Day 1

Day 1 | Schedule A Prayer Time


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Share your Scheduled Time and your Location in the comments below.

If you feel like sharing why you choose this time and location, this may be helpful for other men.

Prayer: Where Our Life With Christ Begins

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john bell

Mornings 11:15AM – Leave office and walk around office back parking lot.

Gary Wildermuth

7:30… bedroom. Most mornings when not traveling, I wake up at around 4:30-5:00. I am up with praise and worship time and Bible study. However, some of those days, I do forget to pray. This will be a great reminder to start my day by coming before the Lord with prayers of praise and thankfulness, along with prayers for others.

Brett L

Prayer: 4am
Location: Home office

Larry Odle

Prayer time : 0500
Place : my wood shop
This is my alone place.

Jim Kramer


Mike Meyer

Prayer time : 6:00am
Prayer Location: Kitchen Breakfast Island.
Why, I’m an empty nester, my wife doesn’t wake until 8am. I can enjoy morning coffee, prayer and devotion

Jim 's. Cel

6:00am. My home office

Gregorio Whittet

0600 Morning Prayer Walk!


Daily – Before getting out of Bed – I pray over my wife. I pray that I always love my wife as much as Lord Loves his Church ….. and for giving me another day to serve him.

During the Week – Evenings
Weekends – Morning First thing after sending out Daily Devotionals.

Before Bed

Garage Gym – It’s quiet! No distractions.


12 pm

Brian Linn

In the early morning. In my chair in front of window looking out into the woods.


6 am on the back patio

Troy Longen

This is my exact problem with being consistent in praying.
I drive semi overnight’s and I live in the truck during the week, my schedule changes daily than on the weekends I flip my sleep schedule to be with my family.
There’s no time I can consistently set an alarm or place.
I can pray while I’m driving, but than my focus is divided
I can pray when I wake up everyday, but that’s not consistent to a time or place. I usually wake up wondering where I am!
I understand that God isn’t concerned with time or place, he just wants my heart and focus. But this is frustrating to me because I’m not consistent in anything, I’m always chasing my tail.

Todd Helm

7:00PM my bedroom


6:30 AM on my back patio. Everyone in the house is usually still asleep and I feel more connected with God when outside.


7:15 AM at home – between kids leaving for school and me for work


I will shoot for 6:00am on the red chair in the living room.


5:30am and in my bedroom. I choose this time because I want to start my day right with God


6am, study corner, time to start the day with God

Ben Martin

Time: 5:45
Place: Livingroom

Christopher Hill

7:50a at the local park overlooking a lake

Tom Foggin

8 AM spare bedroom


5:30am in living room

Joe Celenza

530 am home office

bob gilfilian

first thing in the morning and in my Florida room as I gaze upon our Father in heaven’s creation !


In the morning before I make breakfast in the kitchen


8am spare bedroom.

It’s a convenient, quiet location. I want to say ‘sometime in morning’ rather than 8, but I clearly see the habit forming value of scheduled activity.

Kevin Lautar

4:30 am in my home office

Joseph Lounders

Heavenly Father, I want to start improving my communication with You, by improving my Prayer Life.
By praying to you daily, and out loud at the same time each day.

Joseph Lounders

I am and just getting started, and am retired. I will start walking at 7am and praying about 7:45am facing east
by the window, in the entertainment room, where my wife can’t hear me, but God Can!


7:30am In my bedroom

Ben Johnson

7am in the shower, because I won’t be interrupted by kids at home or folks at work.

Stephen R.

8 AM either in my office or driving.

Clifford C

8:30 am. In my study. I chose this time and location because this is the time of morning when I usually study my Bible and it’s quiet.

Tony C

I will make a point to pray at 8:05AM every day while driving home (to work) after taking kids to school.

Sean Swift

4pm Daily in my Home Office.

Later in the work day so I can pray with God and share any issues and challenges before spending time with family.

Todd McClanahan

7:00 am in my living room before work


6am in my home office facing the window. (my back to my desk and work)


6:45 am in my Office before work begins.

Alan A. Wilson

My time is 6:45am. My location is my home office/study
I get up around 5:30am and either go walking or bike riding for exercise. When I finish I come home and as I eat breakfast I spend my time with the Lord.

Michael Kelley

6:00am at the side of my bed


All in

Patrick Andrews

7am, in my garage


6:30am in the chair outside of our bedroom

Patrick Vanlangendonck

My scheduled time is 7:20 pm
My location is in my truck. I chose this location because of my work schedule and I am able to be alone at this time every day.

Robert Wales

My prayer time will be early in the am after my coffee after the dogs let out during my quiet time I already pray daily and more than once but I am trying to grow and be a better person .I am retired so I am not as busy as working men

Glenn Coats

930am in my truck. I spend alot of time in here so seems like a good spot.


Prayer time be 2 or 3am in my office at home

Rick Morse

I am praying at 5:30 am in my walk in closet. It is private and I can close the door. I can have a conversation with God with no distractions.


7:45 pm in my garage.


5:15 AM
My kitchen table or my front porch depending on weather.
Nobody but me is up and I have no distractions at this time.

Jerry Bridges

I have scheduled my prayer time for early morning, and my chosen location is outside, when weather allows, in the beauty of nature.

Gregory Whittet

I chose 9 pm for my prayer time.
Location: Outside /Nightly Walk
I chose this time for a couple reasons… 1:) I live in Vegas and it’s Hot!
2:) It allows me to reflect on my day and pray for the coming day.
3:) Being outside and walking not only allows me to grow in Spiritual Readiness but Physical Readiness as well.
4:) It allows me to be away from distractions

Thomas Blige

In the woods at work


4:30 in my basement


5:45 am in my dining room


4:45 am in the basement. First thing I will do in the mornin and the most consistent available time of my day


6a in office.


Between 5&6am. Either on the couch in the living room during the winter or on the back deck when it’s nice out.


8:20 A.M. in my computer room. The reasoning behind this is I rarely have anything going on that early and it’s a room that only I use

Caleb Ness

I’ve decided on 4:45 am, mainly because that is when I get up for work and with my crazy schedule, there aren’t any other consistent times that would work

Lawson Bruxvoort

2:00. This is when I get off of work, so before the rest of my day starts I’ll pray in my room.

James Shadden

My time to pray is at 5am immediately after I wake up on my knees by my bed.
For me this is very important to start my day with God making Him my focus of the day, allowing me to encounter the rest of the day with spiritual strength.


745 on my way to work!


5:45 am, I am the first one up at the kitchen table. Looking forward to starting new habits.


5am, it’s quiet, no one is up, and it starts my devotional time before I go to work.


6:00 am Instead of concentrating on news and coffee its prayer and coffee

alan wayne goad

my prayer time is 7;15 am i arrive at work and have 30 minutes before clocking in-ill be alone and a good way to start my day


11am allows me to break in the middle of my work to kind of reset. I pray first thing every morning but will set a permanent time for 11am. God bless you all 👊🙏


8:30am at my desk wether in my home or work office.


I’m going to pen gage prayer today at 12…….Gino


At night before bed


During my work-from-home week, 8AM at my home office desk. During the weeks when I’ll be in the office, 8AM in the car on the way to work.


7:00 woodshop.


6am in the den. I am the only one up this early I have been starting my day like this for 6 months now it sure does help me get my day started Prayer and my daily Devo


Family room, with my cat curled up next to me.


First thing in the morning (5:30) at my dining room table with a cup of coffee.

Ola Bakare

@ the side of my bef.

Robert Wolfe

I struggled with accomplishing this when I read the book. Having to write it down for other to see is a good incentive to be accountable. I will pray each morning before I shower.


I will pray at 5:30am EAT before my wife and kids are awake on our second floor balcony.


I will pray at noon everyday because these is my lunch brake at work and a time that I can have uninterrupted conversation with God, because my kids are at daycare and my wife is at work.

Jose Marreiros

I will pray on my drive to work, and before bed everyday

AJ Reilly

I am setting my alarm and creating a calendar invite for 2200 each night and I will pray in my office area at home.

kirk kingsley

I am going to schedule my prayer time for 6 AM. I am going to for opportunities during the day, that I honor God with my work, that I show love and grace to whom I interact with, praise Him for all His goodness. I hope to develop the habit of prayer pulling into my driveway after work as well. Then I want to thank God for work, ask that I be fully present for my family, and honor him with my evening.

Ryan Kernan

I’ve decided I’ll pray to God mid day when the sun is highest in the sky. After all it’s my understanding that God is light. So to me as a new Christian this only makes sense. I also feel as though outdoors prayer will be a great way to become closer to God so I’ve chosen to have my daily prayer along the cedar trees lining my property.

Mike Welch

My prayer time is 7:55 a.m. at my desk.

Jon Carr

4am weekdays and 5am weekends. I pray in my home office where it’s quite. My wife and I also pray before bed to end the day in harmony with Christ.


6:05am. Back patio.
I wanted my time and place to be close/similar to Jesus’ time and place, outside before sunrise.


Just starting my 35 day challenge.

Ken Winegarden

Can I pray while riding my indoor exercise bike or should it be seperate

Ken Winegarden

I will pray at the beginnings of my day, usually 9am. I will pray in the spare bedroom so I can close the door & be by myself.
I am doing a daily prayer with my wife before we get out of bed putting on the armour of God. Then I do my devotions & challenge.
We finish the day in bed with a couples devotion & then a prayer & prayer for all our children. God Bless


12pm daily – place wherever I am

Ryan DeZwsrte

5:45 am basement.

Ryan Volk

6am-ish. With my job causing me to be up all night at times, and also get interrupted when I have prayer time at work, it becomes more sporadic. Because of this I could use some prayer from you guys for consistency. I am more consistent when I have prayer time at home the days that I don’t work.

Toby Breaux

6 AM. Location, bathroom

Jason Lauterbach

MWF 6am.
TTHS 6:45

Eric P

Hey men’s ministry team!
My pray-time alarm is at 7:20am.
Location is in the living room overlooking the lake. (In our little home we don’t really have many spots! )


6:45 am before I get started on work in my office and before everyone else gets up.


5:15 am before my workout


7am. bedroom. between breakfast and getting ready to go to work. on weekends, after breakfast before the next thing that is coming up that day.


Mornings before anyone else gets up in my house. Usually around 6a;30am.

Bob Mccrossen

7:00 a.m.
At my home

John Williams

I set my alarm for 6:00 am.

David Frankel

5 out of 7 days of the week I commit to praying at about 2:20 P.M. I will try to remember that time during the other 2 days.

John Williams

Great job David!

Michael J Herrera


I understand the whole praying out loud, but I find it helpful it makes me organize my thoughts and speak them it also overcomes being in a prayerful attitude.


Don Neal


Don Neal

Hello GC Leander men’s group. This is a test comment. I prayed, and I prayed outloud. Don’t think I did 5 minutes, because I don’t prefer to be so legalistic. Its uncomfortable for me to pray out loud, by myself. I have only prayed out loud for meals with others, or small group prayer time in person. Praying out loud alone is something I don’t know if I will get used to or like. God hears my prayers whether quietly or out loud. I have been praying quietly for 50 + years, so don’t know if this old dog can change now at this stage…

Don Neal

Thanks for the encouragement and not judging…

Don Neal

I selected 6:00 a.m. at the dining room table. Its a quiet place before everyone wakes up, and I can jot down a note in my notebook of a truth learned after reading a passage of scripture.


Mon/Thur 8:30 at rec. center; Wed 9:30 at home; Tue/Fri/Sat 9am in ofc. at home; Sun 6:30 before church at home

Bob mccrossen

7:00 a.m.
Family room


I am praying after my daily work out during my walk around cool down around my pool. It typically happens at 5 pm. This is something new for me and I think I can do this daily.

Don Neal

Nice! Should be good! You get spiritual and physical exercise at the same time.

Paul Gonzales

7 AM in the office


9pm daily prayer in my home office


In my comfy chair downstairs about 6:30 each day. The time may have to be a little earlier or later some days but that’s my target.


Couch downstairs upon waking 6:30am


Or perhaps in my comfy chair at my desk in my office, with biblegateway at my fingertips.


On my drive to work with the radio off. On days I don’t work it will be first thing in the morning prior to the family waking up so I have quiet time. Probably 6am.


Drive to work


Cool I can pray out loud and be prepared to face the workplace with a Godly mind. Focus on the light not the darkness. Ephesians 5:3-20


Great advice


There’s no better time than the 1st thing in the morning for me in my own home office.
The cares of the day haven’t had time to distract me or interfere with my thoughts or disrupt my devotions. I also places my focus directly on Jesus and I’m am then able to interact with Him more easily throughout the day.

Carl Nowicki II

First thing after waking up in the kitchen before doing anything to give thanks, praise and gratitude before starting my day.

Jason Hurd

9 AM – weekdays… after I get my wife and the girls off to school… in the living room or dining room… WITH my coffee.

Joseph Tagliavia

Drinking my morning coffee. Typically 4:30am


My scheduled time for prayer every day is 8:00AM at the church office.

James Echelberger

Morning when I wake up. noon wherever I am at at that time. Evening again wherever I am at and bedtime before I go to bed.


7am daily in my bedroom. It’s my normal alarm and I feel i need prayer the most when I start my day.



David Pett

5:00 am – home office – quiet and no interruptions


7ish AM in my car

Chris Fleck

My prayer times are at 9&3 pm. The new standard for driving is to have your hands at 9&3 on the steering wheel. It reminds me to let Jesus take the wheel in my life. We have A community room that is quiet at those times I will spend 7 minutes and 14 seconds…based on 2nd Chronicles…if my people who are called will humble themselves and pray….


My prayer time will be at 12 noon Monday thru Friday in my office. 5 pm Saturday and Sunday in my bedroom. These time will get me out of my normal routine and challenge me to focus on something greater.


7 AM every morning. I work from home and the rest of my family are gone to school or work.




I have scheduled and location for my prayer time


5:30 am after I exercise and before anyone else is awake in my garage so I can pray as loud as I want.

Jeff Barnett

5 Am prayer time. In the Den


2:00 PM in the study

Jerry Troke

Jerry – 6:50am – Family Room

Lee Vanderham

7am I’m nmy home office or 630 in my car on days I commute to the office. I find comfort in starting my day with God and I’m more focused in the AM.

Bob DeVries

I’m going to commit to praying out loud on my drive to church each day. It takes me about 10 minutes to arrive which should be perfect.

Jordan Goka

10pm in my basement

Rusty Moore

Morning at my outdoor living area


I have set 7:30 AM for my prayer time and have put it on my calendar. I’m vacillating on the place – either my upstairs office or our family room in the basement. I’m leaning toward the office is more private but it has more distractions. I’ll move if I find the distractions are too great to allow focusing on what I’m praying about.


Living room when I wake up 5:45-6am.


5am in my easy chair in the family room


10 Pm- My bedroom


6am in my den. No one else is awake and I can focus without any distractions.

Gregory Kuhn

8:30am in my office. I chose this time so that I can start my work day off each day in prayer.


8:00 A.M. In our computer/craft room. My wife starts working at that time.


3:00 PM
Computer room

Quiet time


“all in”


Early Morning during walk


0730am, my home office.

Ben Butler

6 am in my living room chair


6:45 AM at the Soccer Park one block from my house, because I’ll be more comfortable praying out loud there, than inside my house so early in the morning.

Brian Richards

I always pray during my long commute into work.


On my drive in to work. There is rarely any quiet time at home with 4 kids and their activities.


8:45am every weekday, 9:00am every Saturday, and 1:00pm every Sunday, at my home every office every day.


Rob – 8am in my Home Office

Kent Bigelow

Living room in front of fireplace.

Kurt Cubbage

2:00 am, I work 2nd shift so by the time I get home, shower, get a bite to eat I’m off to the bedroom to pray and then to sleep.

Joseph R

In the “blue room” each morning at 6:15.


7:35 – Office (Before Work)

David Pittman

6am in my home office. Early morning is the only time that is not fraught with interruptions, since I work from home.

Spencer Bowen

Game room at 6:00 am

Drew Nelson

6am before working out in my home office.


5:45am everyone is sleeping and the house is quite!




11pm, bedroom


So I had already chosen a time and place to pray everyday but I may need to adjust somehow. I had been praying in my car on the way to and from work everyday, but now that it is the weekend i don’t have that commute time. I am trying to figure out a plan for weekends now. The kids are all up in my grill from the moment i wake up until i put them down so i may have to do my weekend prayers in the evening after i go to bed.

David Steinquist

6:00am, family room couch, because it’s a new day.


5:45am, kitchen table


Scheduled for 7:30am in my family room (very quiet in my house at that time).


A few minutes past 8am when everyone else in my home has not waken up yet and and get some significant quiet time to pray.


In the car to work, I take 5 to 10 minutes praying. I can pray as loud as I want as I am with the LORD alone at that time.


At 6 am in my bedroom when I first wake up. I can’t think of a better way to start my day and a secondary positive will be to build some discipline into my life by starting my day earlier.

Jerrold Johnson

6:30 am in my basement

It 30 mins before my family gets up to get ready for school. My basement is my oasis.


Break time at work, in my car so I am alone.


900am in my bedroom; it is quiet and the house is empty. it is me and God alne together.

Scott Lokey

7 AM in my living room

Cory Baron

I try to always pray first thing in the morning before I even get out of bed. Great way to start the day. I also try to pray in bed before I fall asleep. Sometimes it’s just what I need to help fall asleep and quite often I fall asleep in the middle of prayer. At both times I try to say the Lord’s Prayer by the nearest window to where I’m sleeping as I travel a lot for work.

Peter Byerly

In my car on the way to work at 7:30 am.

Thaddeus Kennedy

5am in my living room before anyone in the house is up and before I head out to work during the week.

Larry Yurko

I have set my prayer time to be 6:00 am daily in my home office (aka my prayer room). It offers a quite place of refuge.

Dale Roeder

7am every morning in my office

Phil Salet

I am choosing the back deck at 7 AM because it is when nature comes alive and before I get my day started.

Jeffrey Lindsey

My prayer time starts at 4:00 am and goes on through out the day.

Neal Barnes

8 am, picnic table

Jonathan Creel

4 pm at the Red River picnic area 7 days

Tyler Richardson

I pray when I get in bed after work. I work nights so I get home and shower and get in bed. This prayer time allows me to get everything off my chest from the day and clear my mind. It gives me a sense of peace knowing I have just given all my thanks, worries, and requests to God. I also like to pray as soon as I wake up each day. Even if it’s just a short prayer, normally asking for God to be with me throughout my thoughts and actions during the day ahead.


10pm before bed on my knees alone to prepare my mind for what to meditate on and 6:30am to begin the day day in service mindset


Post run stretch time


10:00 PM prior to going to bed to reflect on the day and pray for the next.

John McBride

8:26pm I’m at home


5:45 am
Outside on the Back Porch

George Fennell

3:00 pm
My home office.


Every day at 8:30am on my balcony

James Stackleather

7 AM in my office at home

Ken Smith

I arise at 5:30 am and immediately begin to pray and read from His word, even on my days off.

Lucio Crespin

9pm right before bed
My room


5AM in my office where I start each day with coffee.


Max. 6:00 A.M. in my closet.


6am. On my porch or deck. Early is good, nature is wonderful.


Outside each day. Walk around neighborhood on weekends and when at work M-F, I will walk around outside with phone ear piece so as not to be that weird guy who talks to himself.


And at 2:30 pm, because mornings are crazy

Reynolds Lawrence

6am first thing in morning to start my day!


My Prayer location is in my garage. When its hot, I pray in the living room with my Bible open.
I begin approx. 1200. I do my best to have a devotional daily.
If I don’t it in the daytime, it probably won’t happen on that day…because I will get busy doing nothing.

Paul Birchall

I have chosen 12:00 for my prayer time. Earlier would be better but I couldn’t find a time I can do consistently.

Kyle Smallcombe

9 A.M. – To start my day with God by my side. Pray in my living room beside my couch. The place I’m sleeping and reading about god from. I lied to myself and told myself I would never be there.

Rudy Francis

6am is my prayer time and my location is in the basement of my house. During this time in the morning it’s usually quite and less distractions

Rudy Francis

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might (Eph. 6:10)

Jim Fleck

7am under the redwood tree


10am in my room because is in a corner of our room and isbvery peaceful and that’s where I do all my reading and studying


Mon-Sat @ 5:45 am
Sun @ 6:30 am


9:30 pm

Jason W

6:45 – gym – after warmup before my main workout.

adam mather

7-730 my office at work

Eric Amodie