Day 4

Day 4 | Confessing In Prayer


Your Call To Act (C.T.A.) today is:

Invest 5-minutes in a prayer confession about these four things.

  • Who you wronged.
  • What you did wrong.
  • Why you did it.
  • How you would like to be different.

When you are done, comment below by sharing below one thing you learned during your time of confession with God.

  • The one thing I learned from this time of confession is the reminder of the importance of reflection and self-evaluation…in order to have the understanding of what to confess, you need to first assess/reflect or take time to simply slow down enough to understand what missteps did I have over a period, and what burdens am I carrying because of my actions or the circumstances I’m facing. This process allows me to create the margin I need to humble myself for Christ to come in and give me the freedom I need.

  • I’m learned that I need to have better systems in place for times like holidays, which tend to hijack my good habits. Needs better systems, self management and self-control.

  • Missing confession is a missed opportunity to grow with the Lord- Confession is such an important part of our faith journey and healing. James 5:16 is a great verse to center this reflection on. Thanks Vince.

    What I learned from my time in confession: while my sin was not directly impactful towards others, by naming the individuals whom it created distance between as a result, I found myself connecting more personally and emotionally with the consequence that sin creates. It can be easier to miss or avoid that dynamic but confessing aloud and reflecting on the specific people impacted, it brought to light the damaging effects of sin.

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