Day 3

Day 3 | Asking In Prayer


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

  • Make a list of 3 Things to ask God
  • Pray for 5-minutes, out loud, during your scheduled time

Share 1 item from your list in the comments below and I, Vince Miller, will pray for you today.

If you're stuck think about items in the 5-F Categoriesfaith, family, finance, fitness, and friendships.


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449 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Mike says:

    Working on Day 3/4 this morning as the day got away from me yesterday….interesting how that happens. Only day 3 in, and life/other priorities can already take over…but back in the fight. :). One of the prayers on my list/asking God is perseverance with family. Having three young kids, especially two young boys they can easily run your emotions on high. My prayer and focus is to love them well, disciple and encourage them to train them in God’s ways and to not react to them because of my selfish ways and desires or impatience in a circumstance.

      • Ron says:

        This morning one of the things I wanted to pray about was the church. Satan is out to divide and to destroy the church in any way he can. He is after the Pastors and leadership in a big way. But God is faithful and true to His word. Romans 12:12 says ” Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. ” never stop praying for your churches and leadership. It so important and needed. God is good all the time.

        • Steven says:

          I am praying for patience and understanding with my young boys. I am quick to anger and frustration and that does nothing to develop them as men of God. I pray that I can find a deeper peace that can shine to those around me.

  2. mike says:

    prayed for a smooth thanksgiving and it was delivered… i’m a couple days behind – but have some black friday ‘shopping’ and ask for minimalist help in making sure i don’t pick up things i dont’ really need? hah!

      • Michael Stinson says:

        That my wife and I continue to stay focused on learning sign language for our daughter. She was diagnosed in September with profound hearing loss, had cochlear implant surgery end of November. We are in therapy, but would love to learn sign language and we pray would open the door for the gospel to be communicated to the deaf community.

        • Tyler Penner says:

          I’m a little behind, but being an over the road truck driver makes things a little more complicated than they should be, but one thing that stuck out to me for the past year is finances. I’ve made some not so great decisions and have had hardships regarding my business finances the past year. So I prayed that I would be able to get back in track financially and that I’d be able to become financially stable again.

  3. Justin says:

    HEALTH – ever since last weekend we’ve been battling stomach bugs and colds, and that’s never fun and easy with little ones.

    As for comments on the overall resource and challenge- I like the small additional “training” added to the foundation we’ve already started to build on prayer. And it’s awesome to have the added “Vince Miller prayer support”! I don’t know if you would plan to do that for every group or just this special trial, but it creates some extra encouragement for sure. Thanks brother!

  4. Jay Wegiel says:

    My three “Asks” were; 1) for clarity in all my relationships, people, God, myself. 2) My sons son’s family to accept and follow our Lord. 3) The Men at EBBC to come alive mightily in this Holy Spirit.

  5. Joe says:

    One of the items on my list is our Church finances. Our Church has been struggling financially and it’s my prayer that God will open a door of blessing so that we can take are of things that need to be done in the Church

  6. John says:

    Lifting up my 4 grand babies in the oven, my daughters and daughters-in -laws who are carrying them. Praying for continued health and growth!

  7. Kevin says:

    Praying out loud to God gives a new outlook of peace and strength fo today. When just praying in your mind you don’t have that same experience. Today 1st on my list is asking fir grace which give power and strength to live for God.

  8. Edward says:

    I am praying that God helps my friend Deborah by giving her strength, motivation, wisdom, perseverance, and courage in her recovery battle from her drug addictions.

  9. Leland says:

    I realized I needed a more private setting than my living room so I sat on my porch and 5 minutes turned into 15. What an awesome experience. One of the things I prayed for was wisdom to grow my practice and through the prayer process I realized that though I consider it a ministry I have not given it completely to Him. That changes today.

  10. Bill says:

    Consistency in thoughts and actions; from the time I get up to ‘intentionally’ spend time with God and then enter the world, it’s demands, challenges and distractions.

  11. Bill Brainard says:

    I asked God for the gift of speaking in tongues, and the interpretation. It is something I truly desire, unfettered communication with my Lord and God, my spirit to Him.

    • Brandon Pyc says:

      I prayed for the continued pursuit of holiness, which is to surrender my life and flesh into the likeness of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ by exhibiting better self-control and loving others unconditionally.

  12. gregg meyer says:

    please pray for my son Mitch today, specifically strength and endurance. He is now back at school as a discipleship leader for his floor and the students are returning from Christmas break today.

  13. Bryce says:

    I prayed for a deeper relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of His Word for my extended family.

    On a side note I was reading a separate devotional this morning and it also referenced the scripture, “keep on knocking, keep on asking and keep on seeking…” I don’t think that was coincidence. I think the Lord is telling me I need to improve my prayer life.

  14. Phil says:

    Pray for our family farm. That we continue to walk with the Holy Spirit through our actions and deeds to others that work at our farm. May we show gods glory for all people we encounter through our Days and may they feel gods love through our actions.

  15. Troy says:

    I pray that I would be a leader at work, not simply a professional leader, but a godly leader in my thoughts, words and actions.

  16. Troy says:

    Self discipline is one of the 3 things that I wrote down to pray for this morning. An area that I need to continue to work on. Pray on brothers!

  17. Russ says:

    Please pray for my son. That the Lord would put a Godly man in his life his age so that my son would realize he need a personal relationship with Jesus.

  18. James NHPBC says:

    Good morning Gentlemen! I am praying for my family and would ask that you do too. Pray that my wife’s heart is softened and we may be united again in one home the way God intended.

  19. Ben Heckathorn says:

    Asking for guidance in parenting my 10, 12, and 15 year old children through the preteen and teen years and into an adulthood that gives them freedom and confidence to live passionately for Christ in their true identities.

  20. Bryan says:

    I’m praying for strength and courage to be the spiritual leader in my home, as God has called us to be. I want to be a disciple of Jesus, so I can help disciple my wife and kids, and keep our focus on Jesus our Savior.

  21. Al says:

    Connection to God…I long to draw closer in relationship and feel like I actually hear Him on a regular basis

  22. Tim P. says:

    Praying for God’s will in mine and my families life is an eveyday prayer. I long to be a better leader, husband and father for my wife, both girls and our son. I have fallen short for so long trying to do it on my own, I know now God is helping me make progress, I just need to listen a little better. God bless you guys!

  23. Bill says:

    My wife has been diagnosed with cancer in both breasts. Final determination of next steps will be determined next week. She is a tremendous woman of God.

  24. Mac says:

    I asked my Heavenly Father to reach out and touch my earthly father. Something I’ve asked many times but won’t give up on.

  25. Dean W says:

    Older friends that are coming to the end of their lives and are sick. Praying for their comfort and that they continue to reflect Christ’s love for others. Just as Paul did at the end of his life.

  26. Anthony J says:

    I asked for greater faith family strengthen, enhance and new opportunties in employment to increase my giving to a cause.

  27. BENJAMIN SEIM says:

    My Prayer: That God’s knowledge, love, wisdom & perspective would supersede any of our longings. That His peace which surpasses all understanding would guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:7).

  28. Jacob says:

    I’m at a crossroad in ministry and my career. Praying for clarity that God would reveal my path, open and close doors as necessary.

    • Troy R Theye says:

      Please pray for continuing healing for myself after an accident and the wisdom from God to give direction to do what is best right now to survive physically and mentally.

  29. Pat says:

    One of my items was being thankful. Example is with my joy of sports to be thankful I get to go to Viking or Wild games not be so all consumed with the results. I was so upset with the Green Bay game that I did not enjoy my family time and the gift it was to go to the game with my favorite people. Thanks Vince. Psycho Watty. Ha Ha. Day 2 of praying out loud was much easier, more like conversation .

  30. Tommy says:

    Pray for our men’s group this morning as we have a opportunity to show the love of Christ to an older women who is in need of her roof shoveled off.

  31. Tom Fredericks says:

    To begin my day, live my day and to end my day with God-honoring thoughts and actions. To love my wife like Jesus loves His church.

  32. J Zabler says:

    One of the 3 things I will be asking for is help with how I respond to my 3 sons. 1 is still young, but the 2 older ones are growing up fast and I can see the impact I have on them more than ever.

  33. Tom Fredericks says:

    To begin, live and end my day with God-honoring thoughts and actions. To openly love my wife as Jesus loves His church.

  34. William H Mulder says:

    I pray for my finances. It has been a struggle after many operations and being a single dad on disability. It’s hard to meet someone and have a family in my situation. This has been a 19 year struggle.

  35. Mark Lundquist says:

    Prayers for:
    My children, especially my daughter, that they may seek God above all else .

    So much to pray for! But this one thing is above all else on my list!

  36. Bryce says:

    Today the top of my prayer list is that I would have peace in my employment. I have felt an uneasiness in my job and I don’t know why. I am impatient with my goals for my career and feel I am ready for my next step, but the opportunity escapes me at this time. It is hard to have this sense of purpose without the outlet to execute. I pray that I have peace where the Lord has me at this time, and that a patience would be restored and that I would trust his timing.

  37. Tim says:

    Parenting: That God will guide my wife and I as we attempt to raise our kids up in the way that they should go.

  38. Michael Swalley says:

    I prayed that my wife and I can focus our eyes on Christ, not all the unknowns, as we get our house and family ready to move across country.

  39. Derek Blumberg says:

    We are paying off some debt this year and I want the Lord to give me wisdom with what I should do with those funds once the debt is paid. We want to sow into the Kingdom as we’ve come to understand that this time here on earth is for a purpose. His purpose.

    Also praying for our children to grow in their personal walks with the Lord.

  40. Dan says:

    I pray for my mothers (Joan) health (80+ yrs) and for spiritual growth in her personal relationship with God which seems very distant at this point in her life.

  41. Dan Cloutier says:

    Thank you.
    One ask- for my brother, sister and nephew to have open ears and an open heart to Jesus.

  42. Evan Heckathorn says:

    Although I haven’t written down all three yet, one thing that I’m asking that God help me with is that I can stay calmer and control my responses better when I face adversity.

  43. Timothy says:

    Asking for the discipline to live simply.
    Wisdom for caring for an elderly family member .
    Revival in marriage.

  44. Steve Roarke says:

    I pray for my youngest son (Nickolas)and his wife (Rachael) I asked the Lord to mend their marriage.

  45. Gary says:

    Heavenly Father, I ask that you touch our daughters hearts. That they will seek you out one day and develop a personal relationship with You, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!

  46. Jon says:

    Prayer for my brother Trevor struggling with drug addiction. Also for his heart to be soften to allow Jesus in.

  47. Jeff says:

    Prayed for my continued recovery from surgery for non-cancerous brain surgery 2 weeks ago. Blessed with great wife, friends, docs and his healing hand.

  48. Chad Husted says:

    Restored intimacy in marriage, healing for my plantar fasciitis, deliverance from performance based behavior.
    Nothing too heavy…
    With God all things are possible

  49. Brian Grundhauser says:

    I ask that my children find comfort in these days as it is the second anniversary of their mother’s passing

  50. Stephen says:

    Ok I am liking the building on the previous days discipline. I am still having problems with praying out loud but it seems to be getting easier. I prayed today asking for guidance in a new side business that I am aspiring to start, guidance in raising my niece who lives with me and my wife, and health for my wife. I have in the past had a difficult time asking for anything in prayer as I am afraid to ask for things outside of God’s will and I also don’t like to feel selfish after I pray.

  51. Jake says:

    One of my prayers was asking for guidance and wisdom for my career. To see where I am meant to work and what I am meant to be doing to serve God.

  52. Dave says:

    I handed my son over to the Lord and asked him to do whatever is necessary to bring him back to GOD. He has strayed and his life is not a happy one. I am convinced that if he were to know the Lord again his life would take a turn for the better.

  53. Scott says:

    I have found myself over the years asking but there have been times I have not asked specifically enough. So this morning I asked for:
    1. Boldness in my commitment to Christ and that I would be bold in letting others know where I place my hope.
    2. A worship leader for NEWSONG
    3. Purity in heart and mind so I can see and experience God (Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.)

    I pray you encounter God deeply and powerfully throughout these 35 days and beyond.

  54. Michael L says:

    Praying out loud is a game changer! Distractions are way down.
    I combined my chosen 3F’s Family, fitness and finance into SMART goals

  55. Bryan H says:

    God help me to stay focused, humble , thankful for your unending blessings and love !!! Let the petty things that seem to come up and steer me away from you , not matter at all.

  56. Tim says:

    Vince please pray for my finances, I own a family auto repair business and this last month we were slow. Also, our church is praying and searching for a new pastor. Finally, I pray for your ministry that our Father would expand your territory and sphere of influence for His kingdom. Thank you for leading us.

  57. Justin says:

    Success for my wife’s business- that she would find fulfillment, encouragement and amazing success in her efforts

  58. Andy Engen says:

    Today I pray for strength and clarity with my everyday life struggles. My negative thoughts, habits, emotions and actions need to be kicked to the curb. These negatives are what’s keeping me from being the best husband, father and friend I SHOULD be.

  59. John Harding says:

    Only 5 minutes? I never know where the time goes.
    My prayer today is for a good friend, Barb, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, that God would completely heal her, and the next scan would show no cancer.

  60. Brian says:

    My wife is in the final 6 weeks of pregnancy with our daughter we are looking forward to bringing home. Although the pregnancy has been pretty normal, I worry about the upcoming delivery due to a past csection and the corresponding risks that exist in the future as she plans for a natural delivery. I prayed for guidance in this decision, safety over her and the baby, and for peace in my heart as I turn this over to God.

  61. Bill says:

    My relationship with lady friend Theresa and direction from God as to how and how quickly to proceed. Mostly it feels blessed but given my past I and still slightly doubtful.

  62. Mike says:

    I pray for more discipline and creativity in bringing Jesus in our home. I would like to have more prayer time and teaching/devotional time as a family. Thank you for your prayers!

  63. John Harding says:

    I’ll try this again. Seems like the posts aren’t showing up today, but seeing posts from weeks ago.
    I struggle with only 5 minutes of prayer time. It’s the best time of my day, and I like to make it worthwhile.
    My prayer is for a good friend, Barb, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, that the cancer would be completely removed from her body, and that future scans would show no cancer at all.

  64. Kenneth McClatchey says:

    Lord help me to be more effective in reaching my wayward children with your love and truth.

  65. Bruce says:

    I am praying for a soften heart to enrich my marriage and help me to be a better man, husband and father.

  66. Kurt Leininger says:

    Vince thank you for taking time out of your day to pray for each of us. I have had a 30 year dream of building a log home on acreage. Please pray for that to come to pass. I will be 64 next month so sooner than later would be preferred lol. Thank you again.

  67. Lewis says:

    The one things I am praying for today is break through for our church, we are stuck and can’t break the 200 barrier, it seems we are gaining knew people, but other are choosing to leave.

  68. Roger says:

    First I want to say that praying out loud has been a game changer. I can finally pray without my mind wandering off. Thank you!!!!
    Now my prayer.
    My wife is an extreme hoarder. God please give her a healthy relationship to things.

    • Jefferson says:

      For my son Darren to find meaningful work where he can feel good about what he does and that it might provide a future for him.

  69. Ron says:

    Prayed a blessing over this ministry. Good stuff Vince. Prayer for continued better communication with my wife. She needs to hear what’s going on in my noggin. This is not natural for me but it brings us closer and helps with intimacy.
    And finally, discipline in my faith walk, quiet time, solitude is hard. This challenge is helping. Thanks Vince.

  70. Mike says:

    This morning the one the things that I prayed about is my sister-in law has been diagnosed recently with ALS. She and her husband have a farm and they are having a hard time finding good help so she continues working which is very hard. My prayer for her is asking God to heal her, give her and our family the strength to handle this if she is not healed or an incorrect diagnoses.
    Thank you and God bless,

  71. Stephen M. Oliver says:

    From my list, in the “family ” category: Praying for KC and Chandler (2 of my adult kids) to find mental, spiritual and emotional freedom from mental illness.

  72. Rob says:

    I prayed for overcoming our debt. Money TERRIFIES me and has been an arrow in my heart for so long. But God replaces fear and anxiety with His Peace during prayer. This is one reason Satan seeks to distract me from praying, so I wouldn’t realize my crippling panic becomes a calm breeze in the Presence of Jesus

  73. Lewis Thompson says:

    Vince, Please pray for my wife’s physical health. Her name is Mary, I’m taking her to urgent care this morning for what seems to be an upper respiratory infection probably sinus infection. She has a condition that has weakened her right lung membrane, so she will probably have a lung treatment when we get there.

  74. Denny says:

    One of the things I prayed for today was our church men’s group is beginning a new bible study next Monday. Please pray that we would start strong and finish strong, that we would grow in the Word and in fellowship, and pray for Pastor John Megaw who is leading us.

  75. James A Celkis says:

    A deep(er) well of patience for my three precious young sons!
    (That will have an added benefit of keeping me out of the doghouse.) Thank you!

  76. Seth Metcalf says:

    I prayed for friendship. My wife is my best friend and we have a lot friends that we spent time with, but I’ve realized over the past few months that I am missing a Godly man that I can have a real and true friendship with. Someone I can talk to about my problems, they will call me out when I need it and someone I can celebrate my successes with.

  77. Jeff says:

    One of my 3 things I’m praying about is asking God what he wants me to do…, he gave me a new life, a new sober life and I want to know where and what he wants me to do with this great gift he has given me

  78. Chuck says:

    Praying for my 33 year old daughter. This has been an ongoing prayer for many, many years. For her safety, and financial well-being. Very little has gone right for her in her adult life. She has said that she begs the Lord for any amount of joy in her life.

  79. Josh says:

    More meaningful conversation and interaction with others. I want my conversation to be more bold and talk about salvation, eternity, and trusting Jesus with our whole heart and life!

  80. LAVON C LAMBERTY says:

    Today I met with 5 other men for Scripture and Prayer. We read Matthew 4. There it says “…by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” That would mean the entire Bible. We have it as a weapon against Satan’s temptations that detract us from walking and talking with our LORD daily in every situation. As we listed our prayer concerns one in particular was for protection from harm for a son of one of our men. That son is an Apache helicopter pilot with the MN Army Guard 147th deployed to northern Iraq. And I added a special prayer for the Army Chaplain assigned to that unit.

  81. Jordan Goodrich says:

    Although my list could be longer, I kept it to three things that I focused on.

    The one item I’d like to share is keeping my friends and family safe and under his favor while creating more opportunities for people to come to God through Jesus.


  82. Dalton says:

    One of my prayers is for God to dramatically bless my business. Not just for monetary gain but so that I can use it to further His kingdom and create a culture pleasing to Him.

  83. John Sides says:

    One of the main things I prayed about was for each of us (wife, daughter, me) to really find and nurture relationships/friendships that beyond the surface stuff. I really want that for my daughter who is in her first year of college.

  84. Everett says:

    Our prayers today are for the family of Chris Dickerson, a sheriff’s deputy in our small community who was fatally shot during a traffic stop a few days ago.

  85. Jeremy says:

    God’s direction in a Family business. My wife and I have had on our hearts a family business but we are not sure what that will look like or what it will be.

  86. Ian says:

    Try to follow God’s will more and more everyday. Honor my wife more and more every day, lead other men in discipleship.

  87. Randy says:

    For some time now I have been complacent and a bit lazy in various areas of my life and relationships. I am asking God to reignite a passion/ desire in my heart to help rebuild those areas. Second thing I’m asking is for God to continue his restoration of our adult son from his addiction. The third thing I’m asking is for God to help me be a better witness to others for Christ. I know the ball is in my court now, but I do believe that God is for me and has my back.

  88. tim says:

    looking at comments odd their all from past 2019 session?
    Finance was part of prayers today. Been blessed and want to remain grateful for that and realize is from God and also for Gods use. prayer is to be a conduit that receives and gives as he directs.

  89. Jose says:

    I understand that we all are on different journeys through Christ. My wife and I aren’t evenly yoked at the moment and it’s a strain. She is a believer.

  90. Tom says:

    Praying out loud was a commitment I made years ago at promise keepers. It stuck for a while then drifted away. Glad for the reboot!
    Praying. … 3 of 4 daughters have married mighty men of God. Last one is feeling left out and forgotten by God. Thanks men

  91. Matt Klein says:

    Today I prayed and asked God to give me the strength to stay not only each day but while I am on vacation in the British Virgin Islands 1/26/20-2/8/20. I know it may be tough at times but I know sobriety is the single most Important thing in my life right now.

  92. Moe says:

    I’m asking Our Lord to give Rich and Meredith strength, courage, and peace during this very difficult time they are going through.

  93. Adam says:

    Praying for the CPYouth. That this new year will bring deeper spiritual commitments for the students and adult leaders.

  94. Jared Foster says:

    We are a mobile church that sets up weekly in a movie theater and we are going to start having 2 Sunday morning services later this month. I pray that the teams with be blessed with additional members who plug into the community and fellowship of the church. Lasting and meaningful relationships.

  95. Terance Roberson says:

    One of the three things I asked God for was financial upgrade. A salary increase & or new job to create the financial stability I’m looking for.

    I prayed out loud at the end of 2018 for some things and God blessed me with those things. I did the same at the end of 2019 and it only confirms that I need to ask out loud for the low number of things I prayed for.

    Thanks for this challenge today.

  96. Michael says:

    My son Levi’s health. He’s five and we’ve been experiencing some concerning signs and pray everything is ok. My wife and I try to let go of our concerns and trust God will take care of him, but it is hard not to worry.

  97. Bob says:

    Prayed for the soon to be born baby that our son and Daughter in-law are going to be having; that the boy will be born healthy and that they will have the wisdom and patience to be great parents.

  98. Chris says:

    Of my prayer today for three things (and God knows I have a lot more) my one prayer request was for my writing projects to flourish so much that that abundance, can allow us to be a blessing to others.

  99. Josh Richards says:

    With the five fs friendship is the one I struggle with the most I am awful at staying in touch with people and I am great at figuring out ways to not be there for my friends to day I am asking God to confront and change this in me as one of the things on my list

  100. Rory C says:

    I prayed that God continued to build mine and my wife’s relationship. We overcame and continue to work through a large obstacle on account of my infidelity. We have become so much closer to God and each other. It feels amazing going all in and truly seeing god’s work through us.

  101. Matt says:

    Today was a little different for prayer in that I was surrounded by family all day (which is a blessing). I was able to get some semi-alone time at my desk for this activity. Among other things, I am praying for my son. He is 15 years old and struggling with some relationship issues that are impacting his relationship with us. I pray for wisdom in talking to him, and that the Lord will touch his heart.

  102. Sean F. Smillie says:

    My wife and I for our healthy marriage, this April we will be celebrating six years. We also have two children and one on the way in July 2020, I pray for my wife’s healthy pregnancy and for the baby to be healthy. Last, I pray for my teaching career as I acquire teaching credentials in California.

  103. Dockers says:

    Prayer: Lord, help me listen to the right voices to assure I do right for the PV family and ministry I serve.

  104. Massimo says:

    I asked God today to provide the funding for a monthly men’s ministry in our church; to feed the men who come and supply them with resources for their spiritual growth.

  105. Eddie says:

    I prayed for discipline to get my priorities straight, God first, me second. For the first 28-30 years of my life I did NOT have this discipline. I am only 33 years old now, so this is NEW for me to focus on God and not just life as it is happening.

  106. Robby Little says:

    Praying for a ministry team— God called me into ministry in my thirties, I’m single and I pastored a church which I struggled in because I did not have the support I needed for my church. I finished Bible College last year. I’m going to as Alaska for a couple weeks to teach a mens group and returning to that church later in the summer to interim pastor for a few months. I have been praying for a team because the Native village I’m go to serve in faces intense spiritual warfare.

  107. Bob says:

    My wife and I are fostering a baby girl and we want to adopt her, so I am praying that God might make this possible.

  108. Michael says: amazed at just how the business of life can interfere even with prayer time. I asked the Lord for His favor for my household this year. And for mercy and protection as we travel on monday a family vaycay for a week.

  109. Craig Heffernon says:

    Finances, I am currently having to start life over after working at home with my wife of 12 years at her daycare. She kicked me out last Sept to start a new life with a new man leaving me to fend for myself. By the grace of God, He has provided for me a dream job, place to live. Now that I’m on my feet I really need God’s help getting the money together to get myself an attorney.

  110. Al Comptois says:

    1) asked for direction on how I can help the men at Rima Ridge
    2) seeking His guidance on a new job opportunity with Volusia county
    3)Strengthen my walk with Jesus

  111. Tom says:

    Praying for a family member dealing with alcoholism. Today he finally admitted he needs help and sought out a sponsor. Surrounding him with support and love.

  112. Jake says:

    I’m spread thin with my commitments right now and want to be “present” with the time I have with my youngest, Landon.

  113. Ryan Wissink says:

    1. Discipline to actually get up earlier to prioritize prayer and time with God coupled with a deeper desire to do so, making it easier to do

  114. Kevin says:

    On the top of my list is a conviction to be the strong spiritual leader of my family that God has called me to be.

  115. Paul says:

    That God would use my brothers suicide to bring people to Him / back to Him rather than drive people away from His love and provision.

  116. RonP says:

    Can kinda hold the number of issues/topics/prayer subjects to 3.
    5 minutes is another matter. I find it hard to say hello in 30 seconds or less.
    These first days have been reviving. Speaking to the God Most High instead of “thinking” to Him!

  117. Marco says:

    I prayed for family, 1. My Son to come back to God. 2. My Daughter, to have faith and know that she is doing a great job raising her Children in God’s way. 3. Encourage her, that she is strong in the Lord. Not to fear anything.

  118. Michael Johnson says:

    One of the things I prayed for was a heart for patience. That I would be as open to pausing when I need to as I am open to acting or talking.

  119. Les Silliman says:

    Day 3 prayer to share:
    My grandson Ethan, 18, had put his eyes on a leader rather than on Jesus, and when that leader proved to be a poor example to follow he has become antagonistic at home and unwilling to hear Godly direction. He is on a dangerous path. I am asking God to soften his heart and turn him to a God pleasing path.

  120. Adam says:

    I’m praying to be a better Fire Department Chaplain and that God helps me find my way between being one of the guys and the chaplain

  121. Stephen says:

    That I should be…as my Dad has always taught us, but never really adhered to….humble.
    Such a powerful attribute. I ask for this in Gods name.

  122. TJ says:

    I think I am supposed to be honest here, so I hope I am able. It’s not as simple as asking. If this were the case, I would not be “where” I am right now , pretty much constantly anxious (let not your heart be troubled) and dreading personal interactions because of that worry. Have I prayed/ asked for something specific to alleviate my nearly inescapable dysphoria? Absolutely, and some have even prayed with me. So far, goose egg. This past week, I was denied another ardent request, so on New Year’s eve I simply prayed in more earnesty., noting the denied prayers. Not quite sweating blood, but more desperate than in a long time. And nothing happened. This to me is a positive. Nothing happening means nothing good or bad, and nothing bad to me means good now. But I also know what potentially awaits me this week. And the best thing that could happen is nothing, again.
    So prayer is not simply asking for something. It is trying to figure out God’s will, asking for His will to be done (as Jesus did in Gethsemane), and learning to accept His will and the lessons. I pray these activities are not going to lead me down some prosperity Gospel rabbit hole that further distracts me from the real God who, in the end, should not disappoint me.

    I asked as I typically do for health for my friends (two of whom are having surgery this week), better understanding of God’s love and the safety He provides in life for my family (onem.j member in particular who I hope does not become a cynic or skeptic as thoroughly as I have), and the career-related peace and confidence that has long eluded me. I don’t ask for money per se but the latter (career) also includes finance as well as, frannkly, faith. Fitness isn’t even on the radar :)…
    Thank you for this opportunity to share.

  123. Henry says:

    I’m late on commenting but I did do this yesterday. I asked that my in-laws would come to know Jesus as their Savior.

  124. J.T. Fetherolf says:

    I missed day 2 and got to day 3 late, but I’m going to catch back up.
    One of my topics was a coworker of mine and his wife who are going through some very similar issues with pregnancies that my wife and I have went through. They are not believers, but he has been very open and comfortable talking with me about the struggles they are having. I have tried to invite him to church and our small group in the past without success. They are actually in the early stages of a pregnancy right now, but their latest office visit indicates the pregnancy is not progressing as expected. He actually reached out to me and asked to meet with my wife and I which just happened on Friday evening. I am praying hard for their pregnancy as well as that they can find the hope, joy, and peace that only God can provide. I am praying that my wife and I can continue to plant the seeds of Christ in their hearts that they may take root and grow.

  125. Gordon says:

    I prayed for God to rescue and protect persecuted Christians. I thanked Him for rescuing Asia Bibi and her family.

  126. Steve Nicola says:

    I ask that you pray for lazer focus on my wife’s and my ministry for 2020. We are wrapping up our yearly planning session today.

  127. Anders says:

    Prayers today are for confidence and contentedness. I’ve realized that so much of my sins, so much of what’s holding me back in my personal growth, and so much of what’s held me back from sharing my faith with people all stem from my own insecurities. Asking God to let me see myself through his eyes, and show me the man he created me to be.

  128. Kurt Cubbage says:

    I prayed that all my grandkids (all under 11 yrs old) would come to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ .

  129. Daniel says:

    Doing a 3/4 day as well. Saturdays are hard as I like to sleep in. My three things. 1. Help me to seek first the kingdom of God as one of the weekend devotions said. 2. Help me to be aware of my family’s needs. 3. Help me to be more attentive and focused on the students I teach at school.

  130. Will says:

    God give us guidance and encouragement on our journey into adoption. We are feeling down and unsure of what to do next.

  131. Vault says:

    I learned my current prayers are short and shallow. Making requests of God out loud for five minutes was hard and I’m convicted that my prayer life is weak.

  132. Gavin says:

    I am praying to God and asking his counsel on how to prioritize my time and schedule. Where does he see opportunity for improvement? What things do I need to stop or start in where I spend my time.

  133. Ted says:

    Hi and praise our God for the brothers/friends I have.
    I am praying for wisdom and guidance on a commitment I have been asked to do
    Also for my children’s walk with our Lord
    And the health of my/our fellowship . That we are drawn closer to our Lord and that will cause us to be closer to each other. And then we can share God’s family with all we meet
    Blessings and thank you for being part of my family

  134. Isaac says:

    Praying I build a chicken coop for my wife, to do it well, get it done in a timely manner and have a great attitude

  135. Scott Kelly says:

    Our Men’s Ministry is going through some much needed changes and I pray for our new leader (Brian) to continue on the path that God has for him and for all of the men at our church and community to become a part of this ministry.

  136. Marc says:

    Day 3 praying to be filled more and more with the Holy Spirit to be able to see others through the eyes of Jesus.

  137. Curt says:

    Faith: Lord – remove 2 distractions that interrupt
    Family – Lord – help me know…how to help my family…grow spiritually and relationally
    Finances – Lord – give me strength, wisdom, courage to make difficult decisions

  138. Mark Lubbock says:

    Sometimes when folks ask me how can they pray for me I have to stop and really think. Other times the list is exhaustive!
    My top prayer request is to hear & understand God’s principal focus for me. As an eager worker it is easy for me to assume ‘responsibility’ for mission/task that God did not ask me to take on.

  139. Jay Jones says:

    It helps to list out things you want to prayer for on paper. Keeps it focused and seeing the results better.

  140. ADAM KRUMRIE says:

    praying for wisdom in setting up God honoring, measurable, attainable goals in 2020 for myself and the ministries I oversee at Church.

  141. Nathan says:

    I asked God to give my wife and I peace about her cancer and to truly lean on Him and trust Him fully and completely.

  142. Jim says:

    1. Major focus was on prayer for my families health, specifically two pregnancies.
    2. Prayer of Praise for past Blessings in my life as well as my families
    3. That the Lord would reveal himself in some way to unsaved family members.

  143. Brandon says:

    I am behind in the challenge already, but trying to catch up and focus time with God in the mornings. It is really hard for me to get out of bed early. One of the things I asked God was for wisdom, direction, and provision for leading my new business and leading my family.

  144. Walter says:

    Praying for strength to finish strong, for a renewed sense of urgency to spread the gospel and for GOD’s blessings in my marriage and business!!

  145. Robert Ordóñez says:

    I’ve really been struggling with my weight. I’ve put back on almost all the weight I’d lost over the past decade. I’m asking God to help me develop the discipline and new or renewed habits necessary to re-establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And I’m asking my brothers here to hold me accountable.

  146. Jacques Vd Merwe says:

    Sometimes when I am in prayer it feels like God is not hearing me. I know it’s the devil that puts these thoughts into my head to try to stop me from praying. So, I make it a point to ask God to deepen my love for Him every day more and more. If I can understand and love God a little more each day, I will consider my day a success.

  147. John says:

    I am asking God to help me surrender to Him in all things heart and mind especially and trust the results to Him. I just had a good prayer time.

  148. Troy Thielen says:

    For guidance regarding a struggle my daughter is having right now at her Mom’s house. (we’re divorced)

  149. Alberta Norton says:

    I really like looking through your post and I think this website got some really useful stuff on it!

  150. Hairstyles Men says:

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

  151. Eddie says:

    I hurt my back cleaning the garage a few days ago, by bending and leaning in an awkward position, but I made enough progress cleaning the garage that I don’t have to do that again, hopefully ever. I am asking God for healing for my sore muscles and the motivation to restart and persevere in an exercise routine.

  152. Brad says:

    Today I prayed that I may a leader of integrity. Yesterday my church asked me to lead a group of three couples who have gained interest in our church through our online services. For ten weeks I will be building relationship, discussing the sermon, and providing their needs. I pray that I can be the person these 6 people need and make them a regular part of our church family.

  153. Tommy says:

    Healing for the relationship of me and my son. Also I pray for his salvation, that he might find Jesus and ask Him to be his Lord and Savior

  154. Scott Van Dale says:

    The #1 thing of my 3 is that God helps me to work at my relationships with other men in my life, that he gives me the desire and courage to reach out to guys and be a better man.

  155. Daniel says:

    Lord, I want to honor you by helping others. Please help me find a local organization, community, family, etc. that I can commit to.

  156. Gerald Waddle says:

    Physical healing for my girlfriend Kristen’s tooth/nerve. Ease her pain and anxiety until she is able to have the required surgery. Thank you.

  157. Darin Palmer says:

    I pray the I continue to be in the Warrior mode that I know will help me lead my family through this COVID-19 pandemic!

  158. Bob says:

    My prayer is for health care professionals after COVID19 is over. Yes we need to pray for them now, but when this is over they will need much prayer because of what they have been through and the suffering they have seen.

  159. Ian Robert says:

    An Item I pray for is to get to Harvard after I finish my bachelor’s degree in 2022.The fee is about 160,000$for the two years(75,000 or more per semester)the funds are troubling me but I know God provides.

  160. Wally says:

    I am requesting prayer for my cousin Ken. He has suffered for almost 10 years with a spinal issue.
    The doctors are stumped and he can no longer walk. He is a believer but it would take a Job to
    hang in there.

  161. Caleb says:

    Pray for me to be even more stronger as a husband a father to 3 beautiful girls and last but not least to become a better son to my Father Jesus amen and amen❤️🙏💪

  162. Mark Lyford says:

    I started this challenge with my mentor because I want to build a relationship with God that I can look at and say “this is who I am with Him”, instead of feeling shame when I see other people and friends with their public displays of faith, and feeling like my faith is dead in comparison. My prayer is that God comes to meet me in the middle somewhere and helps me get to the place I want to be.

  163. Jesse Skytland says:

    I ask God that he will continue to clear some of the difficulty’s from my life and allow me to lead a more free flowing path towards a successful future by lifting the problems out of today’s issues and giving his presence more revelent in my eyes.

  164. Kevin V says:

    Day 3 complete.
    I asked God to help me to have more patience with my teenage boys. I tend to get upset with them when they do not listen when I tell them to do something (even repeatedly), which can lead to raising my voice and getting mad. During prayer this morning, God reminded me how I don’t always do what He is leading me to do and instead I do my own thing. Father, forgive my selfishness and help me show love and patience to my children the way you show it to me every day.

  165. Michael McClain says:

    Lord, please give me a more eternal outlook on my life instead of seeing only the here and now. Give me the courage to make disciples and work for things that have eternal importance.

  166. Andrew says:

    Prayer for my 4 year old son who can’t seem to listen to instruction and constantly acting out and being disobedient.

  167. J says:

    I too failed to get it done on day 3. So I am trying to get back on track today. One thing I prayed for is guidance and to be open to God’s guidance on how I can live a life of purpose and fulfillment in service of others and his word. I’m at a bit of a crossroad in my life.

  168. Christopher Soto says:

    One item on my list is my personal walk with God. Specifically how I express my faith. I want to better live out these values in my workplace and community. I want to show a strong testimony of the change of God within me.

  169. Janic says:

    The number one thing I pray for right now is peace and sanity during this quarantine. The challenge of balancing work, children (homeschooling) and church (yes church, since I’m behind the scenes), has become very stressful. Moments where I’ve felt like snapping, moments where Marie has felt like quitting, and the kids feel it too.

  170. Chris Roosien says:

    Prayers for my children, their focus on studies at home. Prayer’s for continued growth in my children’s faith. Prayers for my sister and that she will understand forgiveness.

  171. John says:

    3 things I’ve been praying about
    -Should I completely let go of my ex and not be friends either.
    -Finances, buying a house this year the right move to make.
    -Remove all distractions that keep me from seeking Him.

  172. Henry Esparza says:

    Today one item from my list is to gain the strength to change in such way that better serves my marriage.

  173. Pablo says:

    My relationship with my better half..I want to grow and be stronger with each other because we are always arguing and can never come into a conclusion

  174. Bryon says:

    I like the piece on the definition of confession and that God already knows our sin but he’s asking us to share our agreement with him. It reminds me of the definition of sin having to do with missing the mark. We often get hung up on words that may bother us from yesteryear and it’s in part because we never knew the real meaning , or we ascribed a punitive definition.

  175. Rudy Francis says:

    There is friend of mines that I have known for over 20 years and sometimes he is a very selfless person. I know we all have issues. This could affect the Men’s Group if we do not work in unity and according to the will of the Lord.

  176. Kyle Smallcombe says:

    1.) Forgiveness (For my Sins)
    2.) Strength (Break the Chains)
    3.) Eternal Life (In his Kingdom)

  177. JAMES DELGADO says:

    I lead a Ministry to Men Group on ZOOM, on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.
    My prayer is that the Men will being to have a renewed Hunger and Thirst for God & His Word.

  178. Adrian says:

    Lord, I pray for courage to not hide or shy away from the tough questions or the things that hold me accountable.

  179. Kevin says:

    I pray that the holy spirit will fill the hearts of people around the world with love and squeeze out the hate that is inside many.

  180. Charles says:

    Praying for my dear friend’s arm to heal. She has been having pain in her right arm for months now and the doctors are not sure what is causing it. I prayed for her yesterday morning also, then later in the day her mother called to share with her that she discovered it may be coming from her thyroid medication. May be as simple as changing medication! So I am now praying that they change her medication this week and the pain in her arm soon go away. In Jesus – Amen.

  181. James says: