Day 3

Day 3 | Asking In Prayer


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Make a list of 3 Things to ask God
  • Pray for 5-minutes, out loud, during your scheduled time

Share 1 item from your list in the comments below and I, Vince Miller, will pray for you today.

If you're stuck think about items in the 5-F Categoriesfaith, family, finance, fitness, and friendships.

  • Working on Day 3/4 this morning as the day got away from me yesterday….interesting how that happens. Only day 3 in, and life/other priorities can already take over…but back in the fight. :). One of the prayers on my list/asking God is perseverance with family. Having three young kids, especially two young boys they can easily run your emotions on high. My prayer and focus is to love them well, disciple and encourage them to train them in God’s ways and to not react to them because of my selfish ways and desires or impatience in a circumstance.

  • prayed for a smooth thanksgiving and it was delivered… i’m a couple days behind – but have some black friday ‘shopping’ and ask for minimalist help in making sure i don’t pick up things i dont’ really need? hah!

  • HEALTH – ever since last weekend we’ve been battling stomach bugs and colds, and that’s never fun and easy with little ones.

    As for comments on the overall resource and challenge- I like the small additional “training” added to the foundation we’ve already started to build on prayer. And it’s awesome to have the added “Vince Miller prayer support”! I don’t know if you would plan to do that for every group or just this special trial, but it creates some extra encouragement for sure. Thanks brother!

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