is the time when everyone else is asleep. Very peaceful.

  5. Joe says:

    4a in the office of my home. I set this time and place because it eliminates any disturbance and sets the tone for my day

    • Derek says:

      7:55am in my car before going into the office. I listen to verse by verse Bible study on my commute every morning, so it just makes sense to pray for my day afterwards.

  6. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    Good Morning Brothers, my “chair time” is 7:45 am everyday because when we have grandkids duty, they have to be dropped off by 7:30.
    Be blessed and get r done.

    • Lavon says:

      Early morning in Den/Office between 1st and 2nd cup of coffee. It helps prioritize and set the goals/purposes for the day. “THIS IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD IN IT.” This means in all things.

  7. Mike says:

    As I awake usually around 4am in bed when my eyes and mind first awake I give thanks for the new day and contemplate for 5 or 10 minutes. Then get up and go into home office light a candle for further prayer, gratitude, and reflection. I know each day is a #GIFT

  8. Tim Kelley says:

    6:00 am downstairs Monday-Friday
    7:00am same place Saturday and Sunday.
    It’s my quiet place before the day.

  9. Dave Parkhurst says:

    Before daylight. No alarm. Always the first one up at 4:30 to 5:00AM. In comfy chair in living room and dog asleep next to me. Love this time!

  10. Steve Russell says:

    My time is 6 am and the location is my den. I chose this time because I am getting up at that time and it is quiet. Kay is still asleep It starts my day off with the Lord. The place is chosen because my boss are in my den to also do my devotion each morning.

  11. Edward says:

    I start everyday at 6AM at my home office (my kitchen table). God, me, and coffee. My house is completely quiet, I pray, read, and mull over my numerous email devotionals. I try to “be still”, but thoughts keep bouncing around in my head. My thoughts or God’s thoughts? I never know for sure.

  12. Samuel says:

    5:00am on my knees, under the dining table
    The awkward place and position reminds me that I am kneeling before God himself and to focus on him.

  13. Bryan H says:

    I am always up early so 5-530 am will be good for me. May the Holy Spirit stir strongly in all of us !!

    • Tim Helgemoe says:

      If I’m home, 5:30-6:00 AM in my living room chair. If I’m on the road in the truck, in the driver seat before my pre-trip

  14. John says:

    5:45am prayer time in my kitchen. this year I really want to force myself out of the chair and do some walking and incorporate movement into my prayer time!

    • David says:

      In my room before I go to bed (usually between 10 and 11pm), and in the morning before I get up (usually between 6:45 and 7am).

  15. Jay Wegiel says:

    My daily prayer time is already established. I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t spend at least half an hour in prayer, meditation and or study right after I wake up brush my teeth and make a coffee or tea. I have a prayer chair right next to my aquarium.

  16. Steve Roarke says:

    My time is 6:00am in my living room recliner. I pray early so that every day starts with the Lord first.

  17. Pete says:

    6:15 am. In my living room with a cup of coffee before the kids get up. Early morning has always worked best for me before the craziness of the day takes over.

  18. Bryan says:

    5:30am in my office. This is the best time for me because it is quiet before my family wakes up, and before I start work.

  19. JOHN WARNER says:

    Due to not knowing my work schedule in the winter (it could be 3 in the afternoon or 3 am) I haven’t until now set a time for prayer which allowed many of my days to get away from me without prayer.
    So I have set 5:30 am in my house office . It can always get moved for the day or days that I have to plow snow or salt.

  20. Kevin says:

    4:30am before workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 5:45am before Tuesday “Cave Time” and Thursday Bible study. Saturday and Sunday at 6:00am at the house.

  21. Eddie says:

    5:30AM, bedroom
    I will have to change my schedule because I currently get up at 5:50AM, but God is important enough to change my schedule for. I get up just before 6AM daily right now to be sure I am on the same wake up cycle as my kids because I drive them to school when it is too cold to walk, but I will walk with them when it warms up again, after the snow melts.

  22. Darwyn Sprik says:

    6am in my Living Room – my prayer chair. It is quite, kids don’t get up till 6:30 and I can read a chapter in the Bible, spend time in prayer in my prayer journal and read a few devotions that I get emailed to me each day

  23. Josiah Parker says:

    5 am in my “man cave”–separate building on my property, quiet and a place I can pray fervently.

  24. Pat says:

    6:45 am is when start day. Prayer will occur consistently in Basement room. Mainly somewhere where all noise shut off.

  25. Lewis Thompson says:

    My time and location is when and where I’ve always started off my day.
    In my Man Den and the time has been between 5AM – 6AM. On my knees..

  26. Eric says:

    Since I work from home I just set my Daily prayer reminder to be the 1st thing on my work calendar so I can prey before there is time to get distracted.

  27. Bill says:

    6:45. The car ride into work and the first thing on the weekends. I chose the car ride in because it’s doable, and because I drop the kids off at school and can incorporate them into beginning their day with prayer.

    • Michael Swalley says:

      Bill, its good to meet you:) I really like the doable nature of the goal, and the fact that you get to incorporate your kids with this as well.

  28. Eric Ludovico says:

    7:30 am. for 35 day challenge
    5:30 am after that to return to my normal scheduled program.
    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice Always, Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

    • Eric Ludovico says:

      I have been having trouble with computer and mouse doing what it should. Not sure why this posted in F3 Huston.
      7:30 am. for 35 day challenge
      5:30 am after that to return to my normal scheduled program.
      1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice Always, Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

  29. Eric Ludovico says:

    7:30 am. for 35 day challenge
    5:30 am after that to return to my normal scheduled program.
    1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Rejoice Always, Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

  30. Kevin says:

    0430 am. This is the quietest time of my day. It is right before my work out. In my exercise room. This time of prayer is time to listen for God to talk with me and also time for my body to totally relax before my workout.

  31. Squirrel says:

    0600 Sat & Sun as it’s quiet and I can rest in God’s arms in prayer.

    12:00 noon Mon-Fri I will do a prayer walk to (a) get up & out (b) see God’s beauty where I am (c) be intentional about bringing God to those I am with that day. Good reminder for me that my time with God isnt only at Church or a “safe” place but where I am, everywhere I am.

  32. Matt says:

    In in the morning before I even get out of bed. Then again on my way to school to pray over His agenda for the day.

  33. Sam Harrison says:

    Each morning before I read my daily DEVO & devotional
    And each night at 11: PM on my knees next to my bed
    And thru out the day becaus I need help alll day long

  34. Patrick Clements says:

    Prayer Time: As I make the bed … why? It’s a reminder that every morning, our GREAT Lord “resets” my life. He does it every day. It’s called grace.

    Then again as I get into bed. I talk to Him about my messy day.

    The next morning … I’m “reset” by HIS reckless love.

    • Faron says:

      I pray everyday as soon as I wake up,while I am still in bed I start to talk to God and then I will start my day

  35. Phillip Van Gorp says:

    It will be 7:00-7:30am. I go to the gym at 4:45 then come home and read for 30 min. I will pray in the basement, in the guest bedroom where no one will bother me.

  36. Derek Blumberg says:

    I will be praying at 8:00AM each morning during my devotion time in my living room, or my truck, or my boat or wherever I may be at that time each day. My schedule varies. This is typically when I pray. I also pray Spontaneously whenever a situation arises or when I am prompted by the Lord throughout my day.

  37. Paul says:

    7:00 am on the bus to work (Noise canceling headphones for the win!) or in my house while the kids are still asleep

  38. Mike Johnson says:

    5 AM. In my basement. This is the quietest place and time in our house. With four young kids and a business, my days are often pretty chaotic and unpredictable. To be consistent and successful I need to workout and do devotional first thing in the morning.

  39. Kent Schmid says:

    7:00 am in my car on my way to work. It’s good, quiet, alone time where I can gather my thoughts and spend quiet time with God.
    All in!

  40. Mike L says:

    In the morning around 9 am. In my bedroom. I kneel on the floor at the foot of my bed and pray. Then do my daily exercises. I also pray when I get in bed to go to sleep at night.

  41. Joe D. says:

    For years, I’ve had an alarm set at 10:30am. By then, I usually know what challenges are coming for the day.

    I go to my car (not driving, and no radio), just sitting….God and me.

  42. Dave Benson says:

    Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.
    Mark 1:35
    I know for me I’m not consistent in my prayer time. I’m going to start rising early and finding a solitary place to pray without distractions. Even the coffee will have to wait!

  43. Jose says:

    Always in the am before work. I have this comfy rocking chair one that brings me to a sense of tranquility and calm.

  44. James O'Brien says:

    9:00pm as usually the kids are asleep and quiet enough to break away to find a place in the house such as the kitchen table.

  45. Jeff says:

    6:30 a.m. each morning in my F-150 on my way to work. It is quiet, peaceful and I’m never interrupted. Been doing F150 time for years and it works well for me.

  46. Ian says:

    I think the best time for me is early morning between 8 and 9:00 a.m. when I 1st get up. It’s the quietest time of the day and I have time to relax and reflect for the prayer time. I generally like to do it in my living Room where there’s no distractions are it’s quiet.

  47. Terry says:

    Home office, daily at 6:30 am. It’s the place I can have to myself in the house and a time I will need to plan around to keep. Once school is back in, I typically leave by 7:15 to drop my son, so it will fit in the middle of my prep time.

  48. Michael Swalley says:

    I will be praying at 5:30 am, in my living room. Like John said, I want to incorporate more movement and even singing in my prayer life. This time and space give me the freedom to do that.

    • John Koch says:

      Swalley, you just took it up a level! Singing is a great idea. Often I just whisper, but I think signing and praying out loud might really embolden us to take on the day.

  49. Ryan Wissink says:

    I’m going to try to make my prayer time at 7 or 7:15AM in my office — it’s generally pretty quiet there at that point as not many people are in yet, and I can close the door to have a good private quiet time. The only challenges will be a) getting up and out the door in time; and b) not allowing myself to be distracted by the work day ahead. I considered designating my drive time in the morning as my prayer time, but I struggle to stay as focused on prayer then as I’m distracted by actually driving! On the weekends, I’ll plan for 7:30 in the living room.

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, in the car in the morning is probably my best time so I’m planning for that. No worries on distracted driving here either .

      Weekends, I’m thinking in the bathroom around 8am, cause honestly that’s probably the only quiet place we can get right now for real haha. Josie’s up and will be a distraction by like 7.

  50. Mike says:

    12:30 PM while on my lunch sometimes in the break room at work and sometimes in my car. I find that taking my lunch in my car allows for a quiet spot and no interruptions.

  51. Terance Roberson says:

    Between 9:00 & 10:00, I always find myself talking to God & praying while on my way to work or while sitting in the office before starting the work day.

  52. Jonathan Lewis says:

    I’m setting my prayer alarm to 5:00am to kick start my day!!! I’m truly convinced that prayer works and that this consistency will help me grow while connecting with my Heavenly Father.

  53. Justin K. says:

    Normally, I wake up and begin to pray for my day, my week, etc. I always have to give thanks to him for allowing me to see another day. Aside from this prayer time, I want to devote a certain amount of time each day to ensure that my God receives the time and praise he deserves. I’ll be challenging myself to do that over the next 35 days!

    • Terance Roberson says:

      Definitely accepting to challenge to devote specific time just to pray and have a conversation with God everyday.

  54. Ron says:

    11:30 PM At the Living Room couch, not on the couch. I’m a late person and alone at that time. I can review the prayer requests from the email list for the day and include them. Of course as needed through the day, where ever when ever.

  55. Cory bullock says:

    My morning always starts off so busy. It’s a good middle of day time that helps me reset from all the worldly distractions that may already be effecting my walk for the day.

  56. Gavin Johnson says:

    I’m choosing 9:30 PM in my living room. Life’s distractions will be few and will give me time to reflect on the day and pray for the future ahead.

  57. DC says:

    My time will be in the morning from 5:00am – 5:30am before I head out for the day. I have an area on my rug that I will use as my Prayer Zone.

  58. Ben Smith says:

    I am going to plan on a 10:30pm timeline. Gracie is usually in bed by then and I should not have any reasons or distractions from keeping me from doing it.

  59. Sean F. Smillie says:

    6 am in my living room. It is quiet and No distractions since my wife and kids are still sleeping.

  60. Jonathan says:

    Unlike Ryan, my auto-pilot driving skills NEVER distract me from prayer. 🙂
    I’m a very distracted pray-er. The car is actually where I experience the least mental distractions.
    Planning on 8:45am in the car for workdays/basement for offdays.

  61. Tom Klingbeil says:

    M-F 5:30 am, SS 7:30 am. Basement Family Room. It is a quiet time and a quiet location. I can pray and journal my prayers. I can pray for my “oikos” or family circle. Often, I get too distracted with my daily wants, needs, and immediate concerns. This will give me an opportunity to pray specifically for others by name.

  62. Chris says:

    Chris from Cuse
    3 :30 pm on my way home from work because it presents a consistent time with minimal opportunity for distractions.

  63. Tony Vornberger says:

    11:00 PM at night is my routine prayer and reflection time in my bedroom. I also have a prayer time at 11:50 AM before our staff lunch this is usually after I have prepared for staff reviews and follow ups and our teams bible study once a week as well.

  64. ccpatterson814 says:

    5-530am/5-30pm swing shift worker, but on my drive to work. Allows me to start my day the proper way with prayer.

  65. Curt says:

    M-F 7:30 in my office at my desk with a big east facing window – before anyone else arrives.
    S-S 7:30 in my living room with a big west facing window on to a wetland – before anyone else is awake.

  66. Chad Husted says:

    I already have a morning routine with devo time and journaling my prayers. i can do better at just sitting quietly after this exercise to focus on prayer.

  67. Darren says:

    After I wake up in the mornings. It’s a peaceful time without any distractions and a time I can reflect and talk to God alone.

  68. J.T. Fetherolf says:

    During my drive home so I can pray about what happened at work and for my evening with my family.

  69. J. Zabler says:

    Wild work schedule…

    Wed – Sun 1:00 AM, Mon – Tues 9:00 AM until 1/25, then it’ll be 5:00 AM for the foreseeable future

    In my room

  70. Bill Brainard says:

    2:45 am @ my kitchen table, wife still asleep. I will pray before my devotional, than my Bible reading. I’ve been doing this for over a year already.

  71. Massimo says:

    7 am library, as I feel led at work during added devotional time, usually just before bed, approx 10 pm.

  72. Matt Robinson says:

    Monday through Wednesday, and Saturday: 10:00 am at my home office desk. The Verse of the Day email from YouVersion has served as my “alarm” to remind me to pray.
    Thursdays and Fridays: 7:45 am in my car as I drive into the main office.
    Sunday: 7:30 am at my desk prior to leaving for church.

  73. Dan says:

    My time is between 5:30 and 6:00 AM. I pray at my kitchen table while enjoying a cup of coffee before heading to work. This is my alone time and works best for me.

  74. Michael Pechar says:

    10pm in my bedroom. This will also work with my travel schedule as I’ll always be back in my room by 10pm

  75. Mike says:

    6:15 after a workout, on the couch drinking coffee. I gotta get it in while im more awake after a workout and before the kids are awake.

    • John Koch says:

      That is an awesome routine. Working out is one of the hardest things for me to do, but I really like your idea of knocking it out before quiet time ⚡⚡⚡

    • Jon says:

      It’s different everyday. Within the first hour of waking up and right before bed. I talk to God all day long as well if I have questions or am working on something specific.

  76. Phil mickelson says:

    5:30 am
    The house is still. No one distracts me other then a couple brothers in Christ doing the same as I am.

  77. Kevin Allex says:

    I normally pray in the morning before work and throughout the day, which I’m still going to do, but I’m setting the alarm for 10pm and going in the workout room. Then I can make time to reflect and pray about the day.

  78. tim says:

    As have for past continue during to do daily morning walk and prayer time after first get up, good for the body, good for the soul.

  79. Tyler Penner says:

    Location varies because of my occupation, but I chose 10:30AM in my semi wherever I happen to be that day.

    • Shane Young says:

      6.00am weekdays before work 7.00am weekends before chores start. On our back deck when all is quiet.

  80. Ron says:

    6:30 AM ET in my family room where it is quiet before anyone else wakes up. It starts the day off on the right foot.

  81. Brett Haugen says:

    I plan to pray at my desk at home after I feed the dogs in the morning. My morning schedule varies from day to day, but the routine is consistent.

  82. TJ says:

    Times: upon rising (approx. 5am) and prior to going to bed (approx. 11 pm) in my room, approx. 9:30 am during break time.

  83. Hugh Prichard says:

    I will pray at 6:00 each morning in a spare room in the house. It is a quiet place that I don’t usually pray in.

  84. Will says:

    I will plan for 6a on workdays and 8a on weekends. We have a couch in our bedroom that is a good place to sit and pray.

    • Nathan Nourse says:

      I plan on praying each night around 10 pm. This way Sarena and I can pray together if she is feeling well enough or I will go into the basement and pray alone if she is not feeling well enough, or already asleep. The biggest distractions are my kids and a new puppy. By 10 the puppy and the kids will all be asleep. The time and place will stay the same for weekends.

  85. Tony says:

    5am or 1pm. In my car. I have an hour drive to work each day and it’s a good quite place to talk to God about the day ahead.

  86. Anthony Gjorvad says:

    In my home office at 5:30am before starting my day. This is the best time for me to have some uninterrupted time for myself.

  87. Paul Leininger says:

    I pray every morning early in my front room. My family is not up yet and there are no distractions. It is where I can look outside as well to take in God’s creation.

  88. Scott Halverson says:

    You’ll find this strange but I sit on the commode every morning and use that time as my prayer/devotional place. It’s the downstairs commode away from the family and a quiet part of the home.

  89. Isaac says:

    I scheduled my prayer for 6:00 am in my home office, that’s before my wife and some get up so it’s quiet in the house and it’s before the day starts.

  90. Gordon says:

    Prayer Time: 7:30 a.m. (later on Saturday) in a private room because it’s free from distractions. Bible study in my car, while waiting for it to warm up on weekday mornings. More extensive Bible study on weekends at my desk because it has a computer with access to Bible versions and online research.

  91. Ted says:

    So, I couldn’t get to the challenge until now.
    I am setting 6am as my time and my kitchen as the place.
    I think this is the only time I can be in the same place.


  92. TRACY Allen STEIN says:

    I have a one hour commute to my job. I like to do my prayers then. Helps me start my day out right.

  93. Steven Johnston says:

    I pray when I first get up and before bed for at least 10 to 15 minutes. I choose my living room since no one is up or around at the appointed times

  94. Scott Kelly says:

    My schedule is so complicated with church, work and family it s hard to find a single time and place to commit to. I know that sounds like “I don’t have time to talk to God” And I can’t believe I sound like that to be honest. I usually just pray throughout the day and on the way in to work but weekends get mixed up because I have no routine. But I am nervous because I want this to work and if I choose a time during the day I will be at work, then what about the weekends? I am also afraid that if choose early in the morning and I am too tired or running late then the time won’t be quality. So I ask myself am going committed to this or not? Do I truly want to grow my relationship with God? Yes, I am and I do. God has done everything for me and I can surely set a specific time to talk with Him. So my prayer time will be 4:00 am in my bedroom.

    • Michael Sirignano says:

      Monday through Friday at 6:30am in my van during my 45 minute drive to work
      Saturday and Sunday at 7:30 am in the prayer room in my house.

      I pray in my work van because it is a sanctuary for me. It is early in the morning when God’s mercies are new, and I can confess and ask for forgiveness

  95. Marc says:

    I chose 5am because it is a good time in the morning when I am awake. I chose our living room because it is the only place in our home where I can accomplish being alone without waking up my wife.

  96. Kurt Cubbage says:

    High noon, because that’s when I take my heart medication (a good way to remember to thank God for another day He has given me)

  97. Tony says:

    My prayer time will be at 6am each morning in my bedroom. The reason I’m choosing this time and location is because I want my first interaction of the day to be the Lord, talking and listening to what He has for my day.

  98. John says:

    I’m starting to get it now. Wish I was onboard from day 1 because I am really 3 or 4 days behind everyone else. Don’t know how to catch up. Its ok. I will be praying at 9 or 9:30 pm in bedroom. Great name Dan!

  99. Tom says:

    My prayer time is first thing in the morning before I get distracted by the “outside” world. I find peace and closeness with god

  100. Jacques Vd Merwe says:

    Every day at 7:30 till 8:00 & 21:00 till 21:30. My living room, lots of sunlight, I feel most comfortable there.
    I want to start my day with God and end my day with God.

  101. Steve says:

    Every morning after my shower (so about 6:30) in my bedroom. I would like to pray as soon as I get out of bed, but I need the shower to rouse me enough to really mentally engage.

  102. jamulwindyridge says:

    In my office .. I start in the morning when I get up usually 6:30-7:00 am .. daily devotionals and prayer..

  103. Mark says:

    7am in the truck. My commute to work or in the office before anyone shows up are the only times I have alone.

  104. Jim Jr says:

    7 pm when I wake up and before I got to bed are consistent. I usually pray at various times throughout the day.

  105. Grayson Mellen says:

    I have been trying to do this everyday but I just want to play after school. I am trying to catch up A.S.A.P. ! Sorry.

  106. Kitana Seher says:

    I am sure this blog has touched all the internet viewers, its really pleasant post on building up new web site.

  107. Eddie says:

    5:30AM, in my home office, it’s before anyone else is awake on any given day.
    I am a little behind this morning, but I will be more consistent after I get caught up on my chores today.

  108. Tom says:

    I have prayer time every morning at 6 am alone. This is a time when no one else is around. I am however setting an alarm to have prayer at noon and evening everyday. Once a day just isn’t, enough. I am in Virginia Beach, VA.

  109. Tommy says:

    My prayer time is 5:30 in the morning before anyone else is up. My living room or back patio serves as my quiet time place

  110. Alex says:

    I work mostly mornings and I get off no later than 12:00pm. I’ll be off, home, close to my bedroom, and maybe hungry but I need to consume God’s word before I eat (Matthew 4). If it’s Sunday, church should be over and while I may not have access to my bedroom, my car can be a decent substitute

  111. Raphael says:

    I set up 0630 at my house when I can feel free to go though my emotions.
    I am starting for two weeks and go from there

  112. Jonathan Mark Courliss says:

    As a truck driver my schedule varies, so I am choosing 30 min before I go to sleep as my prayer time.

  113. Warren M Campbell Sr says:

    I’m retired so I pray throughout the day. Alot of times early in the morning. I pray in the bedroom, living room and the dining room. Being retired prayer is whenever the Holy Spirit prompts me to pray or I just feel like talking to God.

  114. Loryn says:

    I pray multiple times a day. When I first wake up, I start my day in prayer. When I walk to and from work, I pray continually, I pray while at work to guide my words dealing with certain coworkers, patients, families.

  115. Aaron Wood says:

    I am in college and so I pray in my room when I wake up and then go to sleep. Start and end the day on God’s watch.

  116. Daniel says:

    9:00PM in my dining room. Kids are asleep by then. It’s quiet and I’m almost always home at that time.

  117. Scott Van Dale says:

    My prayer time is 06:00 in the screen porch in my back yard.
    This is a peaceful place where I feel close to the Lord , and I can start my day feeling his peace.

  118. Jimmy says:

    8:10 AM
    Veranda of our guest house overlooking Lake Victoria. I chose this spot because I’ll start most days up here facilitating a training program

  119. Zach says:

    6am. Get my butt up and pray in the morning downstairs in my office. My mind is clearest right away in the morning and my 2 year old son is not typically up yet!

  120. David says:

    7:00 am. The time I usually get out of bed. I will spend the first ten mins of my day on my knees in prayer

  121. Joe says:

    I have my scheduled devotion and prayer time every morning at 6:15 am. I love the peace and quiet time to set read and pray to God before my day starts.

  122. Mark Lyford says:

    10:30 pm, in bed
    I feel that this is a time I need to pray most, when I’m starting to unpack what’s happening in my life

  123. Jesse Skytland says:

    It’s usually right at 6:40AM daily a few minutes after waking up and just after saying the serienty prayer then I do devotionals in my bedroom . This makes for a successful day by allowing me to allow my direction to be lead the right way pointed toward the light giving me an opportunity for increased success.

  124. JEREMY L KAUFFMAN says:

    So I’m a police officer and work a crazy schedule so on my work days it will be at 3am in my cruiser and off days will be at 4pm in my bedroom because no kids are allowed in my room.

  125. Robert says:

    I tend to pray throughout the day, but 3 days a week I am up very early for work and have a 20 minutes of very quiet time for prayer and devotions. Also on my daily walk or bike ride, as Jesus is available 21/7

  126. Janic says:

    It’s a bit difficult for me having three young children. The house is quietest once they’re all asleep. That’s when I’ll do pray in the living room in my secret corner.

  127. Thomas Sells says:

    645am….and in my office of bedroom….I’m a morning person and like staring my day off in prayer and reading…the location could vary based on my job! Looking forward to this challenge…good luck men!!!!

  128. Steve says:

    5:45 am during the work week and as soon as I wake up on the weekends. Place will be deck (weather permitting) or kitchen table.

  129. Eric Amodie says:

    Eric set it for 2am I’m up early for work and just lay in bed watching tv at that time. I would be praying in my room

  130. PABLO says:

    10am in my room because is in a corner of our room and isbvery peaceful and that’s where I do all my reading and studying

  131. Rudy Francis says:

    6am is my prayer time and my location is in the basement of my house. During this time in the morning it’s usually quite and less distractions

  132. Kyle Smallcombe says:

    9 A.M. – To start my day with God by my side. Pray in my living room beside my couch. The place I’m sleeping and reading about god from. I lied to myself and told myself I would never be there.

  133. Paul Birchall says:

    I have chosen 12:00 for my prayer time. Earlier would be better but I couldn’t find a time I can do consistently.

  134. JAMES DELGADO says:

    My Prayer location is in my garage. When its hot, I pray in the living room with my Bible open.
    I begin approx. 1200. I do my best to have a devotional daily.
    If I don’t it in the daytime, it probably won’t happen on that day…because I will get busy doing nothing.

  135. Adrian says:

    Outside each day. Walk around neighborhood on weekends and when at work M-F, I will walk around outside with phone ear piece so as not to be that weird guy who talks to himself.

  136. Kevin says:

    6am. On my porch or deck. Early is good, nature is wonderful.