Day 1

Day 1 | Schedule A Prayer Time


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Share your Scheduled Time and your Location in the comments below.

If you feel like sharing why you choose this time and location, this may be helpful for other men.

  • Prayer Alarm: 7am

    Place: At home on our lower level pacing back and forth.

    I want to try more movement while I pray and read this year instead of my default, which is sitting in my comfy chair.

  • Prayer Alarm: 6am
    Place: at home – on the bike, elliptical, or just “being still” in the quiet of the morning

  • Time – 10am
    Place – My work office or home office
    It’s not super early but I find that my mornings can be all over the place with early meetings or helping with the kids- 10am is a time that I know I’m going to be into my day and moving and whether I’m at my home or work office, I can close the door and pause.

    I like the simple and short explanation to kick off the day.
    Made me laugh- “Guys don’t want to be the weird guy who talks to himself”
    Central issue: All the other things that distract from creating a regular habit
    I think it’s cool to have an encouragement and accountability built in for getting this discipline going.

    Not sure how you’re setting this up, but will guys be grouped into small groups like this test group is? I wonder how you can build common trust and sharing between men who don’t know one another- OR find ways to connect guys who are already in relationship to commit to the challenge.

  • I having a hard time picking “A Time” to pray daily. I’m usually all over the place, and yes, it turns into periods of not communicating regularly enough. I’m going to pick a time and get back to you.

  • Good thoughts Justin. I have heard the same thing from other men. They might like to share within groups they trust and know. But we have discovered some men do not have groups at all.

  • Scott, this is definitely a sign of maturity in your relationship with Christ. Seeing all of our time as an opportunity for worship and prayer is key. I hope that other men will learn this as well as they start with this first step—setting a time to pray!

  • Good job, Dan. Wait to hear about the meetings I have been having with Ben (yes that “Ben”)

  • Two options for me typically are 4:30am – 5:30am or 9:30 pm – 10:30 pm. The reason for me is because I have 3 young children (3 under 4 years old) and these blocks are the only time I get not working or distracted. I prefer morning as it allows me to start my day centered, but I have also been doing some quiet time at work just before lunch to re-center and be in prayer recently due to some personal things going on. I’m going to commit to doing this time in the morning after this challenge. Location for the two timeframes above are at home. Before lunch is in the office.

  • 4:30 am… and yesterday this day 1 message came AFTER 4:30 am… so I missed it. I get up early and start the day w/ prayer / reading from the bible or a bible message I’ve gotten and helps me keep the main thing the main thing all day!

  • Early morning (kitchen table), mid-day (during workout) and before going to bed (kneeling at the bed)

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