Day 2

Day 2 | Pray Out Loud


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Pray Out Loud for 5-Minutes during your Scheduled Time and share what you learned below.
  • Need help getting started? Try this—"God today I want to talk with you about..."
  • Need content for your 5-minutes? Try things in the 5-F categoriesfaith, family, finance, fitness, and friends.
  • By the time I got done praying I totally forgot what I was supposed to post here. Should the thing that we’re supposed to comment about be in the text for us to reference if we forget? I really loved the 5F’s! Faith family fitness and finances helped keep me going for 5 minutes.

  • I committed to praying at the same time everyday at 6:30 am, just doing it one day and knowing that will be the time everyday, brings about a greater sense of commitment.

  • Had to write mine out… too much on my mind today to stay focused without writing.

    5-F categories—faith, family, finance, fitness, and friends.

    God, thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for my faith in you. I understand that apart from your grace I would have no faith in you. You are the object of my trust but also the power that allows me to trust in anything worthy of trust. Thank you for your patience with my ups and downs and inconsistent faith. Help me to trust you more steadily and enjoy your presence more fully. Thank you for the Imagine Heaven book that is moving my faith to greater levels of trust and anticipation. I’m eagerly looking forward to Heaven. Help me to have faith until that time.

    Lord thank you for Erica, Clark, Isaac, and Adeline as well as my parents, sisters and in-laws. You have blessed me richly with a family. Help me to be the kind of husband and father that you desire me to be—indeed that I, in my more awake moments, desire to be as well. Forgive me for being passive at times and for retreating into the trivial and self-absorbed distractions this world offers. Lord help me to sense what my wife and kids most need from me and be eager and joyful to give that those things. Protect me family from the schemes of the enemy today and all days I ask in Jesus name.

    Lord thank you for providing so generously for my every needs. My finances are in a good place and this is your doing. Help me not to rest in the virtual security that comes in financial abundance but rather let me be less and less interested in material wealth and more and more interested in spiritual wealth—in the things you want me to notice and celebrate. Lord forgive me for the ways I have spend money foolishly or without consulting your Spirit and Word. Help me to be faithful in little and in large amounts. Lord deliver me from worry over finances and help me to give with a joyful heart to the work you direct my eyes and hands to partner in.

    Father you have formed my body and you tell me to take care of it. For the ways I have punished my physical body with over-eating, over-working, over-drinking, and neglecting to work out regularly I ask your forgiveness and grace. Help me Lord to work out and wet well and be disciplined for the right reasons this week. Deliver me from vanity and apathy and show me how to treat my body like the temple of your Holy spirit it is. Lord help me to stay healthy for your service and to serve as long as I can and as string as I can in your name.

    God I thank you for the gift of friends. I ask you be with my friend D as he navigate life after the divorce and as he cares for a sick child. Heal his boy I ask. Heal his heart as well. Forgive me for the ways I have let friends down by not proactively reaching out and anticipating how I might encourage and empower them to follow you more closely. Lord, help me to lean into conversations that actually matter as I interact with my brothers. Forgive me for the many times I have retreated in the presence of a friend into the trivial and kept things on the surface because I feared to be fully known and fully accepted. Help me to be a friend to those who have no friends as you lead me to cross their path. Keep me walking with the wise so that I may also become wise.

    Lord I ask your Spirit to intercede on my behalf, my families, and my friends. Please ask for us what we would ask if we had your perfect perspective. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  • I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on the peace that God gives me and how consistently he calls me to rest in him or the specific exchange that he continues to remind me that is available for me when my burden feels so heavy – take on my yoke and learn from me, for I am gentle, humble and you WILL find rest. Life is often filled with so many pressures and situations that remove you from his presence and causes us to fear or control what’s in front of us and makes us (me) feel overwhelmed. I’ve also been reflecting on God’s name that has been most meaningful to me during this season…the Lord of Peace – “Yahweh Shalom”….in Psalm 91 – the dwelling, shelter, refuge, fortress, etc. I’m also reminded of how often Jesus would find quite time/time away from his disciples/people or in a solitary place to be with his Father for strength. In the same way, that is my desire/prayer is to find that peace and strength as I seek shelter in difficult times to overcome by not relaying on my own strength, but the refuge in HIM that is freely-given to me.

  • ok- i got busy- and even though i was UP at my appointed times – other things got in the way? i’m a couple days behind… but 5F’s were good… and a bunch of things on the prayer list today! mco

  • Sorry for being delayed- a technical and than physical bug has thrown me off course here. My prayer time this morning was fantastic- although talking to the Lord out loud hasn’t been an awkward challenge for me personally in the past to begin with. My 25 minutes in the car was spent only on FAITH and FAMILY- and it was interesting to see what the Lord stirred up as conviction in the process of each F: 1, I’m currently in a season in which I tend to focus more on ideas about God (theology, conversation, study) rather than a focus on His presence and 2, I need continued refinement in how I parent my 2nd “troubled” child with greater patience, affirmation and support. Other prayer gems from the morning included a lot of gratitude for God’s character and activity in my life and spending time in thanks and petition for my immediate and extended family individually by name. Powerful morning!

    As for comments on the process/structure of the challenge itself- Again, I echo what I shared with day 1 – keeping things really simple and relatable for guys is huge. The challenge to spend just 5 minutes in prayer in a way that might be uncommon or uncomfortable for guys is a tremendous way to expand their experience and familiarity. I think the 5 F framework is also a great way to give a simple roadmap. Great job!

  • Thanks for being so honest here Justin! It is so helpful for me and others.

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