Day 15

Day 15 | Initiative In Brotherhood



  • P.A.C.T.—Pray | Ask | Confess | Thank
  • P.A.S.S.—Pray PriorAuthor's Intent | Stop when Convicted | Share

Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Set A Meet-Up with another brother by taking initiative.



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Gary Wildermuth

I am in a fiery trial right now. I am seeking the Lord’s wisdom like no other time in my life. I seek and Crave His counsel. Lord, give me your wisdom and strength. The prayer of a righteous man has great power while it is working!

13 The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil.
Pride and arrogance and the way of evil
and perverted speech I hate.
14 I have counsel and sound wisdom;
I have insight; I have strength.

Alan Cleaver

I pray for wisdom from God frequently. I know that through wisdom, I can have an even closer relationship with God.

Jim Kramer

I had a brother that I met with regularly until he passed. I am looking for someone now


I’ve struggled so much with getting closer to God, getting wisdom seems impossible.
I feel like I’m getting dumber everyday, the more i press in the further back I feel


Trying =) very hard

Joe Celenza

Done, all set up

Tony C

One can never go wrong following God’s wisdom

Sean Swift

v32: “And now, O sons, listen to me: blessed are those who keep my ways.
V33 “Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it.
I am listening daily? do I hear and take time to follow the word? Am I taking too much time to be busy and figure my own path?


v13 sums it up for me: “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.”


How diligent am I in seeking wisdom and the corresponding benefits than worldly success? It is not too late for me to change my focus!




Accept wisdom and blessings, finding favor with the Lord




It is written as though God and wisdom are the same person. Their characteristics are the same. And it’s interesting that wisdom calls out to us to follow her commands. All we have to do is listen and follow. Instead, we go after shiny things.


I agree Ryan.
Wisdom is the thing I ALWAYS wish to have more and regret not having enough.
Will never have too much!

Ryan V

Wisdom calls…am I answering?

Richard D Maguire

Wisdom, = Knowledge and Discretion!!!

David Frankel

fearing the Lord means hating evil and all that evil entails


It struck me that the author is saying that “wisdom” was always there from the beginning to guide us and assist us. Outcomes are not guaranteed, but listening to to wisdom does make life easier and I would imagine more fulfilling. It isn’t wisdom that we gain with age, but wisdom we gain from God. Sounds like something to shoot for.

Don Neal

I really like verse 17, where God says that He loves those who love Him, and tells us that if we diligently seek the Lord, we will find Him. So we should seek God above all else, and then His wisdom will be available to us, and we can find His wisdom to guide our lives.


(2/6/21) Proverbs 8:5-6 The Passion Translation
“…even the foolish and feeble can receive an understanding heart
that will change their inner being. The meaning of My Words will release within you revelation for you to reign in life. My lyrics will empower you to live by what is right.”
When I lived on Colfax and Detroit in 1974, I was foolish and I felt very feeble.
I spent much time praying and studying the Bible. His Words changed my life and empowered me to live by what was right. It was a miracle that I didn’t turn out like the people I was living with. It was God who protected me and kept me from harm.

Rusty Moore

It amazes me how Proverbs is all about gaining Wisdom


Meeting set up…

Jason Hurd

The characterization of Wisdom as a person is very reminiscent of John’s description of Jesus as the Word of God in John 1. (He was with God and was God, there in the beginning, etc.) I don’t know if the author intended for us to see Wisdom as an actual person, but if Jesus is the Word, then that Word is Wisdom.


I love vs. 11 in this proverb. It’s almost understated that anything we would ever desire, want and lust after could ever compare with the lady Wisdom.

Joseph Tagliavia

I was a little ahead of you (not knowing this would be the challenge) and reached out to an old coworker, a Christian man, who I haven’t spoken to in over a year. We can’t meet, because we’re 300 miles away now, but we’re going to catch up over the phone tonight.


Hello. fantastic job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!


Verses 32, 33,34,35 and 36 are great verses for us to remember. Listen to God and we will find life!


Thank you for this study!

Ben Butler

Wisdom is all around and at prominent intersections that I will inevitably pass by, but I have to seek and listen; if I do, I will be blessed

Brotherhood Meet-Up: I already have scheduled a meet-up planned for the 1st Tues in November, and I plan to bring up the C.T.A. Book & daily challenge; I do find myself getting sheepish when it comes to initiative, esp. with other men my age and older

Robert M Morrison

I want to find life and God’s blessings and His Wisdom, so I’m waiting at His door and listening for His voice so I can find Life and Wisdom more today than yesterday. Amen.

Louis Vanderhart

As I read this I think a person may be wise, but if you don’t have the wisdom of God you will fail. With the wisdom of God you will succeed and have victories over sin. PTL


I have meetings set up this week and next


Wisdom keeps you out of so many snares and traps. So many obstacles can be avoided if we sought wisdom and act in Christ like manner. There are so many times in my life when I knew it was the wrong thing to do and I did it anyway. I paid consequences. Looking back on how foolish I was makes me sick. Using these experiences, I can help other men in similar situations. Hopefully I am sure I can gain wisdom from more mature Christian men moving forward.

Cory Baron

Wisdom is vital!!! Goes well with good judgement. They work together to develop knowledge and discernment. Some fear of the Lord is good. It will help fend off evil things such as pride, arrogance, corruption and perverse speech.


13 The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil.
Pride and arrogance and the way of evil
and perverted speech I hate.
14 I have counsel and sound wisdom;
I have insight; I have strength.

Pride still has deeper roots in my life than I can see myself sometimes. A brother could help me point these out.

Cory Baron

I agree wholeheartedly Peter. Pride is my killer as well. So quiet, cunning and insidious. I know what is right, yet I still do what I hate!

Thaddeus Kennedy

Pride is something that can be foster as in not letting others in on what is going on in your life or even reaching out to others to help them. This can lead to destruction and bring wickedness into the heart.

Jeffrey Lindsey

Seek Wisdom more daily


Do not neglect Me…WoW !
I know that when I get into a situation – my emotions take over –
and I don’t acknowledge the presence of the Lord. (Prov. 3:5-6)
I find that the more I read God’s Word, the Holy Spirit within, speaks to my spirit and He gives me peace even though the storm continues to rage.
Spiritual Wisdom and Spiritual Understanding. Worth more than any treasure.
I need to continually guard my heart. Thank you Vince for your ministry.

R Francis

Proverbs 4:7 says for wisdom is the principal thing… James 1:2-8 let patience have her perfect work and ask for wisdom.



Thomas Sells

I struggle with sarcasm….I work with men that I really enjoy and have a great time with…although the culture of my work has always been to banter back and forth in good fun. Although, at times it can be degrading and at times down right rude. I’m trying to overcome this sarcasm and to be more wise in my thoughts and words. The impression made on me is that scripture impresses in me to seek wisdom rather that fine gold or silver. That is extremely convicting!

Kevin V

V10-11, knowledge, wisdom and understanding are from God and are much more valuable than any material or worldly possession or accomplishment. We are to listen to His Word and follow the Lord’s commands.

I am part of a small group of Christian men in my church who meet together every week for bible study and fellowship. It is priceless in my life and in the growth of my faith!

Jesse Skytland

The relationships with other Christan brotherhood I choose is beneficial in many ways for a path that’s encouraging and successful. The wisdom gained from these encouraging friendships enables a proactive lifestyle only I can make a decision with. My goals are to live a life that shaped by the favor of the Lord and to be blessed because the sky is the limit and I am built to be a humble man shaped to act in faith.


Vince, you made such a true statement when you said most men have loads of acquaintances, but very few true friends. Having 1-3 dear friends who you can confide in is a gift from the Lord.



Darin Palmer

Wisdom is no further than listening to God! Being still is all we have to do to gain wisdom!


Be rich in the Lord’s wisdom and you will be truly rich.


I will be asking a fellow brother this week


It’s is wisdom we seek in this verse. Search and listen to God, and do what He places in your heart.
Then you will have the wisdom to move forward.


Wisdom was around WHILE God was creating the world. I missed that before… wisdom is speaking and says in verse 17: “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.” The key word in that verse is DILIGENTLY. Half-hearted searches for wisdom get you maybe half the wisdom you are searching for, but TRUE searches for wisdom lead to revelations that change the way you think, speak, and act because the Holy Spirit applies light to a darkened area of your mind.

Robert Ordóñez

Verses 22-31:I don’t think I’d noticed before that wisdom says she was around before creation. That’s a whole new level of importance! Wow!

Mike Snyder

Fellas, not sure where y’all are at, I’ve fallen behind due to tech issues. Anyway, the devotional hit me with this message. The brotherhood we all have is so important to me. I am grateful to have a group of Christian men to walk with. Thank you.


Proverbs 8:17: “I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” It can become discouraging during those times in our lives where we are not seeing spiritual grown like in other times of our life. This verse, however, gives great encouragement, in that if we continue to seek Him, we will find Him!


So, I’ll confess, My word of the year is consistent. T he only thing I’ve been consistent in is inconsistency.


I need to continue to seek Godly wisdom everyday. Too often I seek things of this world, and they pull me down. God knows what is best for me, I need to trust him and obey him.



J.T. Fetherolf

Verse 14
Just a great reminder that God is the source of wisdom and counsel and that when I go to Him, He will guide me and give me the strength I need.


Wow… finally a spiritual practice I’m good at! #ironsharpensiron


Alright Dennis, my brother in Christ, my co-inheritor of God’s promises, my accountability partner, we must find time this week and meet as the challenge is asking. I need this and I am sure you do too.


I confess to you brothers that I am a few days behind and now playing catch up. Work has been super busy lately, so I missed Thursday’s day 15 and Friday’s day 16, but I am going to finish them and see if day 17 has posted yet. 🙂 Proverbs 8:33 spoke to me, hear instruction, be wise, and don’t neglect it. It’s a lesson I am trying, unsuccessfully it seems most days, to impart onto my children.


Wisdom and patience go together. Wisdom says that, instead of reacting by first impression, we should carefully consider things. Wisdom is more for eternity, but it can help in this life, too. For example, where I work, people buy into retirement plans that earn 0.3% a year, but with a little patient thinking, you can make an average of 20 – 30 % a year on investments.


It is so easy to do it quick hi and take a little time but so hard to take time for a real relationship. It might be the trust factor. For me, I think time is my enemy.
I am going to try but since I will be away until the 29th, the actual connection will have to wait

James O'Brien

Wisdom is calling out to all and to share the insight to value the teachings as more precious than any jewel or precious metal. Worldly things are not forever so the value of wisdom is priceless. It was formed and created before the heavens and earth were formed, so the instructions are nothing new to be confused with something of lesser value.

Tom Vang

Also, I took initiative and reached out to another brother! How is it going with you guys?

Tom Vang

It was great getting together with you and the guys at your place, Scott.
Can’t say how many times I’ve read proverbs, but everytime I do, it kicks my butt. I was in awe of the picture that came to mind when listening to the passage being read. In particular vv. 23-31. \
“23 Ages ago I was set up,
at the first, before the beginning of the earth.”
Wisdom existed before the earth, and God has given us access to it. That is pretty mind-blowing. I’m looking forward to being more wise, and “keeping [her] ways.”


Do life on your own and you will fail. I am thankful that I have a band of Christ filled brothers. We do life together. When one is at war we are all at war. When one celebrates we ALL celebrate! My hope is that every man can get into a brotherhood.

Chad Husted

Lord, I need a friend. Guide me in this pursuit.


Wisdom and fear of the Lord Almighty go hand in hand. Additionally, it’s one thing to receive knowledge and wisdom, but it’s another entirely to heed wisdom, accept it in your heart, and act on it.


Vince is spot on. But, the Men of Crosspoint I think in general have a lot of long lasting bonds with the other men. But, I’m still lacking in that area. I will reach out to someone this week and make that appointment!


Gods word, Wisdom is better than anything we can buy. Invest in knowledge and instruction, not on materialistic things


11 for wisdom is better than jewels,
and all that you may desire cannot compare with her.

In today’s world there are many desires… you see pride on many stages … sports and music to name a couple where its all about earthly possessions… and bling… in this proverb, Wisdom trumps it all… Wisdom > Gold, Jewels, etc…


Verse 11 jumped out at me, for wisdom is better than jewels, all that you desire cannot compare to her. And then two other times its repeated that wisdom is better and more precious than silver and gold. It strikes me just how overwhelmingly important he is trying to stress that wisdom is. May I always seek the Lord’s wisdom with this level of desire and commitment


Wisdom, in this chapter, is give a face – the face of the Holly Spirit – our guide and counselor. I need to conquer my self-will and self-determination, and follow him as an apprentice would shadow a master.


Thanks Vince for speaking on the topic of relationships. It takes wisdom from God to find brothers in Christ that mentor us and those that come into our lives that we may be of help to.

Mark Lundquist



Wisdom = Abundant Life


When we ate living in the word and as God wants us to, we love life and hate death. We hate evil and want to do good.

Al Comptois

But whoever finds me finds life, , and obtains favor from the Lord ! This hit me pretty hard for I remember when I didn’t know Jesus as my savior and the life I was living, now with Jesus life isn’t perfect but is fulfilling ! Thank you Jesus!
This activity will be challenging for me this week for I’m just starting to get to know some of the men at church here , but haven’t been able to take that next step


Wisdom and understanding were there at the beginning. Fearing God is hating evil.


Wisdom is right there calling to us, it’s easy to find we just need to look. So often when presented with a choice I know what the wise choice is but I don’t always make it simply because I want to do what I want to do. It’s hard to lay down your selfish desires and choose wisdom.


Finding wisdom finds favor with the Lord.


With wisdom comes every good thing! Knowledge, discernment, righteousness, wealth, etc…
Says we must seek it ! She has been here even before the earth!!


Looking forward to this week’s challenge !


The Lord is wisdom. I am to look to Him in all things and -verse 17. I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.


I have to say that this is a relative strength of mine. I actually had lunch today with our worship pastor. I’ll keep it going.

Adam Yochum

First off struggling today I feel I am neglecting attention from my family by working a part time job when I’m not at the firehouse but I do so that my wife may stay home with our little guy. But she has made me feel bad about being gone lately. Second I have a Christian brother whom I’m on the same path with she actually started with the daily devo last year but he would not commit to this challenge with me. I am going to be praying to find someone a little more advanced in their walk to add as a brother this year.

Nate Hill

You can see a tremendous loss of common sense and more so in our country as we push Good out of more and more institutions.

If ever I had a profound thought, it was broke can’t fix broke. We are never to put our trust in man, but yet we have become a copy cat society. One person punctures something in their body, everyone has to do the same, one wears tattoos, everyone have to have one. We so badly want to be accepted, but again, the further we get away from the Lord, who has accepted us fully, and put the stamp of approval by dying for us. If you want to be in any side, then be on the Lord’s side.

Life comes down to two things! Am I for Jesus, who died for me or more about being a people pleaser.

Jesus stated – if you are for Me, you are not against Me. There are no grey areas. Anyone that is doing good, seeking good and walking in His love is our brother and sister.

Right – wrong, male – female, light -dark. Good established these things and to decide anything different is evil, with the definition of evil meaning that not fulfilling the purpose in which you were created.

The more we input His Word and seek Him, the better we become more like Him.

As Paul stated, not I that lives, but Christ lives in me.

Back to my statement: broke can’t fix broke. We can’t expect any man to fix our situation, they are just as much in the same condition as we are and if we can’t fix ourselves, why do we expect someone else to fix us. Only Good, who designed us, saw us in our preformed substance, knew us before the foundation of the world, can change us into what He designed us to be!

Praise Him again and again!


Some of the things that I want: strength, leadership, ability to judge/discern, wealth, and more, are found through wisdom, not my own intellect or feelings. Trusting and listening to Him, and the wise men and women in my life.

I think the brotherhood challenge is a great one.


I am blessed to 3 great Christian brothers to share with. They have strengthened my faith

Evan Heckathorn

35 For whoever finds me finds life
and obtains favor from the Lord,
36 but he who fails to find me injures himself;
all who hate me love death.”
So often we forget to be actively pursuing an intimate relationship with our heavenly father, but it’s ALWAYS important!


So thankful for the Christian brothers in my life

Jeff Carter

For whoever finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord ,

Awesome truth from vs 35


I’m finding it a challenge staying with this and temptation is circling me. But… I am strong and will stay the course.


Seeking wisdom is seeking life…everlasting.

Michael Swalley

Will be setting up that meet later this week!

Scott Halverson

Great timing for a challenge to have a brotherhood with other guys! Tonight a group of us are getting together at my house to discuss the 35 day challenge to date. If you see this give me a shoot out. We’re meeting at 6pm to discuss with Texas Holdem after the study.


I agree with Tom, that Proverbs always kicks my butt too. I see how much I need God and how I must fear Him. I am reaching out to a brother tonight.


I love and cling to that precious promise in verse 34. I am committed to daily meeting Him at the gate, His Holy Word.


Just set up meeting with another bro.


Your words, thoughts and actions will show wisdom or not.

Mark Lubbock

The entire chapter is a powerful exhortation to seek Wisdom, then apply it. Way too often my reflex is to do what comes to mind or what makes sense to me. Interestingly Biblical Wisdom can be in direct conflict with what seems right in the world. Relying on standards other than the Bible is a hazardous path!


‘Those who seek me will find me’


We gain knowledge from thoughts from others. We gain wisdom only from God. We should share with our brothers the wisdom we have gained from God.


Amen. We must share. I believe we are required to share. This is a way that we can grow..


Wisdom personified is Jesus Christ. My Bible took me to 1 Corinthians 1:18 -31 where Paul describes Jesus as “wisdom itself”. Like wisdom, Jesus was here since the beginning though He wasn’t created, He is God. When I think of wisdom do I think of Christ? I do now.


According to the scripture, wisdom has been here since the VERY beginning, created by God, so wisdom is truth and we must abide in it and yield to it.
32 “And now, O sons, listen to me: blessed are those who keep my ways.
33 Hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it.
34 Blessed is the one who listens to me …

Shane Young

Verse 17: seek the Lord diligently and you will find him. Perseverance is intrinsic to authentic faith and a Christan brother can help keep us in the race. I lead a fortnightly men’s group but need that one-on-one Christian brother as well. I pray for wisdom in making the this happen.


I have 2 guys that I’ve known for years that live North Houston, and even though we talk on the phone, I’m looking to draw close to more brothers at my church.

In the text today, nothing jumped out at me specifically, except how wisdom existed in God before creation, and that I should value it more than I do


I have about 3 men that I go to as 911 buddies. I have said it many times, Every Guy Needs a Guy.

Steve Baumgart

I am blessed to have a Christian Brother and vs 8 struck me. Who ever finds me finds favor in the Lord.


As we chase about our daily activities and commitments, may we stop to v6 “Listen, for I have trustworthy things to say,” May we follow you and choose our words and reactions carefully. For in doing so, v35 “For those who find me, find life and receive favor from the Lord”.

Matt Troyer

Hey guys, keep on daily pursuing Jesus! If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t throw in the towel. Just jump back into today’s devo on this 35-day challenge. Success is direction, not perfection. Just continue to seek after Jesus. Also, know that there will be some new men’s groups that will be launched at the men’s conference coming up. So pre-plan to join one if you don’t have a brother or a band of brothers you are meeting up with regularly.

Ryan Gatzlaff

I have been blessed with multiple brothers in the Lord that I have close relationships with. I can’t imagine not having them in my life. I am looking forward to forging more of these relationships.


Definitely in good shape here thanks to my brothers in F3 Sandhills. Exceedingly blessed to be part of this brotherhood.


Wisdom Calling out.
Who will listen?


Met with a good friend last week to encourage Him in his marriage.

Brian Hays

“There is nothing twisted or crooked in the words of wisdom of the Lord”.
Help me to continually seek and understand these words through study, prayer, and brotherhood!

Addison Waite

Wisdom, I love this chapter. Pursue truth, know wisdom. It is of old. From before the times of men. I seek wisdom.


knowing that i will always be with God for eternity is my source. knowing that i will not die and that will be all but i will be with the Lord. this erased all fear of death. God has a plan for all of us. my fear is day to day .. its is a struggle sometimes to not regress but to progress. we have to try harder..i am and i will.

Tony Vornberger

Found this a challenge and a great reminder. I have a few men that I disciple on a weekly basis but recognize that I need that I my life as well. I sent two invitations to two men today.


Whoever seeks wisdom will find it. Whoever has wisdom will be blessed and favored by the Lord.

Lewis Thompson

Thank you Lord, for your Word…


Wisdom of God has been around since the beginning and always will be. The part I need help with is finding it. It’s there.

Lebron Eller

17. Those who seek me diligently find me. 32. Blessed are those who keep my ways.


We must want wisdom, and pray for it if we are to receive it. It is always there and always available. To get wisdom, we must activate our will to receive it.


I pray for the riches, honor and wealth that are better than gold and silver that come from wisdom, as opposed to the certain death that comes from following lust as we read yesterday. The contrast of the 2 passages was stark. I pray that I continue to choose wisdom’s instruction.


DONE! Four years and 3 months ago I was welcomed into a group of men who have stood beside me, built me up, made me better in good times and bad. These men have invested their time, their wisdom, tears and joys as we live life together! Grateful? Doesn’t even scratch the surface to the heart level connections I have today. Through these relationships we have done hard things, together, and I am a better man for it!!!! Aye


Proverbs 8:9 in TLB: My words are plain and clear to anyone with half a mind – if it only it is open.
Even dummies like me can get wisdom. I just have to open my mind.

Cory Bullock

Catching up on he past few days as my cell coverage in Guatemala has been spotty. I’m really enjoying this DEVO and the proverbs. I need to practice PACT more for sure! I hope all of you are motivated still to keep up with this and are enjoying it as much as I am. Look foreword to catching up soon!

Kenneth McClatchey

Prov. 8 continues to exort and encourage us to seek God’s face in everyday circumstances. The Holy Spirit is there – on the way, at the crossroads, at the gates or where ever we are through out the day. Choose Wisdom over earthly treasures for we are eternal beings contained in temporary bodies.


35 For whoever finds me finds life
and obtains favor from the Lord,
36 but he who fails to find me injures himself;
all who hate me love death.”

These are some powerful words. We need to listen more and follow God rather than do whatever we think is best.

Dave Benson

God’s Word keeps asking us to “listen”. I like the comparison of listening in Proverbs 7 and 8. The seductress in chapter 7 cries out for men to follow her and in vs 4 of chapter 8, wisdom calls out to “all mankind”. Our choice is a matter of life and death. Let’s chose life brothers! I like the challenge of initiating brotherhood. I’ve had a guy in mind that I’ve been putting off but I’m going to make it happen. What I’ve found is sometimes we can get stalled in our spiritual walk but a man of wisdom can help us snap the piece in the puzzle that we’ve been struggling with for a long time. God uses their wisdom to get us out of our stall that can often consume us.

Jay Wegiel

“Heed instruction and be wise, And do not neglect it.
Proverbs 8:33 …. This is something that I’ve been doing for many years now. I first learned it in AA. Meeting with my sponsor. Now I have several “sponsors “/mentors/brothers/friends/Christians who I set up 1 on1 meetings with, at least once a week. No doubt in my mind this is where I do the most growing spiritually. Plus when I’m hanging with them it keeps me from turning to the left or to the right.


There are three things that are reoccurring themes that I see
1. Wisdom is better than all the riches.
2. Common sense is a treasure from God and those who seek it will find it.
3. Be weary and stay away from evil


Listen Read and seek him.


While Solomon’s intent may have been to write about knowledge, he was actually writing about logos (Jesus).


Verse 13 grabbed me today: The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil.
I’ve always struggled with the concept of fearing God that is mentioned so often in scripture. For me, when I think of God as my father, I feel like I should not fear my father as that could cause separation. This verse helped me think about that differently.


I have sought out a pastor at my church that I can be discipled from. We meet bi-weekly and talk about applying specific scriptures and godly principles in all areas of life. It’s amazing to learn from someone else’s experiences who has gone through my stage of life before.

Bill Fuess

If only we could see what really matters to God in our daily lives.
Lord help me to focus on your ways in all things !!

Wayne D

I prayed that we all may find a Christian brother to seek and share wisdom and understanding with. We need not to walk alone, God will provide us with faithful and true friends.


This small snippet caught me right between the eyes….8:33…”hear instruction and be wise, and do not neglect it”. So easy to listen, so easy to say you heard…. but that “wise” thing…oh boy…I am finding that each day so far , Wisdom has been at the forefront of what I am hearing. What is that old saying by Ben Franklin….”we get old too soon and wise too late.” He got it from a Dutch quote…”Too soon old, too late smart”.

Dean W

Wisdom is found in knowing and following God’s direction and guidance in our life. Gaining Wisdom is a process of learning about and knowing God. Having Wisdom will keep you out of harm’s way.


Seek his wisdom daily from his word. All who hate me love death. Wow harsh reality for those opposed to Christ


Day 15:
“To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

I feel like there are times where I don’t hate evil, pride, arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech enough. That is why I have felt the need to continually search my heart for areas I am not fully surrendering to God.


Looking forward to setting a meet up this week!




Testing comments


Seek that wisdom, Gods word offers at all cost for its riches are far more valuable.

cory doden

V5 – “O simple ones learn prudence, O fools learn sense.”

Paul Leininger

I have so many moments of wisdom burned into my memory that I do get emotional when I remember those moments and of the turning points that they were in my life. Wisdom was from the beginning because our Father is wisdom and used it to do…ALL.

John Harding

Godly wisdom trumps worldly success, fame, possessions. Without it we have nothing.

Mark Lundquist

So I think most in our church do a pretty good job of having relationships with other men. In or out of church relationships. I know i have a few men who I call my friend. With that in mind, we can always have more right? I dont know what you all have going the rest of this week or weekend but if you would like to get together and have a sip of coffee or something let me know!

James Celkis

Indeed! My longing for a modern-day “Junto Club” with the brethren is tempered by the arduous but fulfilling role of raising three sons.

Anyway, I’m interested Mark, so I will message you.


. Many big but positive changes in life right now so find myself asking for wisdom and guidance but lacking the patience for understanding to kick in. Doesn’t take much to distract me into taking control of those things where I have none. All good, just feels like I’m trying to listen with my fingers in my ears sometimes.

Ben Ekern

Completed. I need to choose my words carefully. Brotherhood: mutual trust, care, and commitment. Big 3 prayer. Life needs more than companions.

Anthony Gjorvad

Seeking and following wisdom in your life will make a huge impact in how you live.


The study bible portrays Wisdom as a contrast to the i morale women we read about in proverbs 7. Wisdom provides instructions on how to avoid the temptations of evil and how to live a Godly live . Wisdom is knowing Gods word.


“The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.”

Today I shared the above verse with a friend via text message. I will be asking a Christian man to fellowship with me this week.

Have a great day!

Anthony J

wisdom is the word.

Brian Grundhauser

Have wisdom in God’s word, for if you do, the reward is great.

Steve Roarke

I would have to say that we are a special group of guys, we have multiple close relations with Christian men.
Iron sharpens iron


Amen brother!


2 On the heights beside the way,
at the crossroads she takes her stand;
3 beside the gates in front of the town,
at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud

Wisdom is found in the most prominent places (at crossroads, highest hill, city gates, etc). We don’t have to look hard to find it. However, if we still are not searching for it we won’t find it!


We need to be better listeners. God has daily wisdom to share with us if we give Him the time to share it without doing our own thing.

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